Rain dancing, New semesters and Learning to be less polite.

Ah! It’s been a crazy busy week. I’m feeling behind in the blogging world. Updates on the past 5 days:

  • On Tuesday, I participated in my first ever rain dance! My ‘cousin’ (actually aunt, but we’re so close in age that it confuses people–So we usually stick with ‘cousin.’) Shannon texted me a few days before informing me she was buying me a ticket to a local baseball game.  Before the game started, everyone in the stands was invited on the field for a playful rain dance. Both news and radio stations were covering the event and I heard that The Guinness Book Of World Record peeps were around somewhere too.The goal was to get over 400 people on the field to break the record for most people to ever rain dance at once. Cute, right?! Austin has been having some major drought/heat issues, so I found this a pretty neat way to lighten up the situation a bit. Though we didn’t break the record, everyone did  get cute certificates for trying. & The high spirits and friendly chit-chat with strangers made even this awful heat bearable.
  • Ahem. As much as I love and live for talking to random people, there are, of course, boundaries. Slightly creepy dude at baseball game knew no boundaries. He started off nicely enough, innocently flirting with Shannon and me on the field. Once we got back to our blanket–our seat of choice for watching the game– I had just finished stating how glad I was to have lost this dude when he showed up again. I couldn’t help but laugh and ever-so-sweetly say, “We were just talking about you!” Moments later he was still chatting us up and Shannon abandoned me by having a phone conversation with her sister. This was,of course, the moment he choose to ask me for my number.  I decided it would be amusing to give him my brother’s number. Shannon, not realizing what I had just done, thought it would be amusing to say, “Christina, you whore! —She’s married!”  Unfortunately, this didn’t scare him off. After I confirmed that I was indeed married, he looked at me and, in complete seriousness asked, “Are you a faithful wife?”  Shannon and I burst into laughter and she informed him that I was not a swinger. He then momentarily left and came back looking somewhat like a dejected puppy dog. He had texted my brother, still thinking it was me. He texted the words, “I see you.”, completely freaking my brother out. Brother then texted back asking, “Who is this?” to which crazy dude replied, “Your baseball buddy.” Brother was then creeped out and confused, so he called crazy dude up trying to figure out who the hell he was. My ‘baseball buddy’ finally figured out I had given him the wrong number, and came back to lecture me. Is it bad that I take an extreme amount of pride from this whole ordeal? I scared the crap out of my brother (he’s vowed to get me back) AND I pranked a creeper. Muahaha. << My evil laugh.
  • My first day of school went awesomely. In my first class (Comm Technology) I met Chelsey, a cool new transfer student. She then invited me to the library to meet her two dude friends. They’re a fun/funny little group (Shortly after meeting me, Rene put his status on facebook as, “Just met my first nanny!” –I personally found this extremely amusing.)  and I’m excited to get to know them better this semester. After the lovely library meet-up, I had lunch with Miss Becca in the cafeteria and then headed to my sign-language class, happy to see my friend Jessica in there as well. After a year at Concordia, I’ve come to love the small, family like environment. If I’m not running into acquaintances or friends, I’m meeting and making new ones.
  • This Saturday, I went from one job to the next and ended up babysitting from 2 pm until almost 1 in the morning. To put it lightly, I was kind of exhausted. Still, the end will definitely justify the means. Hubby and I are saving up for our anniversary vacation in October. Can you believe I’ve been married almost two years now!? I can’t. Maybe a vacation in paradise with my favorite dude will make me believe it. Yes? I think so.
  • Speaking of husband. We had a date night of thrift-shopping and Mr. Gattis pizza tonight. This is how date nights go when saving up, you see. We seem to have a blast no matter what we do. Would it be cheesy to say it’s because we’re together? Ah, oh well. It’s fo shizzle because we’re together.
  • I was minding my business, looking through books at the thrift shop when a random dude started talking to me. I’m pretty polite–okay fine, way too polite– of a person and carried on chit-chat for a moment before returning to my books. Random dude wasn’t done speaking. Rest of the conversation:
  • Random Dude: You’re married? (This fellow was clever enough to look for rings. Either that or he was just hoping I’d say, “No…would you like to do the honors?”) 
  • Me: Yeah, I am.
  • Random Dude: Where is your husband?
  • Me: …He’s around here somewhere.
  • Random Dude: Oh. Is he going to come kick my ass?
  • Me: (nervous laugh) Nah, he’s a pretty cool guy. (In retrospect, I should have said, “Probably. He’s a 300 pound body-builder on ‘roids.”)
Hoping the marriage bit would get rid of him, I was relieved when he said his goodbyes. But he didn’t go goodbye. He stuck around for minutes later, apparently working up the courage to tell me:
“Um. I know you said your husband is around here somewhere, but I’ll give you my number just in case you want to go get coffee sometime or something.” He then proceeded to rattle off his digits, numerous times. He wouldn’t leave until I had recited his number back to him. I really must learn to become less polite.
In the past 3+ years, I’ve noticed that there are a lot of douche bags out there who don’t give a crap that I’m dating, or engaged, or married. The past few months it’s just become disturbingly more frequent. And now? TWO douche bags who don’t give a crap in one week?! WHAT is becoming of the sanctity of marriage? WHERE have all the decent men gone?!  (Besides the one that I took? ) Well. Thus begins the conquering of another goal in life. Learn to be a bitch. Who’s up for giving lessons?

19 thoughts on “Rain dancing, New semesters and Learning to be less polite.

  1. Tessa says:

    haha I’m the same way – TOO POLITE. My mom gets so upset with me cause I do the same with the vendor guys at work. She’s like, “Tell them to piss off or I will”. lol

  2. I hope that Rain Dance works! I’m so sick of this weather. My A/C is going out too, so it’s a cozy 80 degrees in here as we speak.

    Wooooow, that guy sounds like a creep! I don’t get why guys still hit on women who are obviously married. People do the same thing to my mom too. Dogs.

  3. Ick, I don’t know why guys hit up on women even after they say they’re married or in a long-term relationship. I wonder if it’s a nasty ego thing, like, “Hey, I just did this married chick!” Both my daughters had problems like this, so my brother suggested they give his phone number to these jerks the next time they got pressured into giving out their phone numbers. He said he’d LOVE to talk to them and give them a piece of his mind. My brother is a big guy who lifts weights and carries a gun, btw: so no one wants to mess with him, though he says he’d enjoy it.

    I hope for Austin’s sake the rain dance worked. I saw a news story the other day about the drought in Texas, and it’s no joke—the cities are sucking up every available drop of water. In some places, people are complaining the water coming out of their taps is brown, because they’re literally sucking up mud out of the reservoirs.

  4. It’s always super awkward when people try to engage you that way. Ugh. I hate it. I’m generally nice if the person talks to me like a human (rather than a piece of meat or territory to take over), but the minute it crosses that line, I make it clear that I’m not interested. If they persist, I go OFFFFFFFF. If I have to make a scene, I will. Lol.
    Things that get people to back off:
    1. My bodybuilder GIRLFRIEND will kick your butt.
    2. Say your husband is a police officer. (It works well here because police are known for physical violence.)
    3. Do something unattractive like suck your thumb like a baby, keep raising one shoulder quickly like you have an uncontrollable twitch, talk really loudly, have a pretend cellphone conversation where you keep yelling at the person to leave you alone or something like that.
    4. Tell them you only like [insert any race that he is not here] people.
    5. Tell him you’ll only take his number on a $100 bill.
    6. Insist that the first date be in another country. Tell him you HATE dating in [insert country you’re in here].

  5. priscilla says:

    Hahaha I got ur back! I can give u free lessons u will be a b*tch in no time lesson 1-dirty looks #2 ignorin losers/hott guys to a bit harder and finally #3 b*tch slaps ! Lol

  6. Haha! What a great laugh! I loved this! I get all this too “even if I am Married!” I don’t know what the world is coming too, but yeah haha! Did the rain dance work?? We haven’t seen a good rain shower in almost 2 months 😮
    Love that you gave him your brothers number, I so need to remember this!

    • Wow… what a beautiful walk you have! I was berirud today with laundry, a very fussy baby, ironing, a sick 9 year old and a messy house to clean up. I’m almost done, but taking a break now.

  7. You could’ve had some of our “Irene” rain …… and we’re supposed to get more this w/end. LOL @ giving out your brother’s number – my daughter does things like that and her brothers are *really* big!!

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