Three years (and a day.)

Yesterday husband and I celebrated our three-year ‘togetherness’ anniversary. It was a quiet celebration, as our main and most important day is our wedding anniversary, in October. (last year was Vegas, this time around I’m thinking California…) We both just happened to share the day off but did our own thing until that night, where we cuddled up on the couch, watched Easy A and ate cookies and ice cream.  But it was the minuscule moments in between this that had me even more giggly. A couple of hours prior to our cuddling session, husband came into my office, announcing I had to move from the futon I was peacefully reading on. I whined and refused.  He held in his hand a hook and a  yellow paper lamp, meant to hang from the ceiling. “But I want to hang this for you, so you have a good reading light.”  I looked at him, all happy and ready to offer up services I hadn’t even asked for, and my heart swelled. I got up, kissed him and went to finish my reading on our bed.  It’s one of the littlest things that makes up our everyday lives, a small moment among so many similar in our three years together. There’s nothing special or out of place about my husband simply wanting to do something nice for me, no questions or requests needed. But I think that’s what makes me so darn happy. Robby treating me so right isn’t an occasional occurrence. It’s never reserved for a holiday or special event. His selflessness and unconditional love has become something so integrated into my life, I have to remind myself sometimes not to take it for granted. I have to remember that three years and a month before, I didn’t even realize men like him actually even existed. I figured they were nice for a while until they got what they wanted or got tired of being with the same chick for too long. That’s never been the case with us. Even early on in our relationship, though I tried hard to be cynical and realistic, I couldn’t ever muster up many doubts.  The boy has never given me one reason to doubt. He’s just so good to me. He’s always been good to me. And I can’t imagine him ever not being good to me.  Sometimes it really is as simple as that.

As a side note, although we don’t buy presents until the wedding anniversary, I did think it appropriate to have some less literal gifts lined up. So I very thoughtfully bought a new little black dress just for his benefit. That’s how good of a wife I am.

Okay, so maybe it’s more for me. But he seems to like it just as much as I do.

16 thoughts on “Three years (and a day.)

  1. Meg says:

    Cute dress hottie patottie!

    Seems like Robby is always picking up random handy tasks around the house that you are totally oblivious to until his handiness interrupts you lol

      • met Lindsay through Whitney {see Ryan & Whitney Engagement}. Lindsay is such a bfuutieal, sweet person and I felt so honored to be part of her wedding day- it

    • hum… papier mache sihotmeng? have you ever made paper? you could make him a journal. (this might be too hard if you don\’t already know how to do it) honestly I love the idea of a papier mache pinata but that\’s so not romantic… hitting sihotmeng with a stick! OK, a serious idea… decoupage. Sarah once did a box for Cap that was all stamps and it was quite lovely and still clearly for a I can\’t believe its been a year! good thing it was last year not this year as this year I\’m in Brussels on 3 July…

  2. Glad to know we’re not the only ones that celebrate our “when we started dating” anniversary! I think both that date and the wedding date are equally important. Congrats to you both….and here’s to many more happy years in the future! 🙂

    • Christina says:

      Yeah,they’re both pretty important to me too. Husband is much more into the wedding anniversary,probably because he’s dated so many girls but only married one haha. But for me they’re about equal in how much they mean–if we wouldnt have dated there would be no wedding anniversary,after all :p I do like saving up to go all out on the wedding anniversary though haha.

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