10 reasons to smile this week.

Have you ever had a second that, throughout the hustle and bustle of every-day, just stopped you in your tracks because you realized, “Shit. I’m lucky/blessed/happy/loved/alive ? I have these moments occasionally and had one that just hit me full force this week. I caught myself stressing about something silly, and then realized that it really didn’t matter at all in the grand scheme of things. In the grand scheme of things, I have great friends, a loving boy that I get to love back, adventures under my belt and in the making, a house and a comfy bed to fall asleep in, a fun job and a future that ain’t looking all too shabby. There’s a list of things to definitely smile about. Here are ten more from this week:

1. My friend Em and I made sushi this past week! Shrimp tempura, to be exact. It was a fun little adventure and displayed our different personalities pretty perfectly. Let me explain by showing you pictures:

Can you tell who the messy, unorganized, impatient one is?! 

2. Husband and I went tubing with a small group of friends this past Saturday. On the way back, we went to eat at a little burger/fudge/cupcake joint in San Marcus.  They also happened to sell antiques, and on the way out Husband made me take a picture next to a giant sign that read ‘Humble.” He thought it was funny, me standing next to a sign that isn’t exactly a characteristic he believes I possess. Whatever.

3. My blog ‘business’ cards came in! After I gave a guy friend one, he hung it in his bathroom and assured me this was a great way for me to get views.  The funny thing is, I think he’s right. He has a bunch of other random things hanging behind his toilet, and I won’t lie to you and say that, after peeing,  I haven’t caught myself staring at it all a few times before.

4. The family I nanny for came back from vacation bearing gifts. They let each kid pick out one souvenir for me. Grayson bought me a bottle opener, Mary an over-sized coffee cup, and Poppy (the baby) a shot glass with my name on it (She may have had a little help there.) I was surprised,heart-warmed and also a little worried that they seem to know my addictions and bad habits so well already.

5. Speaking of nannying. I found an Edward Barbie doll in the playroom this week. I dislike Twilight more than I dislike most things but I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this doll. Here is how I entertain myself at work: (notice the look of confusion and perhaps even slight annoyance that the baby gives me…):

6. My friend Becca and I met at school last year and have become increasingly closer with each tipsy and food-filled happy hour we share. On Monday, we pulled up to Waterloo Ice House and she informed me,” I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who loves food as much as I do…..except you.”  In other words, we should both be extremely overweight and thanking our metabolisms daily. Hey, metabolism. Thank-you, sir. And yes, I just decided my metabolism is a man. I am now picturing a little man in my stomach eating all the food that should be going to my thighs. Don’t judge me.

7.  Making new friends is always a good reason to smile. Yes? Yes.

8. I’m going to Colorado in less than a month! Hubby gets to meet my crazy, loud, obnoxious Italian family for a reunion in Estes Park. I don’t think he has any idea what he’s in for and I can’t wait to show him.

9.  I just finished “Girl’s Poker Night“, a fast and entertaining read. I’ve been trying to venture out more with reading but I have major trouble with this. I have two favorite categories of reading: 1. Depressingly realistic reads and 2. Cynical but romantic reads with a happy but not overly cliché ending. I do not like anything that is not at least somewhat plausible, and this includes everything from extreme chick-lit to zombies and vampires. I need to think that whatever I’m reading could actually happen. I need to relate on some small, human level. (not the blood-sucking,once human kind.) But I want to get over that because I feel I’m missing out on some good reads this way. Still, for now, books like ‘Girls’ Poker Night’ works just fine for me. A couple of quotes I swear the author stole from the thoughts I had when I first started dating my hubby:

“People always get weird after they have sex. Especially after they have sex for the first time. They get closer, and so they have to do something to separate themselves again…. They cancel dates, they get sick so they have an actual excuse to cancel a date, they don’t return phone calls,  they return phone calls when they know the other person won’t be there to talk to them….I know people get weird after sex; my fear is that I might get weirder than most.”

“Happy endings aren’t for cowards. I’ve been alive for how many years, and I’ve just figured that one out. I learned to be unfaithful from my parents. Not infidelity in the classic sensebut I was always prepared for the unhappy ending,which made me less willing to work toward a happy one. I was unfaithful to the idea of a well-adjusted future.” 

10. Speaking of people stealing my brain, I swear Taylor Swift does this all the time.  I know, I know….roll your eyes and giggle or something. But she does, dammit! The below song echoes so much of what hubby and I have been through in our years together, and I can’t help but get all excited every-time I hear it. I don’t like cheesy books. I do love cheesy love songs.

“And you’ll say,

‘Don’t you worry your pretty little mind,

People throw rocks at things that shine;

But this love is ours’.”

24 thoughts on “10 reasons to smile this week.

  1. LOL at the falling-apart sushi! But I’ve never been able to make it myself: my mother says my rice needs to cool down more, or it’s not moist enough, or I don’t have enough seasoning…whatever. I think I’d rather just go out and eat it anyway!

    Enjoy your man-like metabolism while you can! I used to have one of those guys, but lately he’s wimped out. Now I see lumps where there never used to be any: on my hips, my belly, my thighs….shopping for clothes is too sad. My kids taunt me and tell me I need to work out more and stop eating chocolate and ice cream, but it doesn’t work that way anymore. I could eat salad all week long, and I still can’t squeeze into my old jeans. Plus it sucks to not eat ice cream when it’s hot. So I just cover up the lumps and hope everyone notices my smile before my hips first. 😀

  2. Your sushi reminds me of carving pumpkins, and making cookies, with my neighbor. Both were total disasters (well, my pumpkins looked good). During the cookie adventure, not only did we use so much coloring that the frosting would die your lips/tongue/teeth/gums but we also managed to get frosting on the ceiling?!?!?!

    #4… use the shot glass for coffee and the coffee mug for espresso vodka!

    Idea for new adventures: Just yesterday I read about a friend who’s gone NUDE para-sailing 3 times (and was debating between a 4th, or a BBQ, for this weekend).

    • NUDE parasailing!!! that sounds AWESOME. haha best idea ever.
      and i love your stories, they make me giggle. 🙂
      ohh and good idea with the coffee mug.
      i am talking about each topic totally out of order lol

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  3. Meg says:

    LOL at robby making you take a pic next to that sign haha so something he would do. I like those quotes from the book!

    • Meg says:

      I like in that song that she says “life makes love look hard” I bet it shouldn’t be as hard as well all make it!

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  4. Jake says:

    Hey can i get some of your cards so I can give them out to random people so they will think im into them? Like.. i don’t know maybe a waitress.


  5. Oh that little man! I think he’s suffering from narcolepsy now. He only works half the time and yawns at me the rest of it.
    Slap yours on a regular basis that he stays with you 😉

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