Therapy of Pumpkin Soup

Husband was off of work yesterday after a week of the night shift. I hadn’t made dinner in a while, and had decided a simple and yummy meal of pasta and meatballs would be perfect. But as busy as life has been lately, I realized I’d kind of missed the process of cooking something new. I’d missed cooking! Isn’t that surprisingly wifely of me? I needed a side dish of some sort. After browsing the internet, I thought I’d try my hand at making homemade soup. Somewhere in my search for the perfect broth, I came across a recipe or two for pumpkin soup. It dawned on me that this was perfect. I like pumpkin. Husband likes pumpkin. It’s October. Pumpkin soup it was!

I had no idea how therapeutic the process of pumpkin soup-making would be. Combining and mixing the vegetables, broth and the seasonings had a relaxing effect. The pumpkin part especially did something for me.  It was a reminder of how far the simplest things go. Nostalgia from the memories of past fall seasons. The excitement of dressing up for Halloween. The anticipation of colder weather, presents, the smell of pine, hot chocolate and being surrounded by masses of friends and family. A glass of wine. Or three. Being cuddled up to my boy on the couch, as he lets me choose episode after episode of my tv picks. Cute dogs. Good grades. Loved ones who make me smile a bunch. A good book. Inside jokes. Smelling his hair. A comfy bed. Sweet kisses. Loving how my jeans fit. Laughter. And Pumpkin Soup.

Ps: The soup was delicious and hubby and I both loved it. Click here for the recipe.

21 thoughts on “Therapy of Pumpkin Soup

  1. Lovely post! When I’m alone and not in a hurry, I love cooking! I grew up cooking for the family but in no way fancy, very Ozarker (fried anything, including fruit, veg and bread or boiled to death) and I guess that’s why I’m not afraid of it. I do “simple.”

    I love butternut or acorn squash soup. 🙂

  2. Cooking is very therapeutic: when I’m hot, tired, and grumpy I sure don’t feel like doing it, but oddly, as I start chopping and measuring the spices and herbs, I start feeling “in my space,” if that makes any sense. Early this morning, I threw some meat and veggies into a crockpot to make a stew for my parents. I was ill and kind of bleary-eyed when I started, but by the time I was done, I felt a lot better afterwards. Maybe it was the smell of stew filling the kitchen, or it was the satisfaction of having accomplished something. I also think it’s why the kitchen should be the center of a house. The smell of a good meal makes a home come alive.

  3. Meg says:

    OH and I also cook when i’m stressed! Bake though. Because i love cooking but it stresses me out because it’s a lot of multi tasking and easier to mess up that baking some cookies or brownies. 🙂

  4. I used to really love cooking, way back, my ex-husband and I always had friends around, then I had children and cooking became more like a job and I the pleasure sort of went away. Now the kids are grown and I’ve left home and I’m just starting to enjoy being back in the kitchen. I think I’d really like your pumpkin soup…

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