How we’re weird and why it works.

How we’re weird and why it works.

Monday will be husband and my two year wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it. It’s gone by incredibly fast. Thinking back on the past years, I can do nothing but smile when I remember all of the vacations, laughs, memories and fun we’ve shared thus far. I go back and forth on believing in the soul-mate thing; Though I am extremely skeptical that there is one person for every other person, sometimes Robby makes me second guess myself. We are just so perfectly weird and weirdly perfect together.

That being said, here’s some reasons why we’re strange and the reasons I feel it works out just right for us:

1. How we’re weird: I was 19 when we met. 20 when we got married. I’m 22 now.  He was 25 the day we started dating.

Why it works: I’m really young to be married and going on two years of marriage. I was even younger to be engaged and in such a serious relationship. Either because of naivety or knowledge of true love, and I’m still really not sure which, I never had too many doubts about Robby and I. Looking back, I can see why others did at the time. But as young as I was, I stick to my guns when I say that I was ready for that kind of relationship. After my first heartbreak and (bad) relationship ended, I distinctly remember telling my cousin, “I’m not doing this shit again. The next guy….I’m going to marry him.” Now, don’t get me wrong, I did have some fun in between the two. But I usually know what I want when I make my mind up, and I was determined that the next dude I would date seriously would be worthy of keeping forever. Turns out, my stubbornness worked in my benefit as I just so happened to find my ideal partner the next time around. I get all bubbly and proud thinking of all of we’ve been through and of all the uncertainties we’ve put to rest since then.

2. How we’re weird: As most of you know, I’m a social person. I love going out, doing new things, my education, parties, meeting new people, and traveling. Hubby likes going out too, but definitely not as frequently as I do. (He’s an old man. Hee.)

Why it works: He’s my absolute favorite person in the world to be around; At the same time,I really value and believe in independence, and he is never controlling. Whether it be taking a vacation without him, chilling with my girlfriend at a local bar, going downtown with buddies, having a sleepover or just experiencing new things with other people I love– Doing my own thing has never been an issue with us. Probably also because it gives him a chance to cheat on me with his mistress, aka video games.

3. How we’re weird: I’m crazy.

Why it works: He’s sweet and patient and spoils me rotten. His maturity (I’m certain that if I would have married a guy my own age, we would both be dead by now. Husband also assures me that if we would have met years ago, we would have never worked out. He was busy getting his own crazy days out of the way.) and calm nature balances even my most insane days out.

4. How we’re weird: We own a house. I’m still in school. There are bills that need paying. And parties to go to. And dogs to feed. And adventures to go on. And jobs to work. And homework to do. And food to cook. And friends to see. And….

Why it works: I do sometimes feel like I’m leading multiple lives. There’s my young life and my married life, and though it does get a little overwhelming sometimes, I can’t help but feel like I’m getting the best out of both worlds.

5. How we’re weird: I have a lot of friends. Robby has friends, but he kind of sucks at keeping in touch with them. Men. (Well, my man anyway.)

Why it works: Him not keeping in touch with his friends has given me the opportunity to keep in touch for him, and because of this I’ve become close to them as well. His/Our friend Deesh and I have become so close through texting/making plans that we can now hang out without Hubby. Robby jokes that I’m a friend-stealer, but I think he secretly likes that I love his friends as much as he does. As far as my pals go, my amigos all love him. Well–This is an understatement. Dudes tend to get guy crushes on him and girls giggle about him to me. So we share friends and outings now. 

6. How we’re weird: Two years of marriage seems to be the time many start wanting to start a family. This is currently a huge no for me, and less of a no for husband.

Why it works: Going back to the fact that I’m pretty young, I am nowhere near ready for babies. I have a lot going on right now, and the thought of anything besides digesting food in my belly scares the crap out of me. Plus, I’m selfish and still want Robby and our freedom and vacations and fun all to myself right now. Husband will probably be ready to put a bun in my oven before I am. He’s six years my senior and at the age where many start wanting to start a family. I am not. Luckily, he does want to be completely financially stable before he’s ready. Factoring in his income and the income I’ll be making after college, we’ll be more than comfortable when I’m around his age. And that, my friends, is how the perfect baby compromise comes to be.

 And there you have it. I’m young, not ready for kids, a social butterfly and an independent lady. Husband is old (kidding), patient, willing to let me fly and cool with his alone time and me doing my own thang. The dude’s my best friend and, as hard as I can be to handle, I am amazed that I have found someone so completely compatible on all levels with my stubborn ass. I’m blessed and happy and ready for so many more adventures, love and years with him. 

16 thoughts on “How we’re weird and why it works.

  1. It SO nice when you KNOW that you’re so different from one another, but it still works. Or maybe it’s not a “but,” but a “so.” (I just said but but. Hehehe.) You’re completely different, so it works. 🙂

  2. Meg says:

    I’m feeling emotional and that almost brought a tear to my little hormonal eye! ❤ I am so glad my best friend in the entire world has someone who makes her so happy.

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