Waking Up Excited.

I love having weekends off. I still haven’t adjusted, so every Saturday that I wake up late and ready for a full day of fun plans, I’m a little surprised. And excited. It feels nice opening my eyes to summertime, youth and endless possibilities for the day.

This weekend’s fun:

  • Friday night was spent with my hubby and friends Emily, Deesh, Bing,Zach and Tanisha. We started out at a reverse sushi happy hour and later headed back to Deesh and Bing’s newish house, where more good times ensued.  A few of the good times that ensued: Drinking nasty peach/coffee liquor shots,Forcing Bing to take shots and stay awake as he weakly protested, Inappropriate and explicitly funny conversations and a tour of the house including Em and I trying out Deesh’s new vibrating bed. I’ve become pretty close to this group of Robby’s friends in the past couple of years, and I’m thankful to have them around. Deesh is probably on the top 5 of sweetest and most openly sentimental guys I know and never fails to remind me that Robby and I are “two of his favorite people” and that he loves us both. I get all gushy because I feel the same affection for him and Bing and I’m glad Robby didn’t pick stupid friends before I knew him. (Not that this would be a problem—I’m the plan-maker in the house. He tags along and has even jokingly accused me of being his “friend-stealer” before. Ha.)
  • Throwing my first ever Jewelry Party.  A sweet lady from my bowling league sells Lia Sophia jewelry and asked if I would want to host a party at my house. As soon as she mentioned it could also involve margaritas, I was sold. Sadly, I waited until the very last minute to put any of this together. (I really must become more responsible this year.) But with the help of my husband, who both cleaned the house and bought snacks, and my ability to round up a handful of people in a jiffy, everything turned out decently and amusing enough. Now I just need to get on selling some of this jewelry. Lia Sophia anyone?

  • Going to….grown-up shops with Em and Jenn on Sunday night.  We’ve all been before, but bring a couple of girlfriends to a shop like this and you’re bound to turn into giggly, silly teenagers again.
  • Waking up in the hubby’s old t-shirt, with newly bought Almond Joy coffee cream waiting for me in the kitchen, and seeing the sweet and ever-present smile on my boy’s face. If y’all can’t tell by now, I like him a little bit.
  •  Other things I think I like a little bit: My house, my age, my friends and family, the month of May (and June…and the other 10 months too), Almond Joy coffee cream,happy hours, catching up on reading, nannying and in general, living and life and experiences and the exciting potential that comes with waking up everyday. (I actually like these things quite a lot. And I suppose my husband too.)

14 thoughts on “Waking Up Excited.

  1. Not Deesh says:

    That Deesh guy sounds pretty awesome! Is he single?
    Peach Schnapps and Kahlua? sounds disgusting! must be that Bing guys idea

  2. Where did you find the Almond Joy coffee cream? I want some, since I love Almond Joy and Mounds bars. My kids think I’m crazy because they all hate coconut, but I tell them coconut was invented in paradise. 😀

    You are a lucky woman! Great friends, great husband, fun fun weekends.

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