Photo Shoot;From Rubber Duckies to Fancy Hats.

When my close friend Katie and I were much younger, we used to have fun little photo shoots. In her room. Or the park. Or the bathtub. With a rubber ducky. Sometimes we maybe even used hair-dryers in an attempt to look like those girls in magazines with their hair blowing in the wind. That’s how awesome we were. Things have changed now. Well, we’re still awesome. But we’re all grown up. Katie has blossomed into a wonderful photographer with a snazzy camera. I have matured from the bath-tub….to the shower. Ahem.

2011 (Yesterday, to be exact) :

The lovely photographer:

Me (minus the rubber ducky and plus a dog and a fancy hat.):

What I love about advanced cameras like Miss Katie’s is that they perfectly capture the imperfections. My many freckles and the crinkles when my being goofy and giggly is captured, for example. I like being giggly, goofy and imperfect. It makes me feel radiantly alive.

19 thoughts on “Photo Shoot;From Rubber Duckies to Fancy Hats.

  1. Not to sound like the old broad that I am but you have no imperfections, my dove. Oh, to be in my 20s…and know that about myself. I never say, “If I could go back” but *if* I could know that I was that lovely (sounds weird but EVERYBODY in their 20s is stunning)?

  2. Well. Tell your friend to shoot you with soft light in the background, or outdoors just around sunset, again with the light behind or to the side of you. Taking a photograph in a white tile bathroom is going to show anyone’s imperfections, even on a cutie like you.

  3. Katie says:

    Everyone has their imperfections but that is what makes us all unique and stand out. I love how you embrace everything about yourself, and that is what makes you a flawless person in my eyes, you just have such a great soul. If I were you I’d take all your pictures in a white tile bathroom because you look gorgeous darling, and I don’t see one imperfection!

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