You know those days you look forward to, long for, mark on your calendar and grow more and more giddy as that moment inches closer? I’m there!  Today, at approximately 2:00 pm, my last final of the week was completed. My summer has officially started. I don’t believe in wasting time. Tomorrow at 8am a close friend and I head out on a road-trip to New Mexico, which also doubles as a week and a half  long vacation. I’ll admit, I’m going to be having some major sex/hubby withdrawals, but I am having some crazy mind-orgasms right now. Not only am I heading to a new state, I’m also completing my goal of traveling and going on a road trip this year. As if today hasn’t been exciting enough, my best friend (who lives up north)  let me know that she officially bought her ticket to come stay with me this summer. She’ll be here August 3rd, at 11:23 am. As for the husband and I, Colorado and Florida are also in the works for the July-ish time frame. Lounging and reading by the pool, catching up with and being constantly surrounded by friends, having time for lots of new adventures, enjoying my new job and sleeping in on the weekends are a few more perks of the new few months. And right this second, as I talk about all of these fun things, I am definitely procrastinating on packing. I should go pack right now. I should. I really should. Eh. Instead, I’m gonna show y’all pictures of my so-far-weekend AND a video montage!

Note: The following video was an idea I had originally planned to be “10 annoying things about me.” However, I have a hard time finishing things. (how annoying, right!?) What I ended up with was a little grab bag of the past few days of my life. Enjoy!? 

(Ps:I’m guessing I’ll have time to blog here and there in New Mexico. This quick blog is just in case I don’t have time and y’all start missing me terribly. Hee. G’bye and G’night and I REALLY need to go pack now.)

9 thoughts on “Hello,summer.

  1. Meg says:

    PAHAH love that vid at the end. especially the tongue part. We talked about that in my EDEX class (Education for exceptional persons…special ed) because sometimes it does affect people’s speech! How lucky are youuu. Actually, a lot of people in class had the same thing you do and it didn’t affect ANY of their speech so I’m starting to think doctors just say that as an excuse to inflict pain or do some extra snipping.

    LOL@ Robby in bed.

    also LOL @ your necklace pahahaha

      • You know, I was on Facebook years before my kids were. Once they sartted, they send me friend requests that languished for many months, because I didn’t really want my kids (and their friends) to have access to all the stuff I was doing elsewhere on the internet. When they got a bit older, I relented and became “friends.” Then I really got a taste of how mundane and boring teenagers on social media can be.

  2. Tessa says:

    haha Cute video. I will miss you! I don’t see you very often, but knowing that I definitely won’t be able to see you even if I could sucks.

    • Christina says:

      I actually probably see you about once every week and a half….so you can start missing me and then see me again the same day :p I love youuuu

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