Best friends, Beaches and Being Twelve Again.

The last four days have been spent with my two best girl friends, one who flew in from Maryland to see me. Meggie and I have been best friends for over 10 years now and see each-other, on average, once a year. As you can probably imagine, it’s one giant sleepover minus much sleeping every time we reunite. As soon as we’re together we become kids again. But now, kids with cars and freedom and perverted jokes. Not much gets better than that. I am bubbling over with smiles, memories and joyfulness from the past week. I don’t really know where to start as far as highlights go, but I think I can possibly break this up into a couple of  sections. I’ll try.

The Beach:

My two best girl friends, my little bro, and myself traveled 3 1/2 hours to the beach the same night that Meggie arrived. Tessa and Meg instantaneously hit it off and the three of us spent the next few days in completely perfect girly bliss. My poor little brother.

Highlights: Exchanging childhood memories on our mini road-trip. Laughing uncontrollably and so much my stomach ached a little. Drinking games in cozily cheap hotel rooms. A morning beach stroll, coffee in hand, with Miss Tessa. Spending almost one entire day in the water. Getting my tan on. Forcing my brother to hear countless amount of girl chit-chat and giggles. (My girl friends like to compliment/talk about my boobs on a regular basis, and I think Justin died a little inside every time.) Getting my toenails painted. A lovely pool that the four of us had almost all to ourselves for two days. Wading in the beach despite seeing countless jellyfish. Not getting stung. Seafood queso at Blackbeard’s. Peanut butter chocolate ice cream. Sightseeing. Snow cones. Attempting to turn Jersey Shore into a drinking game. Long talks with my girls on our balcony. Being at the beach with three of my favorite people. Feeling overwhelmingly happy. And more hysterical laughter.

Home (Austin,Texas,y’all!) :

Highlights: Shopping with Meggie. Deliciously inexpensive sushi deals. $1 books from ‘Recycled Reads.’ Photo shoots. Bringing a hose through my house to fill up a kiddie pool in the back yard. Meg and I attempting to lounge and read in said pool.  This lasting for about 5 minutes and inducing lots of laughs. Playing with my webcam. Girl’s night with three of my favorite girlies. Wine drinking. Having a mix of long, deep conversations and silly gossip and giggles until almost 3 in the morning. Taking a 25 minute nap only to wake right up again. Meg surprising me with a beautiful bracelet from Spain. Buying best friend heart necklaces that ACTUALLY lock together. (How cute is that?!) Wearing them immediately after purchase. Meggie and I regressing, as we usually do around the other, to 12-year-old girls and making a Taylor Swift music video for the second year in a row. Feeling incredibly lucky to have found such an amazing, lifelong best friend that will always and forever be 12 years old with me.

Pictures (and a music video):

Below you will find Meg and I’s ‘music video.’ Since we were little, we’ve been making videos together. It’s never died out or even gotten any more mature. Last year we choose Taylor Swift’s,’You Belong with Me.’ This year we went with Taylor Swift’s, ‘The Story of Us.(Obviously, we have awesome taste in music.) It’s about a break-up but since it was just Meg and I, we made it about a girl fight. We really sucked at being mad at the other so we mostly just cracked smiles a lot. So fun. So ridiculous. So us.

As a side note, I may have gotten a little too into this. I was attempting to be bitchy many times but I can’t really act. Meg said it just looked like I was seducing her. Later, we were bantering and best friend made a comment about me and sex appeal. Tessa laughed and responded with something along the lines of, “Christina….even in a Taylor Swift song!”   I’m telling you all this because you need to know–Next time you think I’m trying to get in your pants, I’m actually just trying to be a bitch, and failing miserably. Hee. I absolutely adore these best girl friends of mine.

When was the last time you felt like a kid again?

20 thoughts on “Best friends, Beaches and Being Twelve Again.

  1. I have to watch the video later because this quote is just toooo awesome to not let sink in for the next several hours
    Next time you think I’m trying to get in your pants, I’m actually just trying to be a bitch, and failing miserably.

    I think I should have the opposite saying put on a shirt – or tattooed on my forehead!

  2. Anonymous says:

    ahahahah that vid gets me every time. I didn’t realize how much you’re working those hips at the end, chica! hahaha

    love you so much!

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