Celebrating Life and Stuff.

A celebration is in order.

Because it’s officially my Thanksgiving break.

Because there’s two more weeks left until my much longer Christmas break.

Because I’ve almost finished a 7 page paper for Comm Tech and a 10 page paper for Intro to Counseling.

Because my university account has been on hold for the past few months, due to the fact that we were struggling to pay my college tuition this semester. Thanks to some amazing and giving people in my life and an extremely helpful front desk lady, the hold was taken off last night. I’m all registered for next semester. Huge sigh of relief and happiness goes here.

Because I’m taking Theatrical Performance next semester. I miss being theatrical.

Because I have a hot (and loving) husband.

Because I’m completely engrossed and fascinated with a non-fiction book right now. My mind is opening up to different genres!

Because I might be drinking a glass of wine at 2:30 pm on a Wednesday.

Because, in a couple of hours, hubby and I and our two mutts are heading out to Robby’s hometown of Port Neches, Texas. We’re attempting to miss the Houston traffic, so we won’t leave until around 6 or so. Perhaps giving me time to drink another glass of wine. Or two.

Because I’m lookin’ and feelin’ good.

Because, when I tell my friends that I simply miss them, I get a reply text message full of sweet compliments and perhaps slightly inappropriate inside jokes. See below.

Because I’m going to attempt to convince my mommy-in-law to go Black Friday shopping with me. I’ve been working the past two years of Black Friday (Not something I ever recommend doing. Ever.) and am so very excited to not be one of those poor ringer-uppers this year.

Because, for the next 5 days, I’ll be completely surrounded by friends and family and food. Is there anything better?

Because I’m happy and alive and stuff.

13 thoughts on “Celebrating Life and Stuff.

  1. Meg says:

    YOu’re blogging too fast for me! haha You look super cute in that picture, lady! so adorable.

    Cheers to not working on black friday! I’LL DRINK TO THATT!! drive safe and have wonderful time with the in laws =]


    Happy Thanksgiving I am super thankful for you!

      • Well, Dawn, you know that old newspaper adage, If it bedels, it leads. It’s no wonder that most political/news blogs are negative. I try to interject some humor it mine, though sadly I do tend to report of whole buttload of negative news. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t. (shrug) It’s just a blog, nothin’ earth shattering, y’know?

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! You will have so much in your theatrical performing class. Maybe during your break we can finally meet up? I’ll be graduating in 3 weeks, so things will slow down for me! Take care.

  3. I worked black friday one year. At Toys R Us. It was not fun, but it was okay because I was one of the few people in the store they trusted to do just about everything so I got to just cover everyone else’s “lunch” break. I put lunch in quotes because it was really more of a breakfast break since it was so early.

    I’ve never shopped on black friday.

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