Weekend Highlights: Projects, Friends and Butter.

Weekend Highlights:

  • Working on a new project that I’m super excited about. A little sneak peek of the awesomeness to come:
  • Happy Hour with buddies from school. And silly mirror pictures with a buddy while at happy hour.
  • Party with friends; This including my finally reunited gang of homies. It’s been way too long. Robby and I went on vacation. Chelsea and Jake went on their honeymoon. Bryant lives in San Antonio for school. Priscilla goes up to see him lots of weekends. Tessa went on vacation. Kaitlyn has just moved back from California. The fact that we were ALL back together at last made for a giddy, giggly and wonderful evening indeed.

  • Dancing around the house to about a million different songs with my best girl friend. We danced on and off for hours, and very badly at that. Friends giggled at first but eventually just ignored us. Tessa and I became the two tipsy girls dancing horribly around the house like crazy people.  It was amazing.
  • Cooking bacon-wrapped, cream cheese/ onion stuffed mushrooms and rice and buttery breadcrumb filled avocados. I take a ridiculous amount of joy in making fruits and veggies as unhealthy as possible. It’s not really my fault that everything tastes better with butter and bacon.
  • Husband and I had planned on going bowling last night, but after we had stuffed our faces full of goodness, we were both just ready to have a date night on the couch instead. This turned out to be a lovely decision. What my night consisted of: Rocking out to cheesy pop music while jumping up and down on my couch, whilst my dog eyed me, looking terrified. Ending the evening by cuddling with my boy and drinking salted caramel hot cocoa. Life has me feeling this perfect mixture of excited and peaceful and loved and content. I would like to freeze these moments in time and come back to them whenever I want to. But since I can’t, living it right now is just fine with me.

15 thoughts on “Weekend Highlights: Projects, Friends and Butter.

  1. Anonymous says:

    super secret project = you as The Flying Nun?

    I have vanilla salt which I keep meaning to put on cocoa food/drinks but never ever remember.

  2. Aww sounds like the perfect weekend!
    Partying with friends is definitely one of the best ways to spend an evening!
    Although in my opinion curling up for a night in with your partner is even better 🙂

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