Adventure of the week (year?)

The other day I informed one of my friends of the newly planned adventure I had for this weekend. I also informed her it would be a good adventure of the week. Her reaction was that, “It’s more like adventure of the year.” After going through with said adventure, I might agree.  On Saturday, a close friend and I (and really, you’d have to be rather close to do something like this together.) went to Hippie Hollow. This is a lake in Austin. Have you guessed what kind of lake it is yet? Did you guess that it was a clothing optional lake? Well, you would be correct.  Em and I went to our first nude lake on Saturday. And we were nude. And this was awesome. Sure, I saw some older people in a totally different light than ever before, but I suppose that sometimes comes along with the territory of leading a liberating life. And yes, we are maybe probably out of our mind, but you have to be kind of crazy if you plan on doing it all, no?  It was, though at first a little intimidating and giggle-inducing, also one of the most freeing and exhilarating experiences I’ve ever had.  I highly recommend trying this running around naked in public thing. You’d be surprised how comfortable you become so quickly AND how good the wind feels on certain parts of your body.  Here are the only other pictures I can show you:

As for the rest of my 4th of July weekend (by the way, happy 4th,y’all!), it was pretty perfectly adventurous as well. Not adventure of the year material or anything, but fun and lovely just the same. More pictures:

Downtown girl’s night+ New dress= Great night:

Barton Springs+Happy hour+Girlfriends= Mondays are sometimes awesome.

Dear fellow bloggers and friends: Will you please go run around naked publicly and then report back? For me?

Sincerely, Christina.

29 thoughts on “Adventure of the week (year?)

  1. Brooke Myers says:

    hahaha, i love the pics!! yall women are nuts, i might just have to join yall when i move back up! haa

  2. Meg says:

    hahahaa niceee! I guess i can imagine one would feel comfortable a lot quicker than one expects. You look super cute in yo dress girl! =] How did robby feel about hippy hollow? Why was he not in attendance?

    • lol he didn’t really have a say in the matter, so he was okay with it? kind of? ha. and i don’t think i could pay roberto to go to hippie hollow….. he’s not really comfy seeing other guys naked haha.
      and thanks lady! i love/miss you!

  3. I posed nude, in front of a ton of people, and LOVED it. And, a few years back, I posed nude for a painting of my va–jay-jay. That was a bit un-nerving (the painter was about 2′ from me) but liberating since I had MAJOR hangups about that body part before posing (which is exactly why I posed).

    SO proud of you for going for it. I haven’t been to a nude beach.. YET.

  4. No. I’m sorry, but I’m not cute and un-blobby like you. The sight of my body in the morning right before I take a shower sometimes makes me want to skip breakfast, or put on a burkha.

  5. Been there done that. Didn’t like it only for the reason that you have a lot of old scary buggers around who love to have a too closer look. And to be honest – there are people who just shouldn’t run around in their birthday suit, I am truly sorry to have to say that. There are pictures etched on my mental eye that I will never get rid off *yak*

    • Haha! Yeah,there were a couple of obvious creepy guys,and one was especially obnoxious with the staring….but other than that,I loved it. I didn’t mind the different…uh,types of bodies,simply because things don’t get etched in my mind for all that long…I have a bit of a short attention span. And sometimes memory. (I only remember what I want…especially convenient in this situation :p)

  6. HAAAA I’ve always wondered about Hippie Hollow. You’re brave!! I’m glad it ended up being a great experience though. I heard Europeans are very free going topless at beaches too (not sure if they go all the way nude)…either way, Americans are too repressed when it comes to nudity, I think.

    • agreed! (about the Americans being too repressed) My best friend is in Spain right now and apparently a good percentage go nude to beaches over there. it really did amaze me how fast i got used to the being naked thing. birthday suits are awesome. 😛

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