24 Hours

Here’s how the previous 24 hours of my life have gone:

9:30 pm-???? 

Small party at my place. Sometimes, being married to an old man and all (Kidding. Kind of.), I forget to party like a 22 year old. Here’s some pictures of me remembering how:

Unfortunately, in remembering how to party I ended up forgetting any common sense I’ve acquired over the past few years. Also, why am I wearing horns in almost every picture? I know not. I do not remember much from last night. I do,however, have a video montage to remind me of some of it. Here is what happens when you drunkenly force drunken friends to promote your new blog domain:

Ahem. Last night, from the bit I recall, was a blast. This morning was not. I remember now why I don’t party like a 22 year old on a regular basis.

10 am-2pm

 Lay in bed. Moan. Throw up. Repeat all regularly. Force husband to make tomato soup. Throw that up too.

2:00-5:00 pm

Force myself out of bed to get ready to meet my blogging friend Jenny. This was both of our first times to meet a fellow blogger, and I think I’ll be brave enough to say our experience was mutually delightful. Over happy hour sushi, we spent over two hours eating, laughing and sharing our life stories. It was pretty neat meeting up with someone whom I had before only known through pictures and words, and even more neat clicking with said person so well. Miss Jenny and I even share some similar family experiences AND awful driving skills. She also made me totally forget how horribly sick I had been feeling beforehand. Score for blogger buddies turned into real life friends.

5-9:30 pm

Read. Blog. Order Pizza. Get ready for cuddle time with the hubby.

Besides the throwing up and being miserable in bed for hours bit, the past day of my life has been simply lovely. How have your past 24 hours been?

18 thoughts on “24 Hours

  1. Meg says:

    Those guys had huge muscles!

    “Christina does allotacom” ahahaha
    “this bitch does it alllll!”

    Good promoters. =]

    ahaha after i read about your night I was like hmm i wonder if this night yielded a morning similar to the one she experienced when i was visiting last summer. Then i continued reading, and discovered that it did. lol i’m sorry you felt so sick! ❤ you

  2. I had an awesome time hanging out with you today! I felt like I already knew you. Now that I’m done with my stupid defensive driving course, I’m gonna blog about it 🙂

  3. sushi after a hangover? i’m impressed! don’t count on being able to that much longer – I’m pretty sure that’s another skill limited to the very early 20s.

    just watched the vid and youtube’s next recommendation was for ‘fetal alcohol syndrome & spectrum disorders”… lol!!

  4. I didn’t have half as much fun as you! I read, talked with my older daughter and my son over the phone, did a little housecleaning and took a nap. Oh yeah, and I also wrote in my blog, but that’s not fun. 😉

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