10 things that make even Monday a Happy day.

10 things that make even Monday a Happy day:
  • 1. Awesome friends.
  • 2. Awesome shin-digs.
  • 3. Upcoming vacations.
  • 4. Purchasing my ticket to see Matt Nathanson perform in November. His lyrics make my heart melt and stuff. I swear, he sings the sweetest and sexiest things. You’ve probably heard ‘Come on Get Higher’ ? If not, let me introduce you to some lyrical orgasms:

“Come on get higher
Loosen my lips
Faith and desire
And the swing of your hips
Just pull me down hard, & drown me in love.”


  • 5.  Getting signed up for my first 5k. Yay!
  • 6.  Some of you may recall my complaints last year when my husband found a free hot-tub via craigslist and then had it delivered to our house? A free, broken hot tub. Hubby somehow fixed it and then continued to use it in our garage. He’s taken a “bath” in there a couple of times. You may remember me calling him a redneck? Well. We sold that thing for 400 dollars yesterday. Hubby got it for free and fixed it for about 100. I knew there was a reason I kept this boy around!
  • 7. Friday night, I went to a local bar with a close girl friend. She’s a regular and has acquired an entertaining/wonderful group of friends at Caddy Shack. I had a burger and one glass of wine when I closed my tab and was getting ready to leave. But then drinks kept getting put in front of me, and I had to be polite and drink them. Right?! Points of interest this night:  An older man telling me that he and another (much younger) dude had just played a game of thumb-war for my love; I found it amusing when older man admitted he won because he cheated. I always seem to run into the most comical fellows at local bars. Hot-tubbing. Whataburger. Sleeping on a fold out bed next to my lovely friend Kimber. Lucky for me, I have an awesome husband who trusts me to do my 22 year old thing and come back home safe and sound and faithful. Speaking of which….
  • 8. My hubby. I love him.
  • 9. My classes. Currently, I’m learning sign language and role-playing counseling sessions. Such a fun semester. 
  • 10. Amusing text conversations with a couple of my dude friends. See below: 

Ps: Patrick did indeed come to my house party. Ryan likes to call me Kastina as a nickname. Also, he bought a whole thing of Jack Daniel’s after my request. Good man, eh? If you’re wondering what is so creepy about my part of the conversation, it’s that I already have a sister. She’s two. Almost three. I will not actually let Ryan date her when he’s an old man. 

16 thoughts on “10 things that make even Monday a Happy day.

      • It’s been about 20 years since I took classes (my gawd, I can’t believe it’s been that long!) and I still sign along to songs – though I’ve forgotten so much that a good amount of my signs are probably incorrect. And I still can’t read other people signing, which completely sucks. It’s one of the few topics I enjoyed enough to complete but my brain decided to stop cooperating.

        Did they make you learn finger-spelling first?

  1. P.S. I’m sorry I didn’t text this weekend for lunch. Saturday was insane and I didn’t wake up Sunday until like 11 (and not by myself wink wink). Maybe we can get coffee or something this weekend? I have some gossip to dish 🙂

  2. Do you really have that much fun every week? I’d be exhausted if I did everything you did, lol. I don’t even drink Jack Daniel’s anymore.

    Your husband is a cutie and you always say the nicest things about him. You are an anomaly among the women I know!

  3. CHRISTINA! WHAT?! You’re doing 5k? WHEN?! Oh my gosh, if we both survive our 5k’s, we should definitely do 10k or a half or something. Together. Like, in real life. WHAT SAY YOOOU?
    And: AHAHAHAHAAHHAAH. You are hilarious. You AND your life. I love it.

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