“Don’t face it on facebook!” And other weekend events.

I woke up this morning feeling a bit hungover, and trudged my way over to the back door to let my dogs outside. Once I opened the door, a strange thing happened. I paused, confused. Where was the heat?! Still groggy, I lifted my hands up in the air and said, “What is this….What is this…..?” Hopefully no neighbors have good enough ears to hear my instantaneously honest reaction to our weather. Though I’m sure they’d understand. It was 75 degrees late this morning here in Austin, Texas. It’s usually in the 90’s by then, and that’s the high for today. No more 107 degree days. I just sat outside with my coffee for a moment, in complete and happy awe. (Now if only all of these horrible fires would go away……) 

This weather mixed with life lately has been like one giant burst of fresh air. Here’s some more happy things from this past week:

  • My Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) turned 16 on Saturday. Sixteen! We’ve also been matched a little over a year now. This makes me happy. She’s the best sixteen year old I know. And as a 22 year old female, I must say that I had a blast shopping for this girl’s birthday presents.
  • I picked up a second part-time babysitting job this week. I posted an ad on Sittercity and two days later I had a job. Cool,eh? I must add that this is partly due to Gwen, whom I nannied for this summer and used as a reference. She apparently talked me up for 20 minutes on the phone. I love her. And her girls. I watched them Saturday night, and I have to say this is more like a treat than working. Free pizza, an old school Powerangers movie and getting paid to see three of my favorite little ladies…..what more could I ask for? When I was putting Mary to bed, I took a picture of her with her bunny ears on. She proceeded to tell me who I couldn’t show the picture to and then said, “Don’t face it on facebook!”  So. I won’t face it on facebook. But she didn’t tell me I couldn’t blog it on my blog….
  • Husband and I plan on purchasing our tickets for vacation this weekend as long as everything goes as planned. Speaking of this dude. Sometimes I can’t help but be astonished by how good we’ve grown to be together. We rarely fight. We lead pretty separate, independent lives but both get giddy seeing each-other after a long day. We’re always laughing. We’ve learned to compromise. We’ve just gotten to this place where we’re totally comfortable and know the other so completely, but at the same time still get googly-eyed and have amazing sex. << Don’t worry,  I can say that ‘cuz I’m married. Hee.
  • It’s been a fun and long weekend with the friends. Thursday night I invited my blogging/now real life friend Jenny over to watch the podcast I do with a few dude friends. These boys have become a lot like big brothers to me and Jenny is awesome, so of course everyone got along splendidly. I love introducing cool people to other cool people. Friday was girl’s night at Tessa’s. This night involved a lot of hardcore giggling. Last night was a small shindig at my house.  I got to see my best dude friend, Mr.Phamvu (whom I haven’t seen in forever. ) AND three of my closest girlfriends. Score. Around two in the morning everyone started trickling out (or in Prsicilla’s case passing out on the couch), but Deesh and Katie and I were up until 4 in the morning talking about anything and everything. It was one of those conversations that lasted forever and left me feeling mentally replenished and a little bit wiser. Also, it was the first time I’ve ever seen Deesh tipsy. That was fun.  As far as the above pictured texting conversation goes, I’m afraid it wasn’t nearly as intelligent as our in-person one. But it does make me laugh a bunch.
  • Pictures:
  • See that spray in the above picture? It looks like Windex right? No! I bought the generic dollar version. It’s called “Window.” This tickles me. 

23 thoughts on ““Don’t face it on facebook!” And other weekend events.

  1. Thursday was so much fun! Your friends are cool.

    I hope you stay safe during these fires 😦 They are starting to freak me the eff out. Are you guys ok where you’re at?

  2. “Don’t face it on facebook!” That’s a great phrase! I think you should copyright it and have it printed on t-shirts. I’m sure there are a lot of people who would prefer that their “friends” not post photos of not-so-flattering moments on their facebook pages. And if you’re really successful, you could contribute to Mary’s college fund! 🙂

    I hope the firefighters are able to put out the fires in Texas as well. With a tropical storm just off the coast, you’d think it could rain a bit on Texas.

  3. Hope yall get some rain soon. We are getting the rain from Lee as I type 🙂 It was well needed to say the least.
    It looks like you had a wonderful weekend, and you should use that “Window” cleaner haha!!

  4. “window” in a bottle. Think of the magic! “hmmm… I’d LOVE a window here!” squirt-squirt-squirt… and you have a window!! “hmmm, what’s going on in the next room?” squirt-squirt-squirt… “A-HA… CAUGHT YOU RAIDING THE FRIDGE!” lol

    I like that the bunny ears girl knows not to post on fb. but an fyi: You probably shouldn’t post their real names if you post pics… a safety thing.

    I’m glad to read that you and GOM both got cooler weather this weekend. We did great on Fri but it shot up on Sat and was disgusting this morning. Not nearly as bad as usual for this time of year but still difficult to bear after a mostly cool summer!

    • HAHA! oh, i would have fun with that.

      lol, she is a smart one! And not to worry about the safety concerns. Those girls mean the world to me; If I wasn’t 100 percent that they’re completely safe, I wouldn’t post. 🙂

      YAYY cooler weather. 😀

  5. send some of that cool weather this way! We were actually under 100 today! but by Wed we will be back up over 105! This summer has been SO much hotter than normal. We have seen so many 115-120 days its getting to be too much! I think I would be confused if I found it below 90 in the morning too. lol

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