The beauty of plans going awry.

Before an awesome and much needed weekend, I must admit that I maybe had a couple of mini-meltdowns last week. I don’t do well with stress and in between school payments, vacation-planning and adjusting to a new part-time job, I was convinced that I was going to maybe explode. I didn’t. I tend to freak out and then other cool people in my life calm me down. When I breathe again, I realize… Hey. Everything turned out just fine. Great, even. That’s the beauty of plans going awry. Sometimes the rearrangements work out even better than what was scheduled in the first place.

For example. Husband and I had originally planned on taking a big vacation in October, for our two year wedding anniversary. (WHERE have these two years gone, I want to know?) We talked it over and decided to wait until Robby has paid vacation in January, but to take a little mini-vacation in October as well. The original mini-vacation plan was to go somewhere in Texas, but then I got a bit sneaky and decided to search some out-of-state but close by places too. I found a beautiful and great-priced bed and breakfast in Little Rock, Arkansas; Only an 8 hour drive from Austin. Being the slightly spoiled and very convincing girl that I am, I pretty easily persuaded hubby into seeing that this was the better choice.

Here’s a few reasons why this ended up working out a kabazillion times better than our first plan: 

  • 1. We get to go on TWO vacations in less than three months time.
  • 2. This will be my first one, but I’ve been enamored with bed and breakfast lodgings for quite a while. They just seem so quaint and lovely and cozy and personal.  And uh, let’s not forget the free and delicious and huge breakfasts served in the morning. Our B&B was rated “Inn of the month” on and is conveniently placed in downtown Little Rock.  Did I mention it’s gorgeous? Lookit!:
  • 3. I’ve never been to Arkansas; In my attempt to cover all 50 states, I’m giddy to add another new one to my list. At the rate I’ve been going lately, I might be able to reach all 50 before I’m 30! Hmm. That’s a fun goal to ponder on.
  • 4. So much discovering and exploring I get to do! And so soon!
On top of all of this good stuff, I’ve had a swell past few days. My close friend Kimber and I had a little slumber party at her place, and she cooked me blueberry muffins. I rarely ever let anyone know when I’m upset, and friends always warm my heart when I finally do. I end up with things like a comfy bed and freshly baked pastries, y’all. Hubby’s parents also came down this weekend. After a day with the in-laws, we usually end up with a multitude of the essentials we forget to buy ourselves. (Confession: I’ve used coffee filters in place of toilet paper before.)  We also usually end up with a couple of treats too. They were even sweet enough to give us spending money for our Arkansas trip. We tried declining but they insisted it was an “Anniversary present.” Well. Can’t argue with that, now can you?!
Good weekend. Great friends. A vacation in 4 weeks. Another one soon after. An amazing hubby with wonderful parents. Remind me again what I have to be stressed out about? 

28 thoughts on “The beauty of plans going awry.

  1. tessa says:

    And here I was bitching to you about my problems when you have your own issues to deal with. I’m sorry you had a rough week. Glad you’re doing better now! Love you!

  2. Meg says:

    LOL that’s so funny because usually people use toilet paper in the place of coffee filters…not the other way around =PP

    That place looks so cute!

      • my friends and I want to go on a trip boerfe college and we want to go somewhere where we’ll have fun and make good memories but still not spend that much moneyp.s. could you give me an estimate of the cost because we’re planning this 3 years ahead of time so we can now how much money to save and makep.s. we want to stay in state and not go to g.a.(thats where i live) and below or around 1000 please(that includes hotel flight and a car)

  3. Sounds like the Vaca will be amazing!
    I’ve really wanted to stay in a B&B with Joe. Maybe for your 2 year as well… I’ve stayed in one once when I was 17. My mom and I took a tour of Vermont during the Fall colors and we stayed at this super cute, super old B&B. But we discovered that it was TOTALLY HAUNTED! I didn’t sleep a wink!

      • Nothing too crazy. I was in the TV room (yes, this place was so old that the rooms didn’t have TV’s but there was a community TV room) and I heard somebody walk in a sit down in a chair behind me. When I turned around, I was alone! Eep! Then all night, the sink our bathroom kept turning on and we could see a shadow walking at the end of the bed every few minutes. It was super scary, but nothing threatening. But it was my first experience with something like that.
        My work is haunted, so I have a better understanding of that sort of thing. You never really get use to seeing things that shouldn’t be there, but it does get less scary.

      • Although i was drunk at the time of posting, i matniain that my interpretation was correct. But, it was assuming that you follow the advice and don’t actually go in. And my “supposed” is misplaced then. Alright.. you win.You: 1Anonymous internet: 0BUT DONT THINK ITS OVER!

  4. Awww! That’s so great! I’m sorry you were in a little funk, but glad people sprinkled sunshine (and sprayed Febreeze) in your life. 🙂 It’s always nice when people do little things to make us smile, isn’t it?
    Also… “Kabazillion.” Love it. “Lookit!” Love it. Ahahahaha.
    And the B&B DOES look really nice. I always thought it would be cool to stay in one too. Let us know how much you love it. WOO! Upcoming vacationnnnnsssss! *does rock star sign*

  5. I’ve been to 48 states: the two I’m missing are Maine & New Hampshire. Good luck on your quest! As far as making new plans go, just contact me via e-mail. We’ll figure it out eventually!

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