Weekly Moments.

Favorite moments from this week:

  • My university is pretty darn thoughtful and as finals approach, they seem to spoil their students a bit. This week we were treated to free ice cream sundaes, complete with all toppings, including cookie dough. Wednesday, we had a campus wide Easter egg hunt (aka free candy.)  Last but not least, my Group Dynamics class is focusing on “Social Activities” as of lately. Friday, one group had everyone go to the volleyball court and partake in a “highly competitive sand castle building competition.” My group won! I really didn’t have much to do with this, as I seriously fail at building sand castles. BUT. I did suggest we throw my blue popsicle juice into our miniature pool to make it look more legit. It totally worked. This must count for something.
  • Party at Dao’s house! Dao=friend from bowling league. Entering party at her house= SCARY. She forces people to take shots when they walk in the door. I don’t do straight shots. Especially shots of patron. I thought I might cry. Instead, I took a bit more than half of the shot,tried really hard not to gag, and discreetly poured the rest into an empty cup.
  • I didn’t want to jump the gun or jinx anything,so I’ve been holding out on my excitement until I was sure. But, everything seems pretty certain now and it looks like I’ll be taking a week and a half long road trip/vacation with one of my best friends as soon as finals are out. When? Less than two weeks from now! Where? To New Mexico! The best part? The only thing I have to pay for is food.  Eeeeeeekdfdsklg!!!Yaylejfl!. <<< Excitement.
  • Beer and Patio time with Miss Kimber.
  • Pool time with Miss Emily.
  • Last Friday was our last Friday on campus before finals. Sadly, this means it was the last day of the semester for our on campus radio show. Sigh. I’m going to miss it this summer. I’ll even miss getting picked on by my other three co-hosts for an hour every Friday. What’s even more sad is the fact that it was Miss Katie’s last day on the show, as she will not be at Concordia or even in Texas next semester. Tear. It won’t be the same without her. As you can see below,we had to take some final group pictures.
  • Earlier today I heard a high-pitch scream outside and wondered what it was. My husband then came in from working on the yard; He was smiling ear to ear when telling me that a group of girls rolled down their window and screamed “HOOOOTTTT” at him as they drove by. It made me giggly. That’s the dude I get to sleep with every night.
  • Tonight I drove home as the sun was setting and country music played in my ear. It was perfect and I felt peaceful. I like life. I like it a bunch.

9 thoughts on “Weekly Moments.

  1. Meg says:

    LOL @ what happened to Robby.

    Whatre you gonna do in New Mexico? My mom is OBSESSED with New Mexico. Haha if she reads this she will rant and rave about it. You can learn a lot about Catholicism there! Where is Katie going next year? Nosy, sorry haha.

    • katie is from there! she’s also moving there,to answer your second question. but we have free places to stay ‘cuz a lot of her family lives there and she wants to show me around.
      i didn’t know your mom liked new mexico! dofjsdlkjfks i can’t wait though haha.

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