Take Ten (Pass one down) Tuesday.

Little note before I begin this here blog: My best friend flies in tomorrow at 11am.  As if this isn’t awesome enough already, tomorrow night I’m heading to the beach with my best friend, my OTHER best girl friend and my brother. Three of my favorite people in the world on a beach trip. Doesn’t get much better than that. Life is good and I’m giddy.

Since you won’t see me ’til I get back this weekend, and because I know you’re terribly saddened by this, you can see lots of me now, in the below video! Yay?!

If you didn’t tune in last week and have no idea what the hell Take Ten Tuesday is, let me explain. Ahem: My friend Jenny (who I met through blogging) and I decided to start a fun little blogging project together. Here’s what we came up with–We find someone each Tuesday to write us out a list of ten questions. We answer nine of the questions and with the one remaining find someone else to ask and video blog. This adds a little variety and gives us a good excuse to video friends/ family/ fellow bloggers/ random strangers once every week.

This week my best friend Meg texted me the questions, my hubby made a small guest appearance and I passed a question down to my friend Emily. She actually HATES being on camera, so the fact that she put on a happy face for me warmed my heart a bit. She had a beer in her system too, so that may have helped. Also. I’m aware that my reasoning for my celebrity crush being my second soul-mate is highly irrational. I actually just like him because he’s freakin’ hot.

Alright. Enough rambling.  Here’s this week’s:

11 thoughts on “Take Ten (Pass one down) Tuesday.

  1. This made me smile/laugh so hard! You and Robbie are so cute together.

    Chace Crawford is pretty cute, I have to agree. Did you hear how he broke up with Carrie Underwood over a text though? Hahah

    Awww I didn’t realize you were afraid of needles. If it makes you feel better, my grandpa, a Vietnam war vet, hates them too.

    LOL Christina, is that the same sushi steakhouse?

    • over text!? RUDE. i’d still totally do him though. 😛
      haha your grandpa seems to have much more legit reasons than me. 😉
      and no, it’s one about 10 minutes from the other hahahaa.
      we shall go there one day 🙂

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