Take Ten (Pass one down) Tuesday.

Since meeting my blogging friend Jenny in person about a month ago, we’ve been emailing back and forth collaborating on starting a project together. This weekend over coffee, we put together the finishing touches and worked out the final details. The idea is a video blog and is called “Take Ten (Pass One Down) Tuesday. ”  Here’s the plan in a nutshell: We find someone each Tuesday to write us out a list of ten questions. (Jenny and I wrote questions for each other the first time around.) We answer nine of the questions and with the one remaining find someone else to ask and video blog. This adds a little variety and gives us a good excuse to video friends/ family/ fellow bloggers/ random strangers once every week. Even with ten questions, we want to keep each video under 5 minutes.  We’re cool and exciting and all, but probably not 30 minutes out of your day cool and exciting. Even with 5 minutes, it’s taken me parts of three days to finish this first video. It’s still a bit messy. I giggle and ramble a lot and the editing could be better. I’ve mostly done silly video blogs in the past, and being serious is HARD and a bit nerve wracking for me. I tried though, and had a lot of fun while trying. So. Here is my very first Take Ten (Pass One Down) Tuesday. ( Pps: If anyone else wants to join in, please feel free. Jenny was an awesome partner in crime for this one because she is local AND a blogger and amazing, but I’d love to also see more of you other amazing people talking to my computer screen. )

Ppps: I know a couple of you can’t watch video blogs, so here are Cliff Note’s of my giggly, rambling answers:

1. Do blondes have more fun?: I have equal amounts of fun with every hair color. Even when my hair ends up accidentally being green or orange.

2. What is your absolute favorite song?: I really can’t pick one. But if I had to, it’s currently ‘Someone, Somewhere’ by Jason Reeves.

3.What is your favorite childhood memory?: Going to my great grandma’s house and exploring her warehouse of bought out storage sheds.

4.What is one band you detest that everyone else loves? : Not a band, but Niki Manaj. And Nickelback, but no one really likes them.

5. What is your biggest pet peeve?: Pee on the seat and People who can never admit when they’re wrong.

6. If you could choose, would you rather time travel or read minds? : Read minds. Definitely.

7. What is the best advice you’ve ever received?: Not exactly advice, but “Everything happens for a reason.” , which my old boss passionately believed and made me believe too.

8. What are you most afraid of? : People that I love dying,especially the hubby.

9. What book makes you cry?: “Good Grief”- Lolly Winston.

10. What question did you NOT want me to ask?: I let husband answer this one, because I couldn’t think of one. He told me he didn’t want me to ask him what he was doing. To which I promptly asked, “What are you doing?”  Ha.

17 thoughts on “Take Ten (Pass one down) Tuesday.

  1. Tessa says:

    YAY VLOGS!!! I was eating my almonds while watching that and enjoying every bit of it. ha
    This is a really good idea. If I happen to come up with interesting questions and interesting answers I’ll join in on the fun 🙂

  2. Meg says:

    hahahah! i love that! Are you wearing a strapless bra with that pink tank top? I know that’s really a strange question but you have never been one to worry about straps showing so i would be taken aback if you invested in a strapless bra! lol

    I loved your answers =] I think that was your best serious vlog yet! Like you seemed the most relaxed in it compared to other vlogs where there was hints of seriousness. So no worries. I also decided that you should have given me more trinkets from your great grandma’s place when we were little =PP You only gave me two. I still have them both! A white jewelry box, and a little cardboard circular thingy. I think it used to be a fad (the cardboard things) but i never heard of it so I don’t know. It’s pink.

    “what question would you NOT want me to ask?” I just texted you five. pretty in appropriate.

    You’re beautiful! 🙂

    I also like that Tessa was eating almonds when she watched your vlog and she included that fact in her comment. hehehe It was random and made me laugh.

      • Jag kan itne se en enda video du le4gger upp, iste4llet ff6r env deo ste5r det bara your browser kcan not surpopt the video tag eller ne5t.Kan du inte byta eller ne5got, ff6r det e4r tre5kigt stt ite kunna kolla pe5 en enda film ne4r lisa le4gger upp funkar det dock

    • lol! hm…… we do seem to unintentionally humor people together. half because our arguments are ridiculously silly/amusing and half because we’re just total dorks. i don’t know how funny we would be if we had to make an effort to be though haha 😉

  3. Cool idea!
    The manager (with an office adjoined to mine) isn’t at work, so I was able to watch the vlog. YAY! I liked it. Funnyyy. We could sooo totally be BFF, like OMG!
    I think I may have to join in on the fun next week. I like answering questions.

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  4. What fun! Your grandmother sounds wonderful I’d be scared that I would “hear” something bad about me if I could read minds! LOL @ what are you doing? Every morning I ask the manservant “what’s your plan today?” – I’m pretty sure he hates it. 🙂

  5. I loved your video 😀 Our questions were so similar! LOL

    I would travel time 😀 Though passing up mind reading would be really hard.

    Hahah I love how you passed the last question off to your hubby!

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