New Mexico. Part Two.

I’m home! I was greeted with flowers,wine and some good lovin’. I’m glad to be back and have my nightly cuddle sessions, friends and Texas adventures again.  But all of that’s for another blog.  Right now, let me introduce you to more of the beauties of New Mexico. (I’m actually surprised how many of you I’ve already sold it on, and I haven’t even gotten to the best parts yet! ) I was planning on just showing off a bunch more pictures today, but I changed my mind last night. While in New Mexico, I decided to make a video blog of some of my adventures and people I found while exploring. I’m really happy I did this, as I met some incredibly awesome people, learned a hell of a lot  and laughed a bunch along the way. Actually, The reason I decided to perhaps prematurely post this video blog today is in honor of one video blog buddy finding me online! A couple of days after mumbling out my long blog domain at a hookah lounge, mister Andrew (who must have an amazing memory), found my blog and commented: “im still awaiting the post about me hahahaha ;) you were pretty awesome to talk to. =)”  Ha. Aww. So, this here is for Andrew and all of the other New Mexicans who so kindly lent their time and knowledge to Christina’s Little World. I hope (and think) I did y’all justice.  But here, see for yourself:

A few more notes:

  • We were the ONLY ones besides the manager up in the mountain condos. Makes sense as it’s like purgatory for them right now in between summer and winter. It was pretty neat. The town was abandoned and ready for me to play in. I imagined it was all mine, that I owned all of it and was just lounging around, exploring my town. Yes, I still play pretend at twenty-two. The snow and babbling brooks made it even more worthwhile.

  • The manager  commented that Katie and I were about the age of his kids. I asked him to guess how old I was. His guess? Seventeen. 17!!! Sadly, I get comments like this often. But I’m getting used to it.  It does run in the family. Everyone always thought my mom was my sister growing up, and I see now that looking like a teenager will later also come to my advantage.

  • The Taos Pueblo was one of my favorite parts of New Mexico. I found my new Indian boyfriend (such a handsome young man!), and acquired a lot of respect for the Pueblo’s ability to keep their culture and own form of government, despite all of the hardships they’ve faced. (from Spaniards and us meany Americans.) About a hundred still live in the reservation, and I actually found myself a little jealous, even knowing they had no internet or air conditioning. The old adobe houses,the perfect view of the mountains and the simplicity of their living is simply breathtaking. This sounds cheesy, but I’ve never really felt more at one with nature as I did in that hour and a half. My Indian boyfriend was also a good tour guide.
  • Did I mention enough how beautiful everything was here? The old churches, the clear water, the blue skies, the gorges so deep it made my feet feel funny and light, my PERFECT looking hair with no humidity to screw anything up? I was smitten by New Mexico. Smitten.

  • While on our road trip, Katie and I discovered a lot of new things. Cute shops. Funny people. Little red schoolhouses. Creepy,dark gas-stations with strange dolls and lamps  everywhere. Though at times a little frightening, we giggled our way through it and decided it was all part of the adventure.  What is a vacation,after all, without a scary doll waiting for you at bathroom stops?
  • I can’t not mention the food. Goodness. World famous green chile burgers at the Owl Cafe, creme brule cheesecake at Lorenzo’s, chocolate-oreo-malt ice-cream at Taos Cow, cream cheese-turkey-sprout-croissants at a cute little cafe in Las Cruces… Ah. I need to stop before my tummy starts grumbling.

  • Having a week and a half of constant girl time and slumber parties with a close friend was wonderful. Besides constantly exploring fun places, our agenda looked like this: laughing our asses off, loading up on miniature sized liquor bottles at the local Walgreens only to later slip them in our styrofoam fast food cups, singing out of tune, sharing dirty jokes and stories with her cousin in the backyard (The topic of drugs happened to come up, and her cousin couldn’t believe I didn’t smoke. They decided I’m naturally always high on life. ), and coming up with ridiculous quotes and inside jokes in the wee hours of the night. I love her.

18 thoughts on “New Mexico. Part Two.

  1. Aw, I love it! I had such a fun time with you! I’m glad that you appreciate New Mexico as much as I have! It really is an enchanting place! It’s amazing how many people (even some who live in NM) don’t know how amazing, beautiful, and diverse the state is!
    ps. you HAVE to post all of your pictures on facebook and tag me in them RIGHT NOW (: please and thank you!

  2. Tessa says:

    That has to be my favorite picture of you!

    My dad is completely in love with New Mexico especially Taos so much that he left his girlfriend and family to go live there. He lives in an adobe! I haven’t seen it yet, but hopefully soon. You should go again with me once I finally set a date.

  3. Meg says:

    Lol I loved that video. I was feeling very irritable and just watching that has calmed me down somewhat.

    I’m surprised how receptive almost everyone was to being filmed! haha so cute

  4. Loved the video. It showed again the reason why I love travelling in the US. People are so open and always up for participating in fun stuff like that. Here in Europe – ok let’s say North and Middle, might be different in the South – they mostly would avoid the camera.
    Glad you had such a joyful time!

  5. Looks like you had a great time on your trip! I’ve been through New Mexico by train, but wasn’t able to get out an explore anything. Seems like a pretty neat place!

    I got your comment (late, because I am still really bad at checking my blog). Hopefully this summer when I have more time I’ll be better at it! Anyhoo, here is my URL/Look-up thingy: Shaylee Smith. It’s me in a green bridesmaid dress. See ya there! :o)

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