Take Ten Tuesday and Quick Notes.

A few quick notes:

  • 1. I start a new semester of school on Thursday. I am way too giddy about this.
  • 2. I got the job! I start a new nannying job this weekend. The last lady I nannied for is amazing and hooked me up with her good friend, who can work around my school schedule and give me the part-time hours I need.
  • 3.  Everything’s coming together quite nicely. It’s another new chapter for me. This is exciting. Life is lovely.

Now then! It’s time for the third installment of….

Take Ten Tuesday: My friend Jenny (who I met through blogging) and I decided to start a fun little blogging project together. Here’s what we came up with–We find someone each Tuesday to write us out a list of ten questions. We answer nine of the questions and with the one remaining find someone else to ask and video blog. This adds a little variety and gives us a good excuse to video friends/ family/ fellow bloggers/ random strangers once every week.

This week my friend Katie wrote the questions (and some damn good ones at that!) and I interviewed an awesome barista that I had just met. I heart strangers. I need a shirt that says that, just so all of the random people I talk to are prepared.

(Ps: I misspell ‘women’, ‘woman’ in question 3. )

14 thoughts on “Take Ten Tuesday and Quick Notes.

  1. Meg says:

    Those were some damn good questions! and damn good answers tooo!! i loved the relationship answers and the pop lock and drop it gave me a good laugh. I would not have been able to do that much better. Your outfit is cute =]

    so funny that the words robby and I said were so similar lol I chose ambitious because I feel like you just strive for everything. i think ambition is usually paired with success and one’s career but i meant it all around. Ambitiously living life to the fullest, ambitiously loving, ambitiously working, etc. =]

    I love you so much and you’re my best friend in the world. ❤

    your first memory also made me laugh. I didn't know that! lol that's hysterical, did you say how old you were? I forgot. When my brother swallowed a button battery my mom had to search through his diapers til she found it ahaha.

  2. Good Luck with school, and congrats on the job. I have to say I loved your outfit too and it is okay. I can’t pop lock and drop it either, I dont know maybe I can lol! Love your videos ❤

  3. I hope Dell is still around in the coming years. For example, look what is happening at Nokia (Symbian) and Hp (Touchpad), they are taking a beating from the competition.

  4. Congratulations on the job!

    This video made me laugh out loud…what a charming pickup line. Hahahah. That penny story was funny too. You were a little naughtier as a kid than I was :p

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