What I hope to pass down to those looking up to me.

To put it lightly, the younger girls in my life make up a huge chunk of my world. I’m the oldest of four siblings; A big sister to a beautiful two-year old little lady. I’m also currently a nanny to three wonderful little girls. I mentor a lovely young woman of 15. All of this factors into me realizing I have quite an amazing responsibility on my hands. In everything I say and do, I am setting an example to young eyes and ears, more with actions than in my words. In saying this, I’d like to share with you the top ten things I wholeheartedly hope I can pass down, now or even twenty years from now, to those looking up to me:

1. Be good to others. Forgive. Smile at strangers. Realize that he/she is just as human as you are.

2. Be good to yourself. Forgive. Smile at the mirror. Realize that you are just as human as he/she is.

3. Cherish your family. Every year you grow up, you’ll realize you’re needing them a bit more than you thought you did the year before.


4. Don’t be a rock-thrower. Remember that you too are always still growing and learning. Somebody thinking or doing things differently than you does not make them bad or even wrong. It simply makes them different than you, and that in itself is beautiful. You’ll miss out on getting to know a lot of awesome people if you’re always busy judging them.

5. Love your body. Accept your flaws. Admire yourself in that new outfit or in absolutely nothing at all. Hold your head up high and shake your booty. Know that you are beautiful, and don’t ever be afraid to show off this confidence to the world.

6. Wait until you know it’s right. Sex is a big deal. Like it or not, it’s powerful and emotional stuff that makes your rational thought-process all kinds of blurry. I rarely meet a girl who started young and hasn’t stated she wished she would have waited longer. Respecting yourself and your comfort-level is a much better feeling than one you’ll ever get from some silly boy. And here’s one of the only things I have learned solely from experience: Holding out for the right guy to come along is so worth it. Oh. And have you watched Teen Mom lately?

7. Don’t let fear rule your life. Sometimes doing the things that scare you half to death are the same things that truly make you feel the most alive. Playing it safe is really just postponing the inevitable anyway. You’ll most likely get your heart-broken and you’re most definitely going to die. Might as well go out in style.

8.  Go to college.  At your own pace and financial stability—But go. You’ll make, on average, 20k more a year than those who didn’t. Plus, you’ll gain new friends, more confidence and amazing experiences.

9. Be independent. Work hard. Make your own money. Make your own friends. Have your own opinions. Be with someone because you care about them, not because you need them.

10. Don’t forget to have fun. Travel. Laugh every time you think something’s funny. Don’t keep a job that makes you miserable. Do what makes you happy, and what you love doing. Don’t let others people’s opinions or the hustle and bustle of life stop you from having a blast.

16 thoughts on “What I hope to pass down to those looking up to me.

  1. Meg says:

    Best life advice ever! Except I would like to add that the smile at strangers one does not culturally apply to Europe. =P You’d probably stick out like a sore thumb here in Spain for the first week or so. you would love it though. Seriously you need to come to Spain you would L O V E it. This is what I’ve found I love most about Spain since I’ve been here: people are real. Although i believe wholeheartedly in being as politically correct as possible as to not offend people, and just be sensitive, it’s kind of nice that it isn’t a big deal here. Everyone looks different here. ya know how in the US, you go to some states, towns, neighborhoods, high schools, colleges, what have you, and all the girls look the same? Stick straight shoulder-length dirty blonde hair, thick black mascara-coated lashes, matted mac-cosmetics covered faces, taught little bodies, all petite as can be. People here just accept what they have more than people do in the US. Women who’ve had 3 kids go topless at the beach, if you just at a shit-ton of tapas and then had gelato and you have a food baby, no one here gives a crap if you suck it in or not! haha It’s like, she has that she is beautiful. He looks like that he is attractive. It’s just easier to be an individual here. There are definitely things I miss about the United States though. Like eating regular-sized meals. Holy crap I don’t know how people poop here (tmi sorry, but forreal.) they eat two enormous meals a day. How does your body digest that much food all at once? It doesn’t. haha People walk in zig-zags on the street. I will be glad to return to the organized, un-spoken rules of walking on streets, going on escalators and staircases, etc, that the US has. I like the diversity of the US! I love it. On one hand I wish American culture was as easy to identify with or pinpoint as Spanish culture is, but on the other hand I love that it’s a big melting pot of cultures. America is constantly changing. Spain is more traditional. Which has its advantages, but disadvantages as well. Sometimes staying true to tradition turns into refusing to evolve. Or adapt. America is really good at adapting. I like that. I also will be glad to be back with American men. They keep their sexual thoughts to themselves. I hate cat calls. It really makes me feel cheaper. The occasional “guapa!” is tolerable, but the kissing noises, vulgar expressions (puedo comer? voy a comerte! blah blah culpo this tetas that), and full-body scans are so old. haha

    No idea why i just went on that huge rant about Spain hahaha. Guess i learned a lot!

    “Playing it safe is really just postponing the inevitable anyway. You’ll most likely get your heart-broken and you’re most definitely going to die. Might as well go out in style.”
    true story! well said, sista.

    Family one is so true.
    I love you and how smart and amazing you are!

    • Meg says:

      also i just watched the video, SO CUTE! lol you on the horse reminded me of the old spice commercials “i’m on a horse”

      I love mary lou!

      Your dad scares me. hahaha

      • Hahahhahaa I love you meggie! I’m so excited to see you so soon and I love your wonderfully long and informative comments. I remember that about europe,luckily I wasn’t quite as crazy sociable as I am now :p i loved it though. Looveeeed. We should go together one day 🙂 can’t wait to see you lover!!!!! Oh and those cat calls etc would make me soo mad! Occasionally when I go running and get honked at or something of that nature even annoys me. I’m sure you handle it better than I would :p

      • This is what most of the patriotic popele want and really a wonderful start for things to happen My best wishes for their GLORIOUS VICTORY and THEIR ELECTION AGENDA to happen .

  2. Meg says:

    here you’re supposed to just ignore them. But i feel like someone should tell them it’s not okay! people are like “oh it’s a cultural thing” but i think you have to draw the line somewhere ya know. between cultural, and just inappropriate. so today i flipped someone off lol. Just because i was sick of it! last straw.

  3. #9 and 10 are my favs.
    I also think you need to be independent to have something to talk about with your partner. If you let yourself turn into a clone of them, you’ve got nothing to add to the convo, you’re boring, and they’ll start looking for someone interesting!

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