New Mexico. Part One.

Did you know New Mexico is “The Land of Enchantment” ? I didn’t know this before checking this new state off my list. I immediately fell in love upon learning this, as any form of the word “enchant” is one of my all time favorite words. I love anything and anyone that can enchant me. I love the state of being enchanted. It’s like really liking something,but with a good dose of mystery and wonder to accompany said liking. If this isn’t making any sense it’s because I’m lacking sleep and my mind is on overload from liking–loving–being enchanted by New Mexico way more than I ever thought I would be. Everywhere I go, the mountains are my backyard! The people, food, places, nature, and history are taking my breath away. And I still have two days left!  I should mention I’m easily excited and I’m like this on most vacations. The world is an amazing place and needs proper attention,you know? So I’m guessing I’m going to need three parts, at least, to adequately explain this lovely trip. Let me start with favorites from the first couple of days:

Day One:

  • White Sands.  Hundreds of acres of  sand dunes. Dude. It’s mountain-looking sand so freaking white it looks like snow and so soft that it’s very necessary to play in. Definitely somewhere on my list of most beautiful things.

Day Two:

  • New Mexico Farm and Heritage Ranch Museum
  •  This museum was neat. I kept setting the buzzers off because I’m a five-year old and I have to touch and climb on or into everything. As an added bonus, I bought myself a wine glass AND a glass of wine in the gift shop–complete with fun conversation with our cashier. Museums don’t have to be boring,y’all.
  • Cute little movie theatres with cute little indie films inside. (or as Katie says “soft-core-old-people-Asian-porn.”) Or simply,for younger readers, “Poetry.” On a slightly more serious note–Though graphic and really sad, it was also very touching and I’ve always felt secretly cool seeing movies that force me to read subtitles.


My first enchilada with an EGG on top. It’s a popular New Mexican thing. Yum.

(The start of) Day 3.

Roadtrip! We started at Katie’s grandma’s house in Las Cruces, in the southernmost point of New Mexico. We had a free place to stay in Taos, a seven hour drive without stops. But of course we had to make a lot of detours. It’s part of the adventure! Our first stop was the “Valley of Fires” in Carrizozo; 45 miles of crazy-looking,dry lava. It was fun to climb on and I was actually allowed to do so this time.

I still have ten days to cover and two of them haven’t even happened yet. I really do need to get some sleep before I start drooling on the keyboard or something, so tune in;

Day 3 and beyond to be continued…. (It gets even better, y’all! Stick around to meet Banker Bob and my new Indian boyfriend ((joking)). And much more New Mexican goodness!) Yeah. I need sleep now. Goodnight.

26 thoughts on “New Mexico. Part One.

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  1. Those pictures are great. I love that you are so uninhibited on them. When my friends wanted to take pictures of me at our going away dinner all of them turned out super awkward.
    And those sand dunes are super cool. I’ve seen some that were of red sand. Might have been Arizona somewhere, but I am not quite sure. Tried to make some cool picture with my bare feet in the red sand. Of course they sucked 😛

  2. Yum, breakfast enchilada with egg! But remind me not to bring you into any of the museums in San Francisco. Rumor has it the security staff in most of them are former KGB and Israeli military officers. They’re polite, but they don’t have any qualms about throwing you out of the building if you’re caught breaking the rules. I almost got tossed out for taking a photo of a painting with my flash on. Agh!

  3. Chris Tucker says:

    I *loved* New Mexico. It was the only place I missed the minute I got on the plane. I still miss it. I want to rent a house there for Thanksgiving week and have the holiday there with the family. I’m trying to convince Meg to go teach in a Pueblo (NM term for reservation) and Ben that the University of NM would be a really GOOD place to go. I’m trying to tell Owen that NM is SO MUCH better than icky humid overcrowded MD. OMG…I LOVE new mexico.

  4. So much fun! You’d be escorted from a museum/gallery if you did that here in DC. I accidentally lent in too close to a painting and buzzers went off and a guard came over and told me off in a big loud voice!

    I’m not big on egg on top of anything except toast. I had it on top of pizza once and didn’t like it at all.

    The sand dunes are amazing.

      • Beckah! These are amazing. The btarehe has been stolen from my lungs, yet again, because of the beauty of your photos. Evoking emotion, warming the heart, unique and surprising elements all around. I am so proud to call you sister and blessed to have had one of the best days of my life and family captured by you. Love you! *Rae (and clan )

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