Scatterbrained+(Belated)Take Ten Tuesday.

I have been so scatterbrained lately, y’all.  Please forgive me. On my last post, I spent a whole blog writing about how I was going to Little Rock, Arkansas. Which I am. I ended this same previous post by saying something about my trip to Arizona. They are both A-states, in my defense. Right?!  Luckily, my bestest friend read my blog and quickly informed me of my error. Today I took an online test from my computer, using my web-cam so those grading could later monitor my work. I couldn’t figure out how to record for the specific website I was using, and thus I began screaming obscenities violently at my computer.  Turns out, it was recording the whole time! Did I mention this is for my required religious class? And that my professor is a pastor?! Gah. Me making Take Ten Tuesday on Wednesday (for the second time) is just another example of my currently malfunctioning brain. Well then. Better late than never. Yes? Yes.

Take Ten Tuesday: My friend Jenny (who I met through blogging) and I decided to start a fun little blogging project together. Here’s what we came up with–We find someone each Tuesday to write us out a list of ten questions. We answer nine of the questions and with the one remaining find someone else to ask and video blog. This adds a little variety and gives us a good excuse to video friends/ family/ fellow bloggers/ random strangers once every week.

This week I thought it’d be cool to get my two best girly friends to take part in Take Ten Tuesday. Tessa wrote the questions and Meg answered one, via telephone. She was going to email me a video, but by the time she finally she figured out how to do so, she looked ready to murder somebody. So I stuck with the phone thing. It was way cuter that way anyway. Ps: As Tessa always seems to have a way of getting me to open up, I’m pretty candid in this video. A bit embarrassingly so once or twice. 

(Ps: When I say I’m a ‘private person’ I mean that I keep certain vulnerable emotions to myself a lot of the time. I think other than that, most of you know I’m pretty much an open book. Sometimes too much of an open book.  If you don’t know this now, you will by the end of the video. Ha.)

16 thoughts on “Scatterbrained+(Belated)Take Ten Tuesday.

  1. Tessa says:

    ahahahahah I love how it just cuts out at the end….”I use to hump….everything” BLACK SCREEN. You are wonderful and make me laugh.

  2. I think you’re dealing with your childhood traumas in a really positive way, Christina. You’re a positive person with so many awesome goals. And you have a lot of good people around you who have your back.

    I agree with Tessa – I LOL’d at how it cut out at the end.

      • I looooove those neekpieccs she is definately an artist to take note of!I also love the way those pieces are interpreted and the items that go with the different looks. My favourite picrture of the shoot would be the one where the models are sitting in the water with their skirts!! #GOpichulik!! #lovefor Mr.Price

  3. 1. Jamoca Almond Fudge
    2. some guy in elementary school.. he was a jerk about it
    3. Australia
    4. n/a
    5. oh shit, I’m both lazy and pigheaded!
    6. 7 days… while camping in a National Park before the winter thaw. my parents finally paid for us to shower somewhere
    7. forearms
    8. i wouldn’t want to shock you. but i agree about watching with friends. i used to watch with gay friends. we’d rewind and cheer the good parts!
    9. HA… I’m not falling for that! Learning to let stuff out is healthy.. especially because you find out that your problems aren’t as unique as you might fear.
    10. Yes. Yours cracks me up!

    • 1. YUM!
      5. i still ❤ you! 😛
      8. i doubt you could shock me bahaha. we should trade stories. 🙂
      9. indeed! i'm getting better at it! friends/into to couns. is definitely teaching me how healthy/helpful it is. i'm also become enamored with carl rogers.
      10. lol! thanks 😛

  4. Meg says:

    ahahaha at first I thought you said “make my lungs tingle” i was like that’s not the expression! lolll

    I’m commenting as I watch…

    I love your face before number four ahahaha
    PAHAH number 6 is such a good answer. When i was in elementary school I got the flu once and didn’t shower for a week. But back then (pre-puberty) I only showered every two days or so i guess…

    LOL@the porn question. I love Tessa.

    ahahahha i love that you mentioned the humping story. I told hayden about that and the conversation you tessa and I had about childhood…sexuality I guess? Lol he said he didn’t do any of the weird things we did…Seriously though since you and tessa brought that stuff up you guys are the only ones (and now hayden) i’ve ever told about my strange childhood tendencies that were not exactly humping but I’d say in the same category. hahaa


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