Doing It All. One blog at a time.

I’ve been considering changing my blog name for quite a while now. There’s been a lot of memories and good times in the past three years with this url, but I’ve outgrown the ‘Little World’ deal. Here’s a little history lesson for y’all: I started blogging at Xanga when I was 16 years old. My name had something to do with being 16 going on 21, which is depressing now considering 21 seemed a universe away at the time. I’m 22 now. Sigh. Anyway, I started this name on Vox (which is long gone now…seems I jumped ship just in time with that one.) as Christina’s Little World, hold the Two. When I transferred over, I obviously wasn’t in the mood for creativity that day, because I stuck with the name and added a number. A couple of my guy friends like to tease me, “So…what happened to your first little world?”

Now it’s time for yet another change. I just don’t feel like my world is all that little anymore. When I first started out with this name I was an insecure and confused nineteen year old. I lived in a bubble that hadn’t been completely popped from my sheltered childhood. Now I’m more of a sometimes insane, but also a much more secure and confident, twenty-two year old. My bubble has been popped. Some of you have even seen (um,read?) me grow up. Back then,  I was constantly testing the waters. I’m to the point now where I mostly want to jump headfirst into the same water. I’ve grown up and grown more comfortable with me, and I think my name should grow with that. It was while in New Mexico I finally decided the change was needed and my pondering began. I wanted my new name, whatever it may be, to embody me,where I’m at and what I want in life. This was difficult to do in just a few words, but I came up with a sort of mental checklist to help with the process.

Here’s what I know about myself:

I love adventures, new things and people in general. In the past five years I have, in no particular order: kissed a shark, cliff-jumped, rode a mechanical bull, read my poetry on stage (twice), started an on campus radio show, auditioned for a country radio station gig (& had audition played on-air), eaten (ate?) chicken feet, got a tattoo, pierced my belly button (twice),got hitched to a pretty cool guy, transferred schools, traveled to Europe, Mexico and a multitude of states in my own country, gone on spontaneous vacations with barely a nickel to my name, crowd-surfed,road-tripped, interviewed  people I had just met, pole-danced, danced on a boat with a tour-guide in Cancun, danced on top of the bar at Coyote Ugly without any remote dancing abilities to show for it, belly danced, joined Big Brothers Big Sisters, changed my major and job about a handful of times each (I’m learning what I like, I suppose), joined a bowling league, got bangs, went blond,  snorkeled with the fishies in Cancun, turned countless amounts of strangers into close friends, bar-hopped, bought a house…and okay, that’s enough. It was,um, hard to pick out a name that would capture all of this.  I want to see, hear, smell, feel, understand, touch, go,...everything…everywhere…everyone.  I want to do everything. That is my goal in life.


So I finally decided on Christina Does It All. A big change from my former Little World. I also bought my own domain (for only 17 bucks a year, y’all!) I even made/purchased my own ‘business’ cards online. Lately, I’ve been wanting to take this casual blogging thing a step further, and possibly even make more video documentaries of strangers. I had a blast last time I did this, and a couple of interviewees asked for my blog name. Sadly, It was too long to remember without pen and paper. Now it’s short, and I’ll have cute little cards! I figure it also makes me look more professional when I ask people I don’t know if they would like to be on my video blog. I also just want to hand them out to friends, family and random people. I’m a dork and it’s going to make me feel cool, okay?! This inspiration has kind of come to me in waves as of late, and I figure I should go with it and see where this takes me. Honestly, I’m feeling little kid giddy about all of it. And as you all should be automatically redirected, I’m excited I get to take ya with me. Welcome to my new world, where I attempt to do it all. One blog at a time.

22 thoughts on “Doing It All. One blog at a time.

  1. I like it a lot. Not just the name but the look. It does indeed show you have grown – even in the short space of time I’ve been reading you, I can see the difference.

    Well done.

  2. I love that you posted this because I thought I was imagining that your blog name had changed. I love the name and the reason for the change!

    I’ll go update my blogroll now… no reason for your world to be little on my page either!

  3. Great idea! Your business cards are really cute too. Did you use Moo to create them?

    I’ve been thinking of starting a separate professional blog, but I confess I like getting all personal and messy in my current one. 😉

  4. Congrats on getting a domain name! Only $17/year, you say? HMM. does sound appealing, but I have like, 3 readers, so it might be a waste of money :p

    Yes, I agree with everyone, the business cards are suuuuper cute.

    I was on Vox too…were you in my hood? I don’t remember having you in my hood.

    P.S. Are you on FB?

    • thanks girl! oooh that does have a ring to it. do it!
      you were on vox?! i don’t think you were in my hood either. i think i would have remembered you in my hood. lol.
      yes i am! i’ll post the link to your blog 🙂

      • I was, right until the site was closed. That’s where I “met” Alli and Christina. I was healthypanda.

        Cool I’ll friend ya!

    • Aπ τα μεγάφωνα ακούγεται η “Erika”! (ή Auf der Heide blfcht ein kleines Blfcmelein αν σας θυμίζει κάτι, γιατί συχαίνομαι να βάλω το λινκ)

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