Happily Bubbly. Mostly not due to wine.

This weekend has felt emotionally replenishing. As the past few weeks have been pretty darn busy, I am just now getting the chance to catch up with some of my friends. I’m feeling contentedly relaxed right now, reminiscing on the wonderful past few days and sipping on a glass of wine shortly before 5pm. Shh, don’t tell.

Favorite moments from the weekend:

Thursday (My weekends start early.):-


Happy hour with Becca.  Sushi with the cousin. Game night with Deesh and Bing. These boys forced me to dance on their fancy new Xbox Kinect game thing.  They must have had a slight inkling that my dancing abilities are amusingly horrendous. The only move I mastered almost perfectly was the Jersey Shore fist pump.

Deesh: Wow. You really are Italian.


My friend Nisreen invited me over to her place for a delicious lunch of black bean salad and buffalo wings. My mouth is watering thinking about it, actually. The conversation was just as good. Though we’ve been casual friends for a while, yesterday was our first time not in a group setting, which allowed for some lovely girl-to-girl talk. We have more in common than I ever realized, and this is something that I’ve noticed happens with many of my girlfriends. It always happily surprises me to learn that, once a few layers are peeled back, it’s completely easy to relate. Sometimes all it takes is a few hours, a little secret-sharing and a yummy chicken-filled lunch.

Later that night, I had a few buddies over.

A few pictures of a few buddies:


My Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) and I stuffed our faces at Mr. Gattis pizza buffet and then went shopping. We got matching JUMBO journals. I’ve been having a hard time for the past year or two keeping up with my writing in journals. I just feel like the jumbo-ness of this one will help motivate me to keep my thoughts on paper. Hopefully it motivates the Little too!

I’m finishing off the evening by having a best girlfriend over for a wine and possibly breakfast for dinner night. Plenty of giggling and silliness will ensue.

Sigh. I feel bubbly and happy all over. It may have to do with the wine, but good weekends and awesome friends seem to have this effect on me too.

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