“Even if you’re bat sh*t crazy.”

As many great things as I have going on right now and despite an awesome weekend with friends, I’ve been a bit stressed lately. I’m in between jobs, but 85 percent sure I’ve found another one. It’s that 15 percent that has me freaking out. I’m about to start school and have a great schedule, but I’m behind in sending for financial aid. My best friend flies in on Wednesday, and though it all ended up working out perfectly last night, I was worried yesterday that a fun plan might fall through. I sometimes need to just breathe and remember that everything usually works out just fine. Usually I’m able to do this. Yesterday I wasn’t. To put it very lightly, I was a grumpy butt all day. Whenever a bad mood hits me, I’m most always able to think positive thoughts & bounce back to my usual chipper self. The fact that I couldn’t made me even more upset. I was a mess, and damnit, I needed to just cry all day.  After cuddling and sweet nothings and little kisses didn’t work so well, husband told me he’d be right back and that he was going to check the mail. He didn’t check the mail. He came back with gifts in tow. A pretty little glass swan filled with water and flowers. A new computer mouse, because I was always complaining that the one I had didn’t work. A card picturing a girl in a hospital bed, attached to an iv full of liquor. Inside it read, “Somehow I just know you’ll be feeling better soon!” 

Finally, I must mention the bag he decorated and the words he wrote inside of the card. On the bag, he drew a bat. Below the bat, he drew poop with lines above indicating stinky fumes. Underneath he wrote the words, “crazy.” Inside the card he wrote, “I still love you, even if you’re bat shit crazy! Love, Robby.”  I laughed and felt my adoration for this boy totally taking over any remnants of a bad mood. This is something he’ll tell me sometimes. I can’t even take it as an insult, because I’ll do something and he’ll just look at me with these love-filled eyes, laugh and say something like, “You are bat-shit crazy, you know that?”  Yes. I do know that. And that’s completely okay. Because he knows me. All of me. And loves me, completely. Bat-shit crazy and all.

26 thoughts on ““Even if you’re bat sh*t crazy.”

  1. That’s just the sweetest! I LOVE things like that. Babe tends to be super-sweet to me, even when I’m in super-biatch mode, and I don’t know if I feel more amazingly-loved-and-happy, or ridiculously-embarrassed-by-my-own-behaviour-and-biatchiness. Lol. It’s always good to be reminded that people who love us – REALLY love us – love us no matter what. 🙂

      • 鵬兄,I did not mean not paying for the hotel room….what I’m trinyg to find out from you was if there’s any place that can provide room for short term fun and massage instead of getting a hotel room as I usually just go there for an afternoon but not over night.Sorry for mis-understanding and also thanks for your advice.

  2. Hee. That’s adorable! It’s great that you found someone who loves you and your crazies. I think we’re all a little batshit in our own way (where did that expression come from anyway?).

      • Since the news of Uncle Johnny’s passing I have rtisvieed many specialmemories of growing up with your family in Regina and would like toshare some of my recollections.My first memory of Uncle Johnny and Aunt Lorraine is that theywere the providers of four great cousins- Rae, Marty, Pat and littleLorrie. How could I forget all those family meals, sleepovers, picnicsin Wascana Park with visiting relatives and trips to the moon! “Tripsto the moon!” you say. Well in my mind, Uncle Johnny was one of thecoolest dads I’d ever met. He was the only dad that I knew who let hiskids convert the attached garage of their new home on Dolphin Bayinto a rocket ship. Rae, likely with the assistance of Marty and Pat, haddrawn rocket control panels on the inside garage walls. For me, thismade Uncle Johnny the epitome of ‘cool’. (We obviously never got to themoon, but with Rae providing all the requisite sound effects we sure hadfun imagining it. Ha!)My connection to my pilot uncle afforded me certain bragging rights. Iwas the only kid in my class who had an uncle who could fly his familyin his very own airplane to an exotic location like California, a place thatboasted Disneyland and day-long cartoons on Saturday. Wow! Lateras a pre-teen I recall Uncle Johnny asking brother Don and me alongon a trip to visit our Gladstone relatives. After having driven that tripmany times I was amazed at how quickly we arrived at our destination.I also recall magically flying through the beautiful cloud formations. Iwas shameless about telling anyone who would listen about my firstairplane trip with my Uncle Johnny.Uncle Johnny was a wonderful conversationalist, but I never wouldhave articulated that as a kid. However I did notice he had a neat way oftalking to me like he really was interested. He made me feel that what Ihad to say was important because in later conversations he would askquestions about what we had previously discussed. It was many yearslater, when I watched Uncle Johnny talk to our children the same way,that I truly appreciated what a special gift he had.One of my fondest memories of Uncle Johnny focuses on our last visit.What a fabulous storyteller! I asked him about life after the war andhe recounted how he and his partners developed the crop sprayerprototype. It was truly amazing how he could describe the process insuch detail. What a challenging and exciting journey! He was so modestabout this invention and his induction into the Saskatchewan AviationHall of Fame.Lastly I want to say that in later years I was able to witness the closerelationship that my mom and your dad shared. These loving exchangeswill remain etched in my mind forever. They were such sweet momentsand are memories that I hold dear to my heart.As you celebrate your Dad’s life please know that we are with you inspirit. His is a beautiful life to celebrate! He was a great guy who will bedearly missed.Love to all,Linda and Larry

    • Basically Cailynn, you just stated that Alberta does not suszidibe Quebec and then went on to explain how they do. The money may not go directly from Alberta to Quebec but how is this any different than the money going from Alberta to the Fed and then on to Quebec?? Canada’s economy follows the oil industry in almost lock step. Alberta contributes more to Ottawa than the other provinces. Quebec receives more from Ottawa than the other provinces Therefore, ALBERTA DOES SUBSIDIZE QUEBEC WHICH INCLUDES MANY SOCIAL PROGRAMS THAT DO NOT EVEN EXIST IN ALBERTA! Quebec has abundant natural gas resources that they refuse to develop because they are allegedly bad for the environment but they are more than happy to stick their greedy hands out to accept subsidies that come INDIRECTLY from Alberta despite the fact that they thing Alberta’s petroleum industry is bad for the environment. Quebec’s attitude is very hypocritical and your article is extremely contradictory!

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