Bikinis,Babies, Big-Nosed Faces and Baking


Spent all day Tuesday at my friend Korey’s lake house. Yep. It’s definitely summer.


I started my summer nannying job a couple of weeks ago. There’s three little girls, but as the other two are in school until June, I’m just watching the one year old for most of the day. She’s a cutie and getting paid to see her adorable little face all day ain’t at all a bad job.  At the same time, my introduction to constant diaper changing (this includes green poop), crying, aching arm muscles and not being able to sit still for even a moment has made me realize I am nowhere near ready for kids, and I probably won’t be for quite a long time. However, I did strike a deal with my friend Deesh regarding the age I would eventually start a family. I hustled him. See below:

Big-Nosed Faces:

Grayson, who is nine and the oldest of the three that I nanny, comes home on the bus at three. She really likes to play with applications on my Iphone. Here’s what she did to my face today:


Last night Robby gave me his credit card and I went to buy dinner for us. I was at the check out, excited about my spaghetti and meatballs and cinnamon rolls, when I realized that I didn’t have his card. I had lost it. I called Robby, practically in tears, and he calmed me down a little and told me he would just cancel it. Still, no meatballs or cinnamon rolls. I came home and cried on the couch, mad at myself and mad that I didn’t have dessert. Husband comforted me some more and I finally decided if I couldn’t have what I wanted, I would just make do without. I went on, typed in the ingredients I had, and learned I could make almond cookies with rave reviews in no time. After putting those in the oven, I searched icing ingredients and eventually made my own make-shift cream cheese/powdered sugar/butter icing. Man. I didn’t know I had it in me. They were great. Buttery and rich and nutty and,best of all, edible! Husband and I both had seconds. Click here for the recipe for the almond cookies. I wish I could give you the recipe for the icing too, but instead of measuring (I had no idea what to measure), I just kept throwing ingredients in until it didn’t taste disgusting anymore.

26 thoughts on “Bikinis,Babies, Big-Nosed Faces and Baking

  1. LOL it looks to me no one is ever ready for kids. You just get them and deal with them on the way. I always said 28 is a good age to contemplate to have children. When I turned 28 I was glad I chose my words so carefully. Because I freaked just at the thought of it. Now at 35 I know my time window is getting smaller and smaller. Which hasn’t freaking me out – yet – but at the same time, if I have one now it’ll be only that I won’t regret it later when it is too late.

    • yeah. getting them and dealing with them on the way. shudder. ha. i’m weird. 25 percent of the time i have major baby fever and daydream what it would be like to have a little me/husband running around in a few years. but then the other 75 percent i remember my mom having my baby brother who is now 5. growing up around that was i think the time babies began to terrify me. mostly because i’m so selfish and they’re so all consuming. also, my baby brother was a terror. haha. but you’re definitely right.
      speaking of that, my mom had joshua when she was 39ish and then my little sister at 41ish. you have plenty of time! 🙂

      • Hehehe well I’d say that’s a good thing that you are freaked out because you know how much job it is. With some people I actually wonder when they say “kids are so much job” and I am like “you realized that now?”

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  2. Meg says:

    Also I agree with that woman ^ about the kids thing =]

    I have a feeling you will be ready a little sooner than 30. Just think how much life changes in a year, thirty is 8 years of crazy changes away. But hey if it takes until then, that’s okay too! my mom was 34 when she had me. =]

    • “with that woman ^” hahaha.
      you’re right. grumble. 😛 but really, you are. just thinking 6 years ago i was the age of Maria (my Little) is SO insane to me. that seems like lifetimes ago. still, i like the security in saying to myself i won’t have kids ’til i’m 30. because that DEFINITELY seems like a lifetime away haha. thank God. 😛

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  3. There is no comment that I could possibly make that doesn’t make me sound like some minging 40 year old pervert.

    ahhh well, if the cap fits……

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