11 indicators that you’re probably one of my favorite people.

My closest friend of 10 years, whom I haven’t seen now in over a year, will be here with me THIS week. I may burst from excitement. Seriously. Watch out for me bursting,y’all.  Another best girlfriend and I spent hours on Sunday night giggling, drinking wine and regressing back to our theater-kid days by acting out strange improvisational skits together. Had anyone else been watching, they may have tilted their heads to the side in complete wonder of our strangeness. (If you want to test this theory, watch our video blog at end of list. Do it.)  So. In honor of two of my favorite girls and with the hubby + other lovelies in mind, I’ve compiled a short list of ways to know that you’re probably one of my closest pals.

11 indicators that you’re probably one of my favorite people:

  1. You’ve made me pee my pants. Probably more than once.
  2. You’ve seen me throw a temper tantrum or two. (or,if you’re the lucky man who put the ring on my finger, probably 500.)
  3. I’ve shaved my legs in your car.
  4. You are painfully aware that, at age 14, I was convinced I would marry Ryan Seacrest. And that I also believed ‘crap’ was a curse word.
  5. You often cause me to go into fits of uncontrollable giggling attacks, which probably also resemble small seizures.
  6. You know how overly comfortable I am with my body and it’s functions. Thus, you’ve probably seen me at least mostly naked and/or have heard me say something like, “I need to poop.”
  7. You have started various sentences off with something along the lines of , “That’s Christina for you!”
  8. You’ve seen me trip,fall, spill or accidentally injure myself an uncountable number of times.
  9. You’ve probably cooked or driven for me at least a few times. This is partly because you love me, but also partly because you’re scared of me cooking and driving for you.
  10. I can completely let my guard down around you, which you know is rare considering I really suck at doing that. But by now you’ve proven yourself to me in about a million and one different ways; I’ve learned that I can trust you totally to take care of the hidden parts of me.
  11. We do things such as this: Give ourselves purposely horrendous makeovers, put together atrocious outfits, and then make videos like the below together. (Warning:….Well, I don’t really know how to warn you about this. There are no words. Just be warned. But also watch. Maybe it’s just me and my love for this girl and our relationship, but I can’t help but smile and laugh every time I watch. Oh. And yes. I am, at one point, wearing a pair of underwear on my head.)

23 thoughts on “11 indicators that you’re probably one of my favorite people.

  1. Aw, the video was too cute! I can definitely see the bond you two have in your video! Hope you have a great time catching up! We can relate on many levels with the “bursting!” We should catch one another lol!

  2. Love ’em! I can’t watch the video (which is sad because youtube is my favorite online site IN THE WORLD) cos I got busted at work and they’re now monitoring AND KEEPING A RECORD of my online use…yeah, like right now. I reckon other people FB, I WP (but no more videos or streaming music, which makes me burst to tears…if I could cry).

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