Doing it all=Hugging the world?

The past few days have been a whirlwind of wonderful, inspiring, humbling, new, (etc) experiences. I’m proud to say my list of attempting to ‘do it all ‘ keeps growing, and I seem to always have a hell of a lot of fun while getting there. Here’s some of this week’s highlights:

  • Going to a retirement home with my Intro to Counseling class. I was a bit nervous walking in, but this feeling quickly faded. I left with smiles, laughs, heart-warming (and at times heartbreaking) stories and the reminder that sometimes to listen is much better than to talk.
  • My first 5k. (Stop Child Trafficking Now)  It was a pretty amazing experience. For me to say this about anything that gets me up at 6:30 in the morning, you must know that it’s true. Shannon and I met some awesome people, bonded and talked a bunch over 3.1 miles and 1.5 hours (it seriously seemed like 30 minutes), and even got our faces painted! I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so at one with my community. When we all crossed the finish line, all sweaty and happy and high-fiving and hugging, I was beaming. Here we were, helping one cause and all together. It just made me all kinds of smiles and giggles and sentimental and proud to be alive with other alive people. Ya know?

  • Later that day, my best dude friend and I headed to Texas School of the Deaf to attend their homecoming football game.  This was partly for my sign language class, and partly because I was just super giddy to go and experience this new culture. I dragged Bryant along and made him drive, but I think he was excited just the same. He kept asking me what things meant in sign language, and helped me observe things to write for my paper. He’s always been a good besty to have around. We accidentally sat on the opposing side’s team, but I was still able to note some pretty neat things. I found myself in awe of the dynamics of this team and team spirit. There was very little rooting or hollering but you could sense the pride just the same. Coaches would give plays by standing in the middle of the huddle, arms high in the air, signing the next move. The silence seemed to make the team stronger. The quiet communication was powerful and inspirational. My experiences thus far this week seem to be teaching me that sometimes, there is beauty in not being a blabber-mouth. Hm.
  • Oh! Also? While asking the opposing team’s high-schoolers some questions, Bryant was called, “sir.” I laughed about this and made fun of him until about a minute later when I was called “ma’am.” What is this nonsense?! Weren’t he and I just graduating high-school together?! I don’t understand. Sigh. At least we’ll get old together. (Well, actually, he’s a month older. So he’ll go first. If we’re being completely accurate.)

  •  Saturday night, it was time for some much needed relaxing and drinking. Husband and I headed to Deesh and Bing’s place, and my best girl friend joined soon after. These boys+girl all have special places in my heart, and I’m super thankful for all four of them. Bing and Deesh are a lot like big brothers to me. Deesh is the nicer brother. Bing is the mean one. With a sweet heart. Deep down. Last night, I asked the small group to play my all time favorite game, Apples to Apples, with me. No one really likes that game except for me, but I still convinced everyone. Except Bing. I begged him some more but he stood firm and told me, “Nope. Someone has to say no to you.”  This is what I both hate and adore about Bing. He says no to me. It’s frustratingly endearing. As we were leaving and I was making my rounds to say goodbye, I left a special farewell for Bing. “Byyyyyee Bing! I love youuuu! Now you say it back, say you love me too.”  He responded with, “I love you too. And I don’t say that very often.” Awww. Also, he gave me Apples to Apples.

  • Today my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters) and I went to the park with her little brother. We ate fast food, swung and kind of sort of played volleyball. I can’t believe this girl is starting to drive. She told me today she’s getting her first car soon. Can I sprinkle magic powder on her and make it so she doesn’t grow up? No? She’s just turning into this amazing young woman and I’m so happy to be a part of her life.
  • I must mention the card my hubby just brought home. He knows I have a lot going on lately, and he never fails to do just the right thing at just the right time. The card reads, “They say that a job well-done is its own reward, but still, you shold know how much your hard work means to those around you.” Inside the card he wrote, “I’ll be able to retire soon. Keep Going. Love, Robby.”  He makes my heart melt on a regular basis. I wish I could buy him the Star Wars collection on BlueRay, a DeLorean just like the one on Back to the Future and a life-time supply of Bud Light. I’m hoping one day I can.
  • In my attempt to conquer the world and life, my heart and mind continues to fill. With every new person I meet, every new adventure I take on, every moment with both loved ones and strangers…..I’m gaining motivation, insight, inspiration and a deeper love for people and living. I’m realizing the more I do, the less I dislike. The more I explore, the more I also understand, accept, listen, and empathize. This is going to sound super cheesy, but I would just like to hug the world right now.

19 thoughts on “Doing it all=Hugging the world?

  1. Great post!
    You should have linked your sponsor page for the 5k… I sponsor everyone for everything!

    I like “clapping” in sign (waving hands in the air) and do it to this day.

  2. Love the post.
    Also? (Yeah, I know you want more of this…)
    1. I LOVE that you have a sexy pic of yourself after the marathon sitting on that wall or whatever. You don’t think so? Go look at it. Now imagine that you’re on a black leather couch and there are flashing lights behind you. And you’re wearing a short dress. Yep. See it now? Mhmm. It’s a I’m-hott-and-a-little-tipsy pose. And no, I’m not a creep at all. It just looks like that. Honest.
    2. I LOVE that dress you’re wearing on the swing! !!!!!
    3. 5K?! Heck, yeah! I start training for mine to-maw-roe.

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