The Best Kinds of Study Breaks

My weekend revolved mostly around studying. And papers. And projects. And more studying. Luckily, I was able to work some refreshing and wonderful breaks into the mix, involving people I love, food, fun, and Christmas festivities. Thanks to these things, I’m feeling rejuvenated and ready for the madness now. Bring the next two weeks on. I got this.

My study breaks:


Husband and I were startled by an obnoxiously loud knock on the door Friday around 10:30 pm. Who obnoxiously bangs on doors past 10pm without at least making plans to do so first? Rude! I should have figured then that it would be some dude in my life. (The last time this happened it was my best guy friend, surprising me by coming over to apologize for something around midnight. The boys in my world seem to like making unnecessarily big gestures.) Husband looks through the peep hole (I instructed him to do so, just in case a serial killer was on the run or something.) and I think we were both equally taken aback when he announced, “It’s your brother.”  My reaction was an honestly and completely surprised, “Really?!?!”  Brother and I hadn’t been speaking for about a month. Well, he hadn’t been speaking to me. To make a really long story super short, we were both put in the middle of some familial issues when we shouldn’t have been. It just put us in a bad place. I had been bugging him for a while to just talk to me, but eventually gave up and let him be. I figured he would come around when he was ready. This is another characteristic of the most important boys in my world. Still. I missed him. He’s one of my best friends, and I think I almost cried seeing that silly kid show up with that dumb grin on his face. We gave each other a big hug before he left, and I felt a little broken piece of me mend back together again. Siblings may drive you crazy and forgiveness may be hard, but they are more than worth the insanity and the pride you sometimes have to swallow.


Saturday night, husband, my lovely friend Katie and myself headed to our friend Deesh’s place. Other buddies were already there to greet us when we arrived. There was also moonshine and homemade beer waiting. Deesh got drunk for the first time in all of the years that I’ve known him. I believe we got home that night after 5 in the morning. What I’m saying is, it was exactly the good time I was needing after a full day of studying. Pictures do this night more justice than I can with words.

The next morning: 


This cold weather is making it really feel like the holiday season. Drowning in homework or not, this puts me in a super cheerful mood. Husband and I purchased a Christmas tree, which we plan on decorating tonight. (My study break for Monday! Hot chocolate will be included.) Later, I began my baking and cooking projects for the day. I’ve recently come to love cooking. I find it therapeutic and fun to create something and then eat it. This was bound to happen someday, as my whole immediate family loves to either cook or bake. I just thought maybe the gene skipped me.Thankfully, it didn’t. I’ve actually gotten pretty good at this whole making food thing lately. Almost all of what I make is edible now. Sunday may have been my most scrumptiously edible cooking day yet. After browsing the web for recipes, I decided on Honey and Pecan glazed pork-chops for dinner and Nutella Cheesecake for dessert. Before yesterday, I had never ever tried Nutella. I always thought sticky chocolate found in the peanut butter aisle would be rather gross. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more wrong about anything in my entire life. I wanted to eat the whole thing straight out of the can. But I managed to leave enough to make the cheesecake. Oh my goodness. SEX cheesecake. This should be the name. And the honey-pecan glazed pork-chops? Orgasmic pork. I’ve never made two recipes that tasted so decadently wonderful or that I was so proud of. And they were surprisingly easy to make! Also, husband loved them both. I don’t know why I ever hated cooking.

After dinner, husband and I were getting warm and cozy on the couch while watching a little tv.  I decided to play one of my little games with him. This one is self-entitled the, “Would-you-rather-do-this-or-leave-me-if-you-had-to-pick-game.” It’s fun. I ask him something completely outlandish, strange or ridiculous that he would absolutely never want to do, and then end my scenario with something like, “So would you rather do that or leave me and not have to do it…. if you had to pick no matter what?” Last night I gave him an especially crazy scene. He thought for only a second and then replied matter-of-factly with, “Yeah. I’d do it.” I was shocked. “Really?! But…that’s crazy!” He replied with, “Baby, you should know by now that there’s not much I wouldn’t do for you.”  This is something I know. He usually shows me with actions more than he does with words, so hearing it out loud still stunned me a little bit. Because it’s so true. He’s just so different. It’s not some gimmick he uses to get laid, or meaningless words used out of the giddiness of a new relationship, or something used to impress anyone else. This is just Robby. It’s who he is. It’s how he loves. It’s how much he loves me. I take this for granted. Having this man who loves me so completely that he would honestly cross the world and back just to see me happy. Hearing it out loud reminded me not to take something so rare and special for granted. To appreciate it, and him, with my whole heart. And I do. Goodness gracious I am a lucky, happy girl.

My study breaks are the best. They leave me feeling loved, blessed, content and ready to kick ass on these upcoming finals.

18 thoughts on “The Best Kinds of Study Breaks

  1. Meg says:

    awww that’s so sweet. I know you’ve never been a crier (until it all builds up and you explode haha) but I don’t know how you don’t shed a tear every time he says stuff that sweet! Hayden has made me cry so many times lol in a touching way (and a we are fighting way…but that is besides the point =p) I’m just a baby. I wear my feelings on my sleeves. You do too but you have like, three tshirts on so you have a 1/3 chance of hitting the shirt with the feelings on it.


  2. Hey! I’m so glad your brother stopped by. My brother and I can go for a while without communicating much but that’s mainly because we live far apart and neither of us are phone people. Happy brother/sister reunion stores make me 😀 !!

  3. I’ll put it down to youth that you made such a callous statement as “I do not like shots.” You can not like different TYPES of shots – but too summarily dismiss them all… incl chocolate cake shots, macintosh apple shots, oatmeal cookie shots.. is just plain reckless, I tell ya! For me: I hate TEQUILA

      • Heyyyy… you should tweak your settings to allow more replies to replies. It’s at Dashboard > Settings > Discussion > Other Comment Settings > Enable threaded (nested) comments xx deep. Mine’s set to 7… they get reaallyyy narrow.

        You might enjoy what some of my friends used to do: A big group of us would shoot buttershots and then everyone would make out with everyone… cause it tastes so good!

  4. Sweeeet study breaks!
    I can’t believe you’ve been denying yourself the goodness of NUTELLA all of your life. What was WRONG with you?!?! HAhahahaha. I’m glad you’re on the team now. And yesssss, Nutella makes everything sexy. I like apples, but I don’t like the “red delicious.” They’re red, but NOT delicious. I put a little nutella with my “red delicious” apple slices, and BAM! Sexiness.

  5. Well I for one am glad you managed to have some fantastic study breaks!
    We need our breaks don’t we 🙂
    I’m happy for you that you and your brother are on good terms again too 🙂
    Your Saturday evening sounds pretty damn good!!
    Exciting about your Christmas tree, I can’t wait to do the family one when I go home!
    Your Nutella Cheesecake really does sound like it should be called SEX Cheesecake, it sounds amazing.
    But then again I love Nutella so that’s not surprising 😛

      • Dagens lunch;Vidrigt nyttig grate4ng (fast god) brolocci+fe4nke5l+purjo+e4gg/mjf6lkstanning.Ve4gde upp detta med att knapra potatischips till och dricka iskall hallonsaft.Toppade me5ltiden med en ruta mf6rk mintchoklad fre5n Willys.Kroppen blev nf6jd och glad! Det hade den inte blivit utan de de4ra chipssmulorna (*hrm* ne5ja, ne4varna de5)

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