My Little Recipe for Happy.

My husband came home a couple of nights ago with a little surprise for me. He knows that I’ve recently discovered a love for cooking, and that I also only look up recipes online. He’s also heard me grumbling about always printing recipes out.  So what does the boy do? He goes out and buys me a beautiful and adorable recipe journal. I’m used to the hubby bringing me treats, but what surprised me especially was this treat in particular. The boy doesn’t read. He especially doesn’t go into book-stores willingly,ever. But here he is, marching over to Barnes And Nobles to search for the perfect gift that I would never even think to buy for myself.

To put it lightly, I feel grateful. Husband has been working twelve-hour days and six-day weeks, and still he never complains. He’s always smiling and sending loving words my way. Not to mention, between the two of us, we are seeing a lot more money than we’re used to. I’m not working quite as hard as him but I still come home ready to pass out after working more than eight hours daily. Nannying three kids is HARD. It’s one of the most difficult–if not the most difficult– jobs I’ve ever had. At the same time, it’s the most rewarding job I’ve ever had. Just when I think I may lose my mind, one of the three girls will do something that just makes me so incredibly thankful for my job. Whether it be watching a baby’s rendition of dancing or allowing a four and a nine-year old to give me a multi-colored mani/pedi, I never go home without having at least a handful of heartwarming moments.

This is what I suppose I’m getting at here: No, my life is not perfect. Yes, there are days that I come home completely worn out, and there are nights where I’d also like to kill my husband for whatever reason. But I am incredibly happy. I’ve realized in the last couple of years that true joy doesn’t come from perfection but from learning to take the good with the bad.Yeah, my dude may be bordering on video-game addiction, but he listens and he cares and he brings me home surprises and I trust him with my whole heart and the sex is awesome. Yes, my job is hard, but how many jobs out there have pick-me-ups consisting of receiving kisses and hugs? This is what I know: There will always be bad days. But there will be more good ones. Loved ones will die. But the ones I love most are all alive right now. There will probably always be the occasional naysayer out there who doesn’t want to believe my life can turn out a certain way, simply because theirs didn’t. But I am blessed to be surrounded by so many friends who know who I am and love to see me this happy. There will sometimes be hurt, tears, poopy diapers and other forms of crap in my life. Sometimes I will feel sad and some days I will burn cookies. I know all of this. But all of these things grow dim in comparison to the love and the cuddles and the friends and the laughter and the cooking and moments that turns out just right everyday.

 I guess all of this adds up to my own little recipe for happiness.

13 thoughts on “My Little Recipe for Happy.

  1. love, mom says:

    Good blog! I’m very thankful that you love your life and that Robby is sooo good to you! You are very blessed! =)

  2. Meg says:


    The perfect cookie is crispy on the outside and chewy in the middle….what am I getting at…hahaha, I guess that’s my recipe for happiness. The warmest, softest things close and the harder stuff that you gotta bite through just around the edges.

    ps I haven’t gotten any chapters in a while!

  3. Tessa says:

    That book is super cute! I hate cooking, but would buy it just to have it.
    I haven’t tried your cooking…not since we did our cooking show…dinner soon?

  4. Love it! Can your man give my man a hint that I need one of those! 😉 I have a cookbook, but it doesn’t have the easy, post work kind of stuff that I usually make. I need a 30 minute meal, so I look stuff up all the time.

    What you say is so true. Life is never going to be perfect. I think it would be boring if it was perfect. 🙂

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