Happiness Pieces

Happiness pieces from this past week: 

  • Friends are often shocked and amazed by my bargain-shopping skills. Some seem to think I have this uncanny ability to just sniff out sales, but it’s actually because I’m a super cheap-ass who refuses to shop anywhere but the clearance section. This past week, I found a 5 for 20 at Wet Seal. I got a new party dress, two shirts for the fall season, a pair of flats AND a new pair of sexy boots. TWENTY dollars, y’all.

  • Speaking of 20. As of last week, I’m twenty pounds lighter! I think I’m done now. I have to be careful losing weight, because I tend to by-pass how I look and instead become addicted to the thrill of numbers dropping. I counter my craziness by listening to other’s opinions, and I’m being told to stop now. Best friend scared me by telling me that it looked like I’d lost all I could from my stomach and that I’d probably just lose more from my boobs if I kept going. I’m already down a bra size. Ergo, I think I’m done now.
  • As of Saturday, I think hubby and I have decided where our next upcoming vacation will be. We’ve never been on a big vacation with friends while together, and it looks like this might be our first. I’m trying not to jinx it so I won’t say anything for sure location-wise until tickets our bought. But I’m about 99.9 percent. Eek!

  • My friend Bing recently came back from visiting his home-land of China. Saturday night, he surprised me with these absolutely gorgeous and intricately designed chop-sticks. I had jokingly told him to buy me a souvenir while he was gone, but didn’t actually expect one and definitely didn’t expect such a nice one. Contented sigh goes here. I have super sweet friends who buy me super neat gifts.

  • On Saturday, my best girl friend and I went to the Gypsy Picnic. What is the Gypsy Picnic, you may ask? It’s all of Austin’s best food trailers, mixed with good music, fun people and lots of cute dogs. This was both Tessa and I’s first time going, and we both had a blast. I also got to try bacon fried rice (with a fried egg on top!) and Vietnamese banana bread cake for the first time.  Both were delicious even after Tessa almost momentarily made me gag by commenting that the bread cake had the texture of salmon. It definitely did but the sweetness and poppy seeds made up for any fishy reminders. The only problem with the entire day was the fact that I forgot my sunglasses and it was crazy dusty outside. Poor best friend had to deal with my mini-panic attacks every five seconds. Hard contacts and dust are the equivalent feeling to a knife going through one’s eyes. Still, I couldn’t help but giggle and feel heart-warmed by Tessa’s solutions to my problem. She’d guide me as I walked the opposite way (that wasn’t facing the wind) and it looked almost as if we were doing an awkward dance of some sort. Luckily, it’s Austin and no one really gives these kinds of things a second glance anyway.  Eventually, Tessa’s coworker showed up and saved the day by letting me borrow sunglasses. Then more eating, hula-hooping (I am a master hula-hooper), socializing, people-watching and fun times ensued.

  • Later that evening, I had plans to study with a classmate for an upcoming project. We met at my house, did some studying, some wine-drinking and a whole lot of talking. I love the process of getting to know somebody and clicking; Jessie started to leave a couple of times and then her, Tessa and I would get wrapped up in deep conversation once again.
  • Even later that evening, it was time for a mini-celebration of Miss Tessa’s birthday. She’ll be out of state for her actual birthday, so we decided last minute to throw together a small shin-dig in honor of my best friend’s 23rd. Earlier in the day, we went shopping together (how cute of best friends are we?!) and bought cheese dip, wine and stuffed jalapeno ingredients. Deesh and Bing brought gummy bear shots and cotton candy vodka. The results were a fun, interesting, maybe slightly intoxicated night. Evidence:
  • What pieces of happiness did your weekend have?

24 thoughts on “Happiness Pieces

    • Surely you don’t need to smell the written word to get the magic flionwg . Then he said Careful deary, those are straight up spells .hard on the system . She replied, ..I don’t care if they turn me green .. This all leads me to believe she didn’t use the book in FTL. I think Rumple trained her. Or somebody else trained her.The reason she gained power in SB is because the had the book. The book is raw’ magic. So instead of learning how magic works in each world, she just used the raw thing.

  1. i can’t believe i have to google “gummy bear shots”.
    glad you had fun
    please don’t take it personally when I bitch slap you for your ability to loose weight and to hula hoop.

  2. just saw this in a list of “top 5 bizarre public art installations”. I think you need to get pics for us
    4) SunFlowers, Austin, Texas: Like flowers but don’t have a green thumb? What about an electric one instead? SunFlowers is a public art display/”Electric Garden” in Austin, Texas. It features a “crop” of 18 to 24-foot high photovoltaic sculptures that soak up the sun during the day and use that energy to glow brightly at night.

  3. Well….you saw my blog. Chasing rats. Fighting viruses. Nowhere as fun as yours! I really have to visit Austin someday. Everyone I know who’s been down there says it’s great!

  4. Looks like it was fun!
    I spent all of Saturday with Babe. Until the flight to DENMARK. Gaaah! I’m by my lonesome ’til next week, but the day was SO nice. We shopped a little too. 🙂

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