Halloween Highlights

Happy Halloween!  I find myself loving this day and the joys of dressing up more and more each year.  It’s a very enchanting holiday, and anything that can enchant (one of my all time favorite words) me wins my heart. I celebrated with buddies over the weekend, and had a fabulous time doing so. Here’s some of my most favorite moments:

Finding two costumes for 18 dollars. BOTH of them. 18 dollars. It’s how I do. The thought of spending 60 dollars on an outfit that I’d wear once makes me want to break out into hives. I’ve never broken out into hives, but if I was going to, I’m guessing that would be the reason.

Costume one (Army Girl–No political agenda, it just made me feel super sexy):

Costume 2 (Pirate-With an eye patch and everything! Arrr Matey! ):

  • -Party time= Playing dress up and having a blast with the amigos–While in a really big house with lots of neat people, good food and maybe even a little zombie porn playing in the background. (If anyone was ever turned on by watching this….I rarely judge, but I may judge that person.)

  • Husband dressing up as a “bowler” last minute, as I informed him he had to dress up as something. He picked up his old team shirt and stuffed a 12 pack of beer into a bowling bag. Leave it to this one to sneak alcohol into his costume.
  • Sweet/Amusing compliments from friends.  My favorite: Two close girly friends and I had found our way to the bathroom on party night. One girl friend was asking if she had love handles showing (She has no love handles.) I was informing her that she definitely did not when my other friend interjected, while on the potty, “Here….Let me see. Christina doesn’t remember what those look like.” Har-Har.
  • -Small BBQ at my place the next night= A good excuse to wear my other costume.

  • -Picking out and buying lots of candy with my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters)
  • -A good scary movie
  • -A phone call from Husband’s parents wishing us a Happy Halloween. My daddy in-law attempted to make some creepy sounds and then teased me about how badly my football team has been playing. Robby had me on speakerphone and his dad put my mom in-law on speaker too. We laughed and chit-chatted and when we told his mom we wanted to drive down for Thanksgiving, the sudden excitement in her voice was absolutely adorable. Husband and I were smiling from ear-to-ear for most of the conversation.  There’s something about the duo of loved ones and the fall season that just makes my heart feel completely full.
Friends, Family, Food, Fun AND sexy Festive wear. That’s my kind of holiday.
How was your Halloween?

26 thoughts on “Halloween Highlights

  1. priscilla says:

    Hey my 60 dollar outfit was awesome!! Lol and i wore it all wknd and today @ work! ….i should probably wash that lol

  2. I think I have the fat chick version of that pirate costume and you look a HELL of a lot better than me!

    I like slutty gorilla, slutty Domo, slutty bowler, and slutty whatever the other guys were. (my “thing” this year has been to call every single MALE costume slutty-whatever, no matter how much clothing they’re wearing, cause I’m sick of girls always being slutty-xxxx) (highlight of this idea was calling a guy at Miss Kitty’s “slutty Captain America”. He turned around, lifted his cape, and was wearing only a “banana hammock”. .. so I was right!! He then thanked me for giving a name to his costume, which he could tell others when they asked what he was.)

  3. Tessa says:

    My Halloween night was when I got back and I washed 3 loads of clothes and cleaned out a litter box. If there was a competition going on who had a better time I would clearly win.

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  4. Sounds like a fantastic Halloween!
    I love your costumes, especially the pirate one, you look fantastic 🙂
    My Halloween was pretty poor but it’s what you expect when you’re ill!
    There’s always next year…

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