A Day in the Life of this Girl.

“I love this crazy,tragic,sometimes almost magic,awful,beautiful life”

My Thursday:

8:30 am: Kiss my husband goodbye. Off to school.

8:45 am:  I officially reached my goal weight this morning. What do I do? Treat myself to Mcdonalds, of course!

9:10 am- 10:45am: Because of a wreck, my 15 minute drive to school turned into an hour and a half one. Completely missed my first class. Luckily, my happy belly is keeping the rest of me cheerful too. And now it’s almost lunchtime!

11:30 am-1pm: Lunchtime and girl-talk time with Becca and Samm.

1pm: Sign Language. There was a monkey in class. No really. There was.

Did you notice how creepy that middle picture is?

2:00 pm: I finally get a chance to sit down with an adviser, and she informs me that I can graduate in THREE  more semesters if I stay on top of my game.  This seems so soon. I kind of imagined myself graduating at 80, or at least 25, so this is wonderfully awesome news for me.

4:00 pm: Three classes down, one more to go. (Plus my online course, but I won’t count that here.) I forgot the professor promised pizza for everyone today. Also? My friend Samm brought me a Peppermint Mocha to class. I’m super spoiled and I am stuffing my face. I enjoy both of those things a bunch.

5:30 pm: Shina and Priscilla and I take pictures around the Christmas tree. Concordia has been festively decorated since mid-October, which is something the students love to tease the university about. I take part in the teasing, but secretly love it. This time of year makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The sooner we celebrate warm and fuzzy feelings, the better!

6:30 pm- At the grocery store. I’m exhausted and my night isn’t over but I plan on making dinner and dessert for the hubby.

7:30 pm: Hubby makes me dinner. I do not make dessert.

8:30-9:30-  A little bit of homework. A little bit of  cuddling.

10:00 pm: Time to be the news girl for the comedy podcast I take part in. One of the boys is sick today, so I’m asked to be on-air the whole time. The boys on podcast and in the chat-rooms usually tease me, which I’m fine with. It’s out of love, for the most part. But today there is one relentless dude who is really pissing me off. More or less, he’s saying I’m unintelligent because I’m cute. Dude doesn’t even know me.  I am rather tempted to ask chat-room boy if he’d like to compare gpas and scholarships, but I somehow refrain. But I’m irritated and it’s that time of the month (sorry, guys), so I end up being bitchy and argumentative throughout the entire podcast. (I’m usually super bubbly and giggly.) Luckily, the boys took this in stride and with amusement. When the show was over, I announced that ______ in the chat-room was a “Total dick.”  Turns out, ______ in the chat room was a female. This irked me even more. A fellow dude podcast member chalked it down to her jealousy. Sigh. I’ve had it up to HERE with that emotion and women, because it’s such a cop-out. It’s not that I’ve never been envious of a chick in my entire life, because I have. But when I am, I try to quickly turn it into something positive. Like bettering myself. I don’t take it out on some girl I’ve never even met. That’s all I’m saying.

11:00 pm: I hung out with David, a friend who lives with the podcast boys. He’s one of those dudes who is just like a girlfriend, but somehow still straight. Some of the boys in the chat-room were still online, and we began playing around with the microphones and camera. At one point, David was recording me, while I was obliviously sitting down and minding my own business. I began reading things in the chatroom such as:  “Cute as a button.” and “She used to be cute, now she’s pretty.” (Um…thank-you???) and I still had no idea what was going on. I finally noticed the camera pointing directly at me, in which I ran around the apartment looking like an idiot. David then followed me with said camera. As I ran around the apartment looking like an idiot. It was quite a scene, I’m sure.

12:00 am: Home. Bedtime with the boy. Need some sleep for work and play and life for the next day.

Tell me about a day in your life?

17 thoughts on “A Day in the Life of this Girl.

  1. James Reynolds says:

    I would chalk it up to her joking, not jealousy. Which was the case. She says things that come out wrong in text but she doesn’t mean them negatively. I’m not going to say there was a total absence of jealousy, lol, but I don’t think she was legitimately trying to be mean. As for her education, I’m unsure of her GPA (although of course I’m partial so I’d guess it was high), but she graduated from Tarleton State with a major in Biology and a minor in Chemistry.

    • James Reynolds says:

      I have been told she has a degree in Animal Science, and another in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Her GPA at last term was 3.92.

    • Hi James! I wasn’t trying to be rude at all, but the things she was saying were pretty damn hurtful (don’t know if you read them all….) and were way past anything resembling joking.
      Just my opinions on this here blog though, and it’s good to hear yours too! 😀

      • spectacular particulars Aw, it was cosenquently an fundamental superb setup. On notion Their personal must insert composing which suit this unique reason simultaneously – dating in addition to precise exertion to produce about an delinquent article… however precisely what can

  2. Tessa says:

    It’s so weird to see you wearing jeans lol You look cute!
    And eff that ho! Joking. I’m only saying that cause James obviously commented. ha
    Love you and your high GPA and scholarships.

  3. Meg says:

    She literally said that? That makes no sense. I would just left the argument at that haha. “I’m unintelligent because I’m attractive? Well THAT STATEMENT is UNINTELLIGENT thus not worth arguing over. GOODBYE” hahaha i totally wouldn’t have done that but hindsight 20 20 meg would have.

    Sounds like a fantASSSTICCCC day other wise! =] Especially because of the monkey.

    here’s my day

    6:22 am Nature class
    6:45 am hayden calls
    7:00 am i get up and hayden comes over. he falls asleep immediately.
    7:30 I make breakfast for myself
    8:50 Drop off lab with chem prof.
    blah blah shower blah eat blah
    10:30 am Make hayden breakfast
    11:30 am DAD COMES! we leave for home.
    drive drive drive
    4:10 WE ARE HOME!
    chill chill chill
    7:30 EAT EAT EAT!

    haha that’s about it! btw totally not normal for hayden to come over that early and just sleep in my bed lol he had fraternity stuff the night before and got 0 sleep. He was delirious it was entertaining.

  4. My days are all boring yet stressful, strange how that is. I just read a quote again that goes something like “The important things come so slowly, you hardly notice and the little things take up all your energy and concern but are over quickly.” Basically, the crap I worry over probably isn’t the things I should care too much about!

  5. Reminds me being in a bar once and some chick just went on and on and on, intentionally trying to piss me off by thinking should find and attack my insecurities. Didn’t work at all… I’m secure.

    Congrats on school, that’s amazing!

    last line should have been: Need some play for work & life.

  6. Monkey! I would’ve been so excited. I wanted a pet monkey when I was a kid. My parents, of course, did not allow this to happen. Probably for good reasons, and I wouldn’t want one now, but I’d love to play with one for a while.

    Congrats on reaching your goal weight! I’m 20 pounds down, 10-15 more to go (I’m going to decide after the 10 if I really need 5 more).

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