Weekly Dose:Friends and Favorite Moments.

  •  My weekly dose of friends and favorite moments:

  •  After about a month of not seeing each other, Miss Crystal and I spent a good amount of this last weekend together. I forgot how much this girl spoils me. She asked me last Friday if I’d ever had Thai food, and when I answered no, she said she knew just the place. We ended up downtown at a neat little joint called Madam Mam’s. My favorite part was definitely the Thai Tea–Cold and kind of spicy tea with a delicious layer of sweet cream on the top. Yum. When we were almost finished, Crystal was very sneaky and payed for my meal WITHOUT my permission. She’s so rude. (Did I mention I am actually the one who already owes her a meal? SO rude of her. Ha.) We finished the day by lounging around, tanning, gossiping (She is one of my favorite people to gossip with. She starts conversations off with, “So. Do you have any gossip for me?”and as I usually draw a blank, she informs me of the interesting stuff instead.) and swimming. The next evening she invited Robby and I over to her and her boy’s place and we had a delicious meal of chicken, chicken feet, clams, lobster and watermelon. She cooked all of this. Well, except for the watermelon. If husband ever came home to me cooking a lobster, he might faint.
  • More girl catch up time as of recently= Dinner with Fernanda, swimming with Kimber and tispily dancing with Tessa in the living room. As always, I adore girlfriends.

  • Wednesday night I went to The Nutty Brown Cafe for a free concert featuring Stoney Larue, arguably my favorite Texas country artist. It was ridiculously packed, but very worth it. I heard one of my all-time favorite songs played live (‘I fly so high when you’re arouunnddd, that my feet don’t touch the grouunnndddd.’ Ah.I melt.) had some quality time with my little bro,met some cool new people and ran into a couple of buddies I hadn’t seen in way too long. As a side note, the trip back to my vehicle was an interesting one indeed.  With my hard contacts and all of the dust flying around, it was impossible for me to guide myself back to the car without getting crap in my eyeballs. I used some sunglasses someone had found on the ground (Gross, I know. I haven’t informed my husband because I know he will tell me I probably have ‘eye herpe’ now or something else similar in Robby lingo),closed my eyes and had one of my brother’s kind friends guide me back to the car as I grasped onto her arm. The whole group found the whole ordeal rather amusing. I have this way of never being able to go very long without showing my obvious strangeness to others I have just met. Miraculously, people seem to like me despite my apparent and odd qualities. Still, I couldn’t help but wonder out loud what passing cars were thinking about the girl wearing sunglasses, holding onto another girls wrist, giggling like a crazy person and doing all of this while taking freakishly large steps. (as not to trip on the rocks, you see.)
  • Yesterday my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters)and I did some shopping and some eating. We then went back to her apartments, where we found her brothers in her room and on her computer. She half-heartedly yelled at them to get out, then gave up and decided to let them stay. I adore both this girl and her family a whole bunch. We’ve been matched almost a year now!  Makes my heart all happy and stuff.

  • My best friend recently asked me if I would like to work out with him and then go swimming afterward. I usually like working out by myself (it’s my alone time), but the swimming and the fact the he was going to pick me up enticed me. So yesterday he picked me up at about 4:30, drove me to his parent’s place and informed me we were starting with abs. After about two minutes of his ab workouts I was done, but he forced me to go running after that. I about died. I jog. I do not run. I especially do not run up hills. Bryant attempted to teach me the art of running, but after about 15 minutes and a lot of lagging behind it became obvious I was a hopeless cause. I switched into 5-year-old mode and began asking him every 30 seconds, ‘Can we go swimming now?‘ My annoying ways are hard to ignore and he eventually gave up. We went swimming and I was a happy girl. We’re going to attempt to make this a weekly thing and I’m wondering how long it will take best friend to never invite me over to ‘work out’ with him again.

What are your favorite moments this week?

10 thoughts on “Weekly Dose:Friends and Favorite Moments.

  1. Meg says:

    I LOVE YOU BLONDEEE! Especially for summer, very you.

    Also, it is 2011!! update to soft contacts!!! your quality of life will improve!!! lol I feel like you’ve had those same contacts since you were 14 =P

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