Notes on Friends and Family.

Because they really deserve to be noted.

  • With summer nearing and my schedule becoming a bit more free, I’m finally able to catch up on friends I haven’t seen in a while. Thursday was the start of this, and it felt wonderful seeing a few familiar faces that I don’t see nearly enough. I’m excited to see oodles (yes, oodles) more of missed faces in the next few months.
  • This week I went to a CPR certification class for a nanny job I’m starting in the next few weeks. I found out last minute that the place was at somebody’s house in the middle of nowhere.  It was relatively close to my parent’s place and in the slight chance that I would get my body parts chopped into pieces, I forced my brother to come with me. He wasn’t exactly happy as he sat on the hard floor watching the group do abdominal thrusts on a dummy for an hour and a half, but he was a trooper. When it was my time to test he quietly told me, “Don’t forget the head tilt.” —Apparently he had been watching and I was forgetting this detail the entire time. Afterward, I let him buy me pizza for dinner.  His future wife is going to be such a spoiled brat.
  • My lovely friend Priscilla texted me on Friday, asking me if I would like to come to dinner with her. She even offered to pay as a late birthday present AND to pick me up (“I know you hate driving.“) Husband and I were technically supposed to go on a date, but I really couldn’t resist and I live with the boy anyway. So to Cheesecake Factory we went.  Priscilla has become a very close friend in the last few months, and we can basically have an entire conversation in private,weird jokes. I kind of wonder what looks we would receive if others overheard. After we had shared a ton of pasta and laughter, we  headed to Applebees for a late happy hour. My best dude friend/her boyfriend showed up soon after. As you may recall, Bryant and I had been in a dumb fight for about a month up until this point. I figured once we saw the other everything would go back to normal, and I was right. We both smiled and said hello and instantaneously the fight just felt over. We spent a good amount of the rest of the weekend hanging out,catching up, bowling, attempting to study for finals and making fun of the other.  It’s good to have him back. I’d like to note that he is one of the few people who I will kick my pride to the curb for. Stupid kid.
  • My best friend in the whole wide world is about to buy her ticket to come stay with me in Texas for a week in August. It’s supposed to be my year to come to Maryland but she’s decided it’s boring and she’d rather come here. I can’t wait. Meg and I have only seen each other for a week every year for years now, and as I’ve never been much of a phone person, we usually only communicate our whole life stories via text. However, the instant we see the other it’s like we’re babbling, giggling kids again–like not one  moment has passed between us at all since the last time. I realized the other day that we’ve now been friends for 10 years. What’s even more amazing to me is that seven of those ten years have been apart from the other. I personally think that’s a testament to our bad ass-ness.
  • Speaking of long distance friendship. My close friend Katie is moving to New Mexico later this summer, and I’m going to explore her whereabouts with her for a week and a half starting this coming Saturday. Roadtrip+Slumber parties+ New state for me= I’m about to burst from excitement. On the sad end of things, I’m going to miss my friend tremendously.  At the same time, I do realize I’m getting to that age where more friends might start moving away and paving their own life path and what not. Thankfully, my ten year friendship with Meg has me completely prepared for this and aware of the definite perks. ( ie,Free places to stay on vacations!)
  • Yesterday I saw my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) for the first time in almost a month. Either she was sick, or I was sick or one of us were out of town. I’ve missed her! Today we caught up by buying both fast food and then Easter candy from the dollar store, and enjoying all of it at the park. Favorite moment of the day: At the dollar store, a boy close to Little’s age opened the door for us. I teasingly and slightly curiously told Little (who is 15), “That boy was staring at you.” Her nonchalant response?  “I know. He’s got no hobby.”  I giggled, agreed and was secretly  relieved that she isn’t as desperate for attention as so many teens her age.
  • My mom had her 41st birthday on Friday. That accompanied with Easter meant I got to spend lots of quality time with my siblings and parents this weekend. Lots of confetti eggs were involved.
  • My dude friend Patrick always has me laughing. He asked who one of my friends was the other day and I responded with, “My best girlfriend.” See his lengthy reply below:
  • Last but definitely not least, I must give tribute to my blogging buddies. They really amazed me with my previous blog. I asked for responses on former bad relationships and I was amazed at what I got in return. Many let me into their lives and shared stories that had me laughing, nodding my head and almost bursting into tears. I was completely inspired by all of the great feedback, vulnerability, opinions and truthfulness that I found. One comment even made me realize that my own opinion wasn’t expressed the way I wanted it to be, and in turn led to a blog I was much more personally satisfied with. (Thanks Miss Jenny! ) What I’m saying is, I’m proud to be part of my blogging community. Y’all make me proud and I look up to a lot of you who commented for your honesty and wonderfulness. (I’m pretending that’s a word because I like it. You can add a ‘ness’ to pretty much anything you wish was a word, you know.) 

6 thoughts on “Notes on Friends and Family.

  1. Meg says:

    lol! at your friend Patrick. Yes I’m so excited to see you again! =] I think Tuesday i’ll be able to buy them cuz that’s when the transfer will be complete. Hayden’s seriously thinking about coming! not for the whole time though probably for like 4 days or so. =]

    Love youuu!!!

    • yay! i would really love to meet him. i have a feeling robby and him would get along too. partly because men just seem to fall in love with robby, but partly because hayden seems cool haha.
      love you!

  2. CheeseCake Factory and Applebee’s in a single day? You only forgave the guy cause you were in a food coma!

    And thanks for the reminder to put “eat at CheeseCake Factory” on my “now that I have no lap band restriction I’m allowing myself 2 weeks of free-for-all” list!

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