Shucks, Girls.

I love girls. I do. A lot. In a purely platonic way. 

I love when we openly communicate with one another. The way we compliment. The honest and pure affection we often share. The emotion felt words. It’s among my favorite things in this world, relationships with others who share my body parts. Well not mine. But body parts like mine. You get it. I hope.

What I’m getting at is, I adore conversations and loving exchanges with fellow girlies, and I’m blessed with plenty. Within two days this past week, I received three sets of sweet words from three different sources; One a best friend, one a blogger friend and one a sweet lady I had just met at my first 5k.  In case you’re wanting examples of how special us ladies and our communication with each other is, here’s three

  • 1. My best friend (She’s the best.) : 

I’m so glad she thinks I’m nice/great. Because she is wonderful. Super duper wonderful. It’s been a few days since I’ve seen her and I have the need to find her and hug her right this second.

  • 3. And finally, a short but sweet blog comment from Miss Jessica, who I met at my first 5k on Saturday morning:

“Nice to meet you today. You are full of great energy and spirit. Cheers, Jessica”

See?! Aren’t we girls amazing? I love how we can be childhood friends or blogging buddies or near strangers, and it just doesn’t matter. We love on each other just the same.

In closing, I’d like to say that I was supposed to say 7 random things about me for my Versatile Blogger Award. (This is actually the second time I’ve received it from a blogger buddy, so actually 14.) However, because today is also the day I am supposed to video blog 10 questions on Take Ten Tuesday, I combined the two. I tell you 9 random things about me, and have my girl friend Becca tell one random thing about herself too. After watching the below video where I word vomit a little, you may have a hard time believing I like my girl friends just platonically. But honestly. I do.

15 thoughts on “Shucks, Girls.

  1. I emailed questions! No idea if it went through.
    YAY! for being internet low-vahs. (I said it with some sort of accent even *I* can’t recognize.)
    I like to do a weird hand thing to. I hold my right hands out in front of me, with my fingers all pointing to the left. Then I lower my fingers, one at a time (like a domino effect or something?!) and I do it again and again, like a wave. I’m explaining this badly. I’ll leave now. Lol

  2. Oh, I’m so bad at making female friends! I think I just like more boyish activities: drinking beer, playing video games, watching sci fi. Whenever I’m with girls, I’m like, “hurr, now what do we do?”

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