Embracing the A-cup-ness.

After losing almost twenty-five pounds, my boobs have quickly shrunk from C’s to A’s. I haven’t gotten around to buying a new bra yet, and it is a little strange to me how my bra gaps open or how many times the straps fall to my shoulders during the day. It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had this issue. I go around complaining about this to friends quite often, and they all assure me that my boobs look fine and still existent. But here’s a little secret: It’s not something I truly need to be comforted about. My complaints are actually boasts in disguise. I’ve always felt more comfortable and confident with smaller boobies. I find them dainty and girly and adorable. I like feeling cute as opposed to sultry. (It also helps to have a husband who isn’t huge on boob size. Ha. Get it?!) I know that my take on the breast issue isn’t quite society’s or dude’s or even many girl’s idea of the ideal figure. And that’s okay. I’m not searching for any common definition of perfection, because if I can accept and love something about myself that others may call imperfect, that’s even better.

All of this boob on the brain made me think about my other quirks that I’ve come to embrace. My clumsiness. My big feet. My inability to wear heels. My lack of dancing abilities. My lack of singing abilities. My inability to sit still at hair appointments. The fact that I rarely shut-up. The fact that, much to husband’s dismay, I often forget about open blinds and tend to walk around the house naked. My un-manicured hands, non-pedied toes and make-up less face. My many freckles. The tendency I have to “clean up” by throwing things in the nearest closet. The fact that I’ve been told I run like a monkey. My unquenchable curiosity about everything and everyone. My need to pee every five minutes or so after a glass of wine. The tendency I have to get excited about pretty much everything. My habit of playing with my wedding rings when I’m distracted. The habit I have of talking to myself, sometimes publicly. My want to sit down with strangers, with the world and with you to talk about life over a cup of coffee.

And you know, this may be a little forward, but I think you should embrace your A-cupness too. Or your too small or too big butt-ness. Or your afraid of the dark-ness. Or your left-handedness. Or your laughs at bad jokes-ness.  Or your singing out of tune-ness. Or your awkwardness.Or your nail-bitingness. Your you-ness. Because what it should be about is happiness. Flaunt it not necessarily because you got it, but because you’re okay with not having it. Because you’re thankful to be alive, or to have boobs, or to dance badly or to laugh at bad jokes at all. Because without our weirdness, this world would be pretty damn boring. I’ll take A-cups over boring any day.

22 thoughts on “Embracing the A-cup-ness.

  1. tessa says:

    I love your boobies!! And as much as I complain about my non-boobs I think I’m finally beginning to love mine too…even if they hardly fill an A cup. Mine aren’t even weight loss related!! I have small boobs thin or fat! It sucks!

  2. I’ve been an A cup longer than you have, sweetie! 🙂

    Anyway, nobody ever complained about my tits. They’re fine for my BODY. That said, now that I’m rather round, I had to buy bigger bras but I was between an A and a B, so I tried some Wonderbra pushups? The extra low outside quadrant of “liftage” means I HAD to buy a B and they make me look much larger cos mine are naturally “outward pointers.” They’re now shoved front and up (but they’re still not a true B and I don’t care).

  3. Well, in that case, I’m going to embrace my D-cup-ness! My boobs are too big. They give me back pains. They make it difficult to find shirts and dresses that are big enough up there but small enough in the waist area (this was less of a problem when I was fatter, but now most of my shirts just kind of hang off the boobs and don’t fit properly snugly in the middle). They get in the way. There’s often no good place to put them. I’ve been known to slouch and sit with my boobs just resting on top of the table. It looks weird. I can’t normally buy “cute” bras because they usually only go up to C, and even still, being a 34D is tricky.

    But I’m going to embrace it! For being as big as they are, they’re still pretty perky. And men go absolutely nuts over them. I often hear from men: “I’m not normally a boob guy, but oh my god, your boobs are amazing.”

    So yay for boobs. Big ones, small ones, medium ones. Boobs are awesome!

  4. I’ve totally embraced my whateverness. Well, maybe not totally but mostly.
    Are you really an a-cup now or have you just lost rib-cage inches? With my weight re-gain, I’ve increased my ribcage but not my boobage, which kinda sucks (it’s SoCal, boobs=power)
    Being told you run like a monkey is genuinely something to be proud of!! That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard.

    This post makes me want to take you for a mani/pedi and night dancing. To my credit, I embrace and celebrate the fail.

    • … in stripper shoes… dancing in stripper shoes.

      curious minds want to know: what size shoe do you wear? (I’m currently a 9.5 to 10; was down to an 8 when I was thin…. and young)

      • I’ve been living here for 21 years and I’ve only seen tostiurs who flash. They feel they can flash so they can go back home and say yes I went to Mardi Gras and flashed my boobs! I did it! And they do it especially because they are tostiurs and do not have to worry about seeing people they know or getting a bad reputation.References : I’ve known people from out of state that flash their boobs.

  5. I learnt to embrace all of my quirks thanks to my wonderful boyfriend who finds pretty much anything I do to be cute! 😛
    And my boobs shrunk a bit too this year, although not as much as yours, and at first I was a little dismayed to lose my D-cups but then I realized that on my tall frame a C is actually perfect – just a handful 🙂 (A-cups on me would probably make me look like I had no boobs!)
    And you can join the run-funny club, apparently my ankles turn out when I run and I look hilarious… 😛
    I love this post, you really made me smile this morning 🙂

    YAAAYYY for the small cup sizes! I’m a B, and HAPPY about it. I don’t know what I’d do with swingers. You know… The ones that are so big you can swing ’em around. Mine just stay put. No matter what. They never slap me in the face. I don’t have the strap ’em down. I can go bra-less and be worry-free. It’s great!

    And I love that you’re embracing your YOU-ness. What could be better than that?! And a lot of things on your list are on mine too. Big feet, poor dance skills, make-up-less-ness… Yeah. We’re too cool for school.

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