Sneak Peek: Conversation with the Nation.

Lately, I’ve been slacking on my video blog duties. I promise to get better soon! I have one all recorded and everything, but haven’t found the time to put it together. Life is full of projects and plans and on campus-radio shows and friends and school and work and etc right now. I feel productive and crazy and busy and happy. A lot of good things seem to be coming together lately. Speaking of which. Remember last week when I showed you a sneak peek of a project I was working on? It looked like this:

Well, I have another sneak peek for you! It’s a much better sneak peek. I especially like where my body is dancing with a moose head:

Special thanks to Cody Sims for making and editing such an amazing video intro, and to Ryan Fielder for being an already awesome producer. I can’t wait to really get started. I have good feelings about this. Okay! Done gushing.

10 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Conversation with the Nation.

  1. Ahahahaha. LOVE it. That was such a teeny tiny peak! I was thinking, man, I like when she’s riding on this bird. Then I saw the moosehead dance. That was particularly great. It may be because I have a connection with Halifax, and their hockey team is called “Mooseheads.” Or not. Hahahaa.

    • Thank-you 🙂 ! Well, it will definitely have funny aspects but that’s not exactly the main focus. The dudes I work with though are also dudes I do a comedy podcast with, so I definitely expected/hoped for a funny intro haha 😀

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