As to start off my new domain name correctly, aka to have a good reason to spend money on something exciting, I decided a new and fun experience was needed. After doing a little research and hearing of a friend recently going, I decided to go with the a. adventurous and b. fairly inexpensive idea of parasailing. It was, of course, right after this that the horror stories began.  Years back, one of my closest buddies and her cousin went parasailing and the rope broke, leading to bruises, a broken arm and a scary ride down. I didn’t really need to hear this, but was still giddy to go on a new adventure. Plus, the teensy danger factor always adds a certain thrill, yeah? With all of my rambling out of the way, here’s a video/list of my experience with parasailing (If you notice my feet during take off, you will see that my unintentional body mannerisms are that of a seven-year old.) :

  • 1. An adorable and older married couple were the two who parasailed my friend Priscilla and me. They reminded us of our grandparents and made us feel very safe and loved. Anita was also a bad-ass footage taker. We decided that we wanted to take both of them home with us. If you’re ever in the Austin area and wanna try this out, Airscape Parasail is the way to go, yo.
  • 2. Flying up and bouncing around in the air with nothing but rope and a huge parachute is a pretty exhilarating feeling. And the view? Absolutely breathtaking. I also had a lot of fun scaring Priscilla by wriggling around and doing no-hands tricks.
  • 3. I did get a tad nauseous while flying. Luckily,I had a close friend by my side to ramble and distract me from throwing up on the boats below. Hurrah for not hurling on unexpected strangers! It was also pretty cool sharing an experience, a 700 feet up in the air experience, with a girly that I love a whole bunch. There was a whole lot of laughing, screaming and bonding going on while hooked to a parachute yesterday. There’s just something about signing a waiver in case of death together that just really brings two people even closer, ya know?

16 thoughts on “Doing:Parasailing

  1. priscilla says:

    haha i had loads of fun i can cross that off my life list lol kinda nauseous ? ya right lol sky diving next as long as u hold my hand again

    • Follow Mrs. Southern Bride on GFC. Kristie Donelson. I love the Photobook Templates My Secret Garden and the Flower Creek Lane photobooks. It was a tough chcioe. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  2. I’m envious of your adventurous spirit but I know that there’s no way I could be talked into doing it…… unless it was to save my life (and that’s pretty unlikely isn’t it! 🙂 )

      • Michelle – it is wonderful that your aunt can find joy in wrinitg about her life. I know I do – and it\’s great to think that it\’s never too late to start. I enjoyed this post a lot!

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