Take Ten Tuesday. On Wednesday.

Hello. This is me being a day late. For this blog’s sake, pretend it’s still Tuesday.

Take Ten Tuesday: My friend Jenny (who I met through blogging) and I decided to start a fun little blogging project together. Here’s what we came up with–We find someone each Tuesday to write us out a list of ten questions. We answer nine of the questions and with the one remaining find someone else to ask and video blog. This adds a little variety and gives us a good excuse to video friends/ family/ fellow bloggers/ random strangers once every week.

This week it’s been pretty insane and I was running pretty short on time for this thing. (Because of school and work and etc, I might start making Take Ten Tuesday a bi-monthly thing.) I somewhat hesitantly went to my hubby for the list of questions. I say hesitantly simply because, well, he’s a relatively simple dude.  Something I adore him for and that balances my complexities out perfectly, but I was worried the questions wouldn’t be thought-provoking enough. Turns out, I didn’t have time for thought-provoking this week, so his wonderful simplicity worked out just fine. For the question I pass down, I also forgot to find someone until last minute. Luckily, a fellow student in my last class of the day was happily willing to participate. As for me, I didn’t have time to edit my nonsensical rambling. The video of me talking turns out much like it would  if you were meeting me for the first time, and I was tipsy. Secret: I am. (Tipsy. Right now.) (Everything but this sentence was written last night; I am not currently tipsy at 2:02 pm, Okayhere’sthevideo:) 

11 thoughts on “Take Ten Tuesday. On Wednesday.

      • You wont believe it but I just now got a chncae to look at Dirbys pics and i love/want them all!!!!! but i cant afford them all so I going o have to cut down im afraid..:( So trying to figure out what I really want lol!! anyway sorry lady it has been crazy busy with coming back from vaca,dirbyb-day and every weekend filled with something till mid sept!!!! I trying to narrow down what i want and email you my order!

  1. Meg says:

    Lol omg Robby’s questions were so simple =P but refreshing…haha I love how you mentioned you were rambling because I first watched this when i had like 2 min til i had to leave for class so i was fast forwarding through the rambling to the next question =P Normally I would have gladly listened to all your thoughts but you know, time crunch. <33

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  2. Haha I can tell a guy wrote these questions, “What is your favorite Star Wars character?” :p All my guy friends are obsessed with those movies, but I could never get into them.

    I still think the Mountain Dew sign is awesome.

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