“Nah. I’m used to you.” –And other life events.

Finals are coming up. I have about 53423423 projects to complete before then. It’s crunch time. My brain might explode. Before this happens, here’s some life updates from yours truly:

  • Above is the four year old little dude I nanny. If it looks like he has a dog bowl on his head, this is simply because he does.

  • Have you ever tried Torchy’s Tacos? You must. The fried avocado taco thingy does dirty things with my mouth. This is a good thing.

  • Above are the two girlies who accompany me on most of my school lunch dates. I adore them.
  • Becca (above left), and I have somehow managed to unintentionally have classes together every semester. We both started last fall, and met as we just so happened to share two classes. The next semester we shared another class, and this is where we really bonded and became close friends.  This semester, we marveled at both sharing Government together without having planned it this way. As our majors are entirely different and we’re both upperclassmen now, we thought for sure we’d never share another class. This saddened our hearts but we had accepted it. Talking over tacos yesterday, I mentioned my schedule. When I grudgingly mentioned a required religion course, Becca announced, “I think I’m taking that too.”  Considering there’s different times for the same class, we were hesitantly excited. She checked her schedule, and she too is taking the same class, Tuesdays/Thursdays from 2:30-3:45.  We were both rather giddy about this. What are the chances? Our friendship is obviously meant to be.

  • Ever heard of Dude Perfect? (Click to see a crazy awesome video) They started out as these college dudes from Texas who made crazy basketball shots from their backyard and posted them on YouTube. Now they’re famous for making basketball shots from the top of football stadiums and airplanes and stuff. They are, in two words, bad ass. Well. Two brothers (twins,at that) of Dude Perfect came to my university and spoke for my Communication Technology class on Tuesday. I was excited. I didn’t know who they were before, but hell, they have a book and they’ve been on CBS (and Fox and Good Morning America and….) and Jimmy Kimmel even talked about them. Did I mention they make basketball shots from planes? Also, I’m easily starstruck. When I asked to get a picture with them, the whole class laughed. When I got a picture with them, one mentioned, ” You just make us feel cool.”  Ha. I do what I can.
  • Lookit (above) how beautiful my school looks all lit up and festive! Christmas and Concordia are two things that make me super happy. The combination of the two makes me want to jump up and down like a five year old.
  • Today was payday, and I decided to treat myself with a 20 dollar shopping spree to the mall. (20 dollars gets me two new shirts, a new pair of pink panties and a matching sexy new bra.) On the way out, I couldn’t find my car. Anywhere. I walked up and down the parking lot many times, and was convinced it had just disappeared.  It didn’t help that it was raining. I was cold and sopping wet and distraught. I called my husband panicking. He found it amusing. Things like this happen to me a lot. We argued for a while about calling mall-security to help drive me around. I found this pointless, as I was convinced my car was gone forever. And having the mall-cop drive you around looking for a car you’ve misplaced is just a wee bit embarrassing. I refused, and instead resorted to pouting on the phone while also getting rained on some more. I’m very strategic in situations like this. Husband ended up keeping me on his work phone while calling mall security on his cell-phone. I informed him that this was stupid, because my car was gone. Obviously. He was convinced that I had just walked into a different entrance than I originally thought. Mall-cop  shows up and drives me around for about three minutes. I am equal parts humiliated and excited to spot my car. Husband was right. I parked on the other side of JCPenney’s. Oops. I bashfully tell mall-cop thank-you, hop into my car and call Robby. He chuckles when I tell him what he already knew.  I ask, “Are you mad at me?”  To which he replies, “Nah. I’m used to you.”  That’s good to know.
  • I haven’t been keeping up with the weekly video blog I’m supposed to do. Below, I video blog to tell you that I will be video blogging again soon.

If my brain does explode, at least I was happy and life was eventful beforehand.

18 thoughts on ““Nah. I’m used to you.” –And other life events.

  1. Semi-random, but my best friend in elementary school and I were in the same class (out of THREE CLASSES per grade) from kindergarten to grade 3 (when I skipped a grade and left her behind).

  2. I have lost my car both sober and not so. Like you, even sober, I’m sure somebody has stolen it (if it’s “really” bad, like I’ve looked for 20 minutes).

    I wore out (not kidding) the “beep beep” button on my key fob. You can push it and if you’re close enough, the car beeps and lights blink. Like I said: wore it out. 😦 I no longer have that awesome helper and it had been worn out by the time the car was 4 years old. ::shakes head::

      • Till three years ago, after being in a committed reshaionltip, I knew I was missing something or someone in my life. Richard Bach wrote: Do you miss someone you’ve never met?’ Well .yes, I think I did, after I met the certain someone. And he felt the same. We now know we are there for each other and despite not being married to each other, we have a connection, an energy. Out of mutual consent we have decided not to transcend the boundaries of a platonic reshaionltip simply because in the eyes of the world we are committed to other people. However, this realisation and discovery has given both of us immense joy. It has made me a happier, more positive and optimistic person. I have discovered true love which completes me totally

    • It seems to be hanpipeng all over America. It’s been hanpipeng out here in California over the last five years or so. Pasadena’s Mall has built luxury apartments that almost cost more than the average home out here. They can watch the Rose Parade from their windows. The Santa Anita Race Track is in the process of the legalities of a Mall with built in apartments. A lot of Malls with residences are going up around the Metro Train stations and the (Gold, Red, Blue, Green) line station stops.It’s an effort to cut down on traffic and gas consumption. Only problem is, what you don’t spend on gas you spend on rent. The energy crisis is making money for everyone except the regular joe working for a living. It’s also a way around, or a way of rewriting zoning laws, or at least making money for the city from them.As our population expands we need more and more housing. Our large cities like, New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, etc. are way too crowded and people still keep moving in, so something has to be done. Traffic is getting murderous, literally! The effect will probably be more business for the Malls because the customers are quite literally built in! Then there is the possibility of 24 hour shopping. There are flats’ in New York that have no kitchens because people eat out so often.Our larger cities are getting more and more like Japanese cities every day. It is getting more interesting by the day.

  3. Meg says:

    LOl he’s used to you =P that’s good!!! I can picture what you were saying to him on the phone… “No Robby I am POSITIVE I parked outside JC pennys.”

    I was dancing in my room like a fool for 20 min and i contemplated making you a vid of it to cheer you up but I don’t know how without letting all of facebook see my ridiculous moves so I didn’t haha.


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