Bad news, Good news, And a new webcam.

So I have bad news and good news.

Bad news=

My best friend, who had planned to fly in on Wednesday, is sick and had to reschedule for later this month. The whole ordeal was super stressful for both of us, and we ended up in a day-long argument. Yesterday, I missed a close friend’s wedding. I was also, once upon a time, going to be her bridesmaid but was in an awful financial situation at the time and couldn’t afford the dress. On top of all of this, I’ve been really busy and thus feel very behind in seeing people. Bah. I just feel like my friends are often better to me than I am to them. Bad news.

Good news=

Best friend and I worked out our issues and came to a mutual understanding. I’ve noticed we have major problems seeing eye to eye in arguments because we’re two different extremes. She’s the rational-play-it-safe and I’m the never-think-things-through-just-jump-right-in-even-if-that’s-usually-a-bad-decision. Both seem to get us in different kinds of trouble (Me more so,I’m sure.) Luckily, we can never fight for too long and the end of August is actually better money-wise and work-wise for me. We have very fun things planned and I’ll have time to catch up with more friends in the meantime. This including seeing a best friend today who is probably about ready to shank me for continually putting her off.  For other good news, a dude friend and I were collaborating last night and he came up with a project/website/idea thingy I’m extremely excited to be a part of. I’ll keep y’all posted on it, but I might get in trouble if I blab too much now.  Finally, I GOT MY FIRST WEBCAM! I used to be under the impression that web-cams only came with computers. I recently learned you can buy them separately! This makes video blogging much easier and more enjoyable. I’ve been having way too much fun playing with said new webcam, and have even got my dude to join in. Watch the video below to see us acting like five year olds as we push buttons and test things out. Also watch out for my loud laugh though. He makes me very giggly.

27 thoughts on “Bad news, Good news, And a new webcam.

  1. Well, it’s a pity I can’t “roll” your video (since they’re monitoring and that means KEEPING STATS) on how much bandwidth I use at exactly what time) but I’m glad you worked out the issues with your friend.

  2. Meg says:

    “..I recently learned, that you can buy them separately!” pahahaha! this just sounded funny. Although i shouldn’t be laughing because up until I had to buy one (because of course i was that girl who started her freshman year with a boyfriend) I was under the impression you could ONLY buy them separately. Learning they came inside computers as a little dot was amazing.

  3. Aw, I am sorry about the rescheduling. The last post clearly showed how much you really wanted a visit. Glad you guys worked it out also, because I know how it feels to be polar opposites with the ones you love the most. Congrats on the webcam! I have like 3 or 4 lying around the house somewhere!

    • I thought I’d share a coulpe short memories that I think of often. When I think of John I always remember his wit and humor and those eyebrows He was full of life and he and Lorraine were such a wonderful coulpe to be around. They were so much fun and made me laugh all the time! I remember one time in particular when I was rather young that my grandparents and your parents drove me and my brother Shayne up to Lake Isabella. On the way up Shayne and I were getting bored, as children often do in long car rides, so John decided to play a game. We were to take turn thinking of lines and phrases that rhymed (which would be the beginning of my understanding of how quick-witted and brilliant John was at rhyming). We were all coming up with some pretty good ones and continued to take turns until it was back to John. His next rhyme was I got gas in my ass! My brother and I laughed so hard, my grandmother did as well, but also slapped John on the leg. I don’t know why that memory is so vivid, but I still laugh about it till this day. We had many good times at Lake Isabella with them. It was always such a special treat to have them there when we were at the same time.I also liked to read his special occasion cards he would send to my grandparents in the mail because they always had a knock-knock joke inside. I still can’t believe he never ran out of knock-knock jokes!My other favorite memory is when my parents and I visited John in Nanaimo about 10 years ago. We had a wonderful visit with him. We toured around Nanaimo, played games, and probably had a few too many drinks the first night because we were so excited to be there! I absolutely loved their deck and the view from their house. It was so nice to see the house completed as the last time I was up there he and Lorraine were in the building stages of their dream home and a dream home it is! It was a special visit and one I will always treasure.John will be missed greatly but I do believe there is quite the party going on in Heaven right now. I wish you all comfort during this difficult time. May all the memories of your dad and mom embrace you and fill you with warmth and love.Love,Stephanie

  4. LOL! I love your voice! I’m not sure what I imagined it would sound like, but you sound so happy! I even toasted you and knocked my wine glass against the monitor when you raised yours. (And hopefully didn’t spill wine all over the darn desk and computer.) I’m looking forward to more videos of you now!

      • Periyaarai vida Hitler onrum dheerkka dhsriai-illai. Paambaiyum paarppaaniyum kandaal muthalil paarppanai adi. Paarppanum yoodhanum onru… donduvin yootha paasame atharku pothum. Hitler yoodharkalai ozhikkath thodangiyathum, periyaarin dheerkka dharisanumum ….

  5. lol… “elf monkey guy”, commonly known as “reindeer”. i love all the special effects. your hubby is quite the cutie… and a great guy to play along with you!

  6. I had a similar thing happen with visiting my friends this month, we decided to wait until the end even though I tried to go this week. That’s awesome about the webcam! They are so handy 🙂

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