Tardy Take Ten Tuesday

Weeks ago, my internet lover lovelylici1986 sent me a list of 10 questions for my Take Ten Tuesday video blog.  I just now discovered this list a couple of days ago due to my lack of non-school related email checking as of recently. As I’ve also been slacking pretty badly on my video blogging lately and as Alicia’s questions were AWESOME, I couldn’t wait to answer. Still, I’m a day late. I’m thinking about just changing the name to “Take Ten on Tuesday. On Wednesday” permanently due to my constant tardiness. Or maybe, “Tardy Take Ten Tuesday.” Has a certain ring to it, eh? Oh,Oh, one more note. Usually I find a new person to ask one of the ten questions to every week.  This time though, Alicia asked a highly amusing question specifically directed at my  hubby. He’s already been on Take Ten Tuesday, but I can’t resist asking him amusing questions. Ahem. I digress. Here’s the belated video!

11 thoughts on “Tardy Take Ten Tuesday

  1. Meg says:

    LOL he would waste 30 seconds counting when he only had a minute to save your life =P “please don’t die….” i’m still laughing.

    It’s like your personality because it’s nutty, flavorful, rich in content, a people pleaser, and tastes good with brownies!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yea, i’m awesome. they would say i have a min to save you and i’d be like you have a min to release her. Then they would be all mind F’ed by what just happened and give up.

  3. Whyyyyy am I just seeing this?! Oh, right. Internet issues.
    Ahahahahahahahaaha. I love your answers. I, too, would like to know what it would cost to rent a giraffe. Or ride an elephant. Or both.
    Your hubby saving your life is hilarious. Love the count to the 30 or shit’s goin’ dowwwnnn! You tell ’em, hubster!

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