It’s Tuesday,and already I’m full of rambles.

  • I’m leaving for Colorado in three weeks, with at least one (possibly two) more vacations planned by end of this summer.  Plans: Beach trip with girlfriends, whitewater rafting with my boy, and a whole lot of spontaneity in the mix. Isn’t summer beautiful?
  • I love my job. I (and by I, I mean the kids) get to have play-dates with my younger siblings. Lookit this picture of my little brother and Miss Mary:

                        Aren’t they adorable?! And in bed together, already! Ha.

  • If you live in the Austin area,  it’s a possibility you’ve heard of or have shopped at one of my uncle’s jewelry stores. He’s the owner of the company Hannah D’s–a boutique-like jewelry store named after my little cousin (Hannah Danielle)–and a couple of James Lewis Gold Exchanges. I’m pretty sure he’s owned the gold exchange since around my birth. Growing up, the whole family would get excited to randomly see and laugh at him on tv, with his country accent in full swing, saying: “I’m Gold Buyer, Jamessss Lewisss!” . Now,when I nanny in the mornings, I see him between breaks of the Ellen Degeneres show. I still can’t help but get excited and sometimes tease him out loud. So guess what, guess what?! In the next year or less, I’ll get to laugh at myself on local tv for the first time. I’m gonna be on his next commercial! Talking about gold and stuff.  I’ll let you know when the commercial is filmed, so if you live close you can watch, possibly get excited and most definitely tease me.
  • I mentioned the other day meeting my fellow blogger, Jenny. She wrote a very sweet/smile-inducing blog about meeting me too, and she remembered some things I wanted to add but forgot. You can read more about our little date here.
  • A few pictures from the past two weeks that I love but haven’t showed you yet:
  • On top of all of my happy things, I’m beaming with pride for some of the best girlfriends as of lately. Tessa just got a promotion. Shannon made her goal (with help from our bikini car-wash, Holla!) of $1500 for the Make A Wish Foundation and thus also got to rappel down a 32 story building downtown. My bestest best friend Meg left today for a month in Spain (when she comes back she’ll be visiting me in Texas soon after. Eek!) These are three of the girls I’ve known the longest in life, and also three of the greatest and best gal pals a girl could ever ask for. Tessa always flatters me into feeling like a supermodel, even on days I feel the crappiest. Shannon has been an inspiration throughout my life to be as adventurously crazy as I possibly can be. And Meggie is just the most beautiful person I have ever met, both inside and out. All three have done so much more for me than I could ever possibly put into words. What I’m saying is they deserve all of the happiness in the world, and I feel giddy watching them receive it.
  • I sometimes like to brag about the fact that I wake up at 8:20 in the morning and leave no later than 8:31. This doesn’t mean I’m bragging about looking my most decent, because  in my opinion I most definitely looked like I just rolled out of bed. (Because, uh, I did.) I’ve never been one to really do much with myself as far as getting ready goes, and one could call this being comfortable in my own skin, if one was being nice. But one could also call it indolent and lethargic, if one was not being so nice.  All three are at least somewhat true of me. However. There is one thing in the past couple of years that I have gotten much better at. This would be the oh-so-strenuous act of BRUSHING my hair. I used to walk around with, no lie, huge rat’s nests and hair that looked more like a giant weed. Honestly, I’m surprised my then boyfriend, now husband didn’t break up with me. It was that bad.  I look at pictures and I think to myself “WHY, Christina, WHY couldn’t you just pick up a damn comb?!”  I also probably blush. It’s slightly humiliating. This is embarrassing for me to show you, but I must. I must to show you how far I’ve come. A then and now:

This was how I walked around on a day-to-day basis. Not to be superficial or anything but, Dear 20 year old me: WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!!?!? Okay. I’m better now. Just needed to get that out of my system. 

12 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday,and already I’m full of rambles.

  1. You are going to be in a commercial?! SO COOL! Haha let me know when it airs, I’m sure I’ll be able to see it!

    Colorado sounds so cool (pun kind of intended).

    LOL that before/after picture is so cute!

  2. 1) Someone has a tat on her tummy. I think.
    2) Wasn’t the “Then” photo taken when the “bed head” look was in? And people used to buy gels and stuff to make their hair look deliberately messy?
    3) I yam sad we won’t be able to see you on TV in California, unless you post the commercial on YouTube. (Hint, hint.)

  3. tessa says:

    You’re the sweetest. I love you. And that hair pic makes me laugh. Your hair back in the day was part of your charm! Ha

  4. Meg says:

    awww I love you!!! i’m in SPAIN RIGHT NOW as I AMW RITING THIS! obv hahaa.

    Te quiero! Granada es muy bonito y la comida y cultura son increible =]

    My host mom made me lunch today (our first meal together) and it was delicciousss! haha she is funny though because she piles SO MUCH on my plate and is liek “come, come” “pan, come” “patatas, come” hahaha

    I’M SO GLAD YOU BRUSH YOUR HAIR! makes you that much more beautiful lol. I have ntoiced your hair has been extra shiny and smooth in pictures lately! I’m also proud of you for having the courage to post that picture haha.

  5. Don’t all teenagers walk around with a rat’s nest hair do? 🙂 I think it looks sort of cute – but the brushed look is sophisticated. I hope you get to put your ad on you tube. It’s fun to meet “peeps” – I’ve met 5 or 6 (from the vox days) and all of them were fun and really nice.

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