Podcasts,Parties and Peeing Pants.

Last night was podcast night. Whenever I mention that I’m the news girl on a  podcast (especially when I mention this podcast is entitled ‘Your Uncles Lap— and the motto is “An awkward yet safe place to be”) I receive either confused or curious stares. I thought I’d take this time to explain what exactly a podcast–Your Uncle’s Lap in particular, is.

Entrepreneur.com defines a podcast as this: A podcast is a pre-recorded audio program that’s posted to a website and is made available for download so people can listen to them on personal computers or mobile devices.

Now let me give you my own definition of Your Uncle’s Lap:

A perverted, hilariously inappropriate, disgustingly crude pre-recorded audio program not suitable for grandma, children up to the age of 17  and even, ironically, any decent uncle. Features three men, with a complete radio set-up within their classy little town home, rambling on about the complexity of life, our world and leather jackets.  News Girl Christina makes a special appearance to inform viewers of late-breaking news, such as a dentist violently fighting with an  elderly woman over a pair of dentures and Roman Catholic phone apps that allow you to confess your sins on the go! (no lie.) For those of you who simply cannot get enough, you can not only hear but also see the cast members streaming live every Thursday night!  Warning: Watch with extreme caution if you have a history of a weak stomach, heart issues or a faltering or morally-infused sense of humor.

Despite my warnings, I have a lot of fun on the podcast. There is an occasional argument where I feel the need to bring some morale,political correctness or simply a girl’s perspective to the table, and even this ends in a fun and amusing spat. (My 1-3 stance usually ends in me telling one or all of the boys to f$%# off . Such are my comebacks when live and under pressure.) And despite the occasional teasing I receive, these three boys never fail to make me feel warm and fuzzy in their own little way. There’s a podcast or two I skip out on (or three, or four) every now and again, and though they’re never all too happy with me, I’m always welcomed back pretty cheerfully. In fact, a few weeks ago when I reappeared after my week in New Mexico, I walked into this: “Oh Thank GOOOOOOOD you’re back, Christina Boudreaux…..The girl last week SUCKED!”  A couple of the  guys watching  in the chat room even missed me.  Ryan informed me last night, “Christina…you’re good at what you do. It took a week or two of you being gone for me to realize that…but you are damn good at what you do.”  The way he so honestly words things makes me giggle.

Flattery aside,  it’s also nice to have a good excuse to party every Thursday night. (purely business, you see.) I even have the (at least) weekly chance to catch up with my best girlfriend, who is dating Allen of the podcast. Last night the two of us (Tessa and I, that is) made our way up to Allen’s bed where we proceeded to have a photo shoot and laugh so hard we cried and perhaps even peed a little.

Closing this little tribute to my podcast out, I have a few more things to say. 1. You can find Your Uncle’s Lap on Itunes.  They... (I want to say ‘we’ but I flake out so much that I feel bad including myself. Oh well.) ….We have a pretty respectable amount of fans, and I’m proud to join in and add to an already great show in whatever small way that I do. 2. If they become famous enough to receive money, they’ve promised to pay me. I just feel like they’re getting closer, so this is my note informing that I’m holding them to that. and 3. Confession: Before yesterday, I had never listened to one episode of Your Uncle’s Lap. Unless I can review about 40 times, I don’t really like hearing my audio voice. I sound like a little boy going through puberty more often than not. Sexy, I know. Allen finally forced me to listen last night to an episode I missed last week, and I just might listen again. I about peed myself for the second time that night. Here’s a little dialogue for you:

Ryan: Christina Boudreaux is out again this week.

Cody: Go f$^!%@$ figure. What’s she doing this week? Let me guess, it’s finals week?…Oh wait no, it’s not finals. Let me guess, she’s in New Mexico? Oh wait no,it’s not New Mexico, is there a train!? (I swear, one time there was this pesky train that was STUCK which prevented me from making it to podcast that night. I even have pictures.) ….What is it!?

Allen:She has to be at her grandma’s early. (No–I had to be early for my nanny job that morning. Allen mistook nanny job for nanny grandma.)

Cody:Oh,well. I feel bad.

Ryan:Well,with us today is my good friend James…Thank-you so much for filling in for Christina. You’re a beautiful man but you can’t match her beauty. But we still appreciate you being here.

James: Thank-you. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her…..

Ryan: Oh, you simply must. You simply must.

13 thoughts on “Podcasts,Parties and Peeing Pants.

  1. Haha! That is hilarious, I will have to listen. I bet your voice is deeper than mine…I still sound like I’m 12. How did you get that gig, did you know the guys beforehand?

    • at least you sound like a 12 year old girl! haha.
      my best friend dates one of the guys on the podcast and they knew i had a radio show on campus (and that i’m ridiculously energetic lol)so they eamiled me one day and voila! (longest run on sentence ever,perhaps?)

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