Lookit all my  goodies, y’all. An adorable little bracelet from the four year old dude I nanny. A nice bottle of sparkling moscato from his parents. Lotion, cookies (that melt in my mouth, I must add)  and a Target gift-card from my lovely Katie. Leftover cupcakes from Sunday’s festivities. 18 white roses from my hubby dude. And all this before it was even Christmas week! I think I might be kinda spoiled. Not just by presents but also by the presence of so many wonderful peeps I have around me. Since my Christmas break started, I’ve been able to bask in all of the happiness and joy my loved ones and other people in general bring to my life. To further explain,  here’s an outline of my past few days:

Thursday night:

I was studying for my last final when I got a text from my best girlfriend asking if she could come over for a bit. Well,duh. We tested out her mom’s Christmas gift, watched a marathon of The Biggest Loser and she asked me how to make meatballs.  I don’t think I’ve ever taught anyone how to cook anything before, so the fact that she trusted me even on one of the easiest of recipes is still quite a big deal. We also decided we should have weekly get together’s involving marathons of The Biggest Loser. It felt pretty perfect doing absolutely nothing with my best friend.

Friday afternoon:

I went to my friend Emily’s, and she had homemade baked macaroni and cheese waiting for me. (See? Spoiled.) She also let me delve into her scrap booking supplies, and we were both tickled at how horrible I was at being crafty. Below, you can probably see where some of our giggle fits came from:

If you’re still confused by my air-headed ways, I was attempting to spell “friends.” The stamps confused me, so it came out, “Frienbs.”

Friday evening:

Husband brought home my beautiful roses and we had a date night at the most delicious hole-in-the-wall restaurant. I’m usually not a fan of Mexican food, but Jardin Corona is on par with Italian and sushi for me. This is a big deal.

Friday night:

Tessa and I decided last minute to go to my friend Becca’s Christmas party.  I’m so glad we did. The whole night,or what I recall of it, was a blast. Highlights:

  • Being lost in the parking lot for 30 minutes with Tessa. We were cold and jogging around awkwardly and climbing on gates and cracking up laughing and, as always, having a blast together.
  • Becca, who was tipsy when we  arrived, introducing me to everyone as, “This is Christina. She’s lost 30 pounds.” Later on in the night, Becca and a friend of hers were talking about another girl who got jealous easily. Becca responded with something along the lines of, “That’s stupid.  I go places with Christina and she knows everyone, and that doesn’t make me mad.” Ha. Despite our many happy hours, I rarely see this girl intoxicated. It was fun.
  • Some random dude hitting on me by telling me I was too young to be married and that I should instead be with him. When I rejected him, he told me I could inform my husband that he had a good girl. Basically he was telling me that anyone who had the will-power to reject him was obviously a keeper. I found this more amusing than annoying. Douche bags are entertaining.
  • Cynthia, who I’ve met once before, telling me I looked like I weighed 100 pounds. I do not weigh 100 pounds. But I still thoroughly enjoyed the compliment.
  • Meeting new,exciting, fun people who made me laugh hysterically all night.
  • Being surrounded by a couple of the ladies who I love the most in this world.

 Saturday night:

This past summer, I went out on a whim and posted an ad on craiglist looking for a nannying job. The family I found turned out to be so much more amazing than I ever hoped for, and they’ve turned into much more than just a summer nanny job. They feel more like family to me now. I’m visiting them this week and the plan is to nanny for them again this summer. (Because I have another permanent job right now, I’m going to speak to both mommies and attempt to combine the two. Five kids+One me= Taking on a new adventure?) In the meantime, Gwen and her family have definitely helped open doors for convenient, heart-warming and fun part-time jobs. I was hired for my current job because of Gwen talking me up on the phone for over half an hour. Saturday night, I babysat for a 6 month old little dude who is the son of one of Gwen’s friends. This is the same night that both ladies were at a work Christmas party. When I got home from babysitting, I was tickled to have received these new comments on facebook:

The frequent babysitter card deal actually isn’t such a bad idea….

Sunday night:

Shannon hosted a small tacky-Christmas sweater party at my house. A few friends and family members came over and enjoyed a game of perverted Apples to Apples, alcoholic eggnog, ugly clothes and lots of laughs and holiday cheerfulness. As excited as I am for the new year and all of the opportunities and adventures I already see in store, I am definitely soaking up the rest of an already amazing 2011. This partly means enjoying the heck out of all of this/these happiness, food, festivities, excitement, adventures, fun and frienbs. Er….I mean friends.

32 thoughts on “Frienbs?

  1. It’s amazing to be trusted by families with their kids. I mean, I’ve taught and nannied (many, many years ago) but it’s a huge responsibility — of course, I’m a “helicopter” type person, which everything orchestrated (including free-time ;p ).

    I love seeing you and yours happy!

  2. Meg says:

    I’m going to give you a time line of me reading you blog

    1. Up with Italian and sushi? that is a freakin’ big deal!
    2. ahahahaha i love tessa 🙂 and you of course but i tell you that all the time. I’m glad you were lost in a parking lot with her. I trust her.
    3. I wish i knew a ton of cute kids and babies to watcchh! jealous! 🙂
    4. Your sweater is not tacky all that tacky!? although i see you’ve cut it…i think?
    5. I’mr eady for 2012!

  3. ElizabethFrank123 says:

    Lovely to see you partying hard during the last few weeks of 2011, I cannot wait til I can go home and start mine 😀 only 4 more days!!

  4. Tessa says:

    Frienbs? ahaha Youuu’rrreee funny.
    I love hanging out with you. We always turn back into our 16 year old selves.
    Oh, and I leave you with a memorable quote from Friday night, “WE’RE SO POPULAR!! EVERYBODY LOVES US!! YEAH!”. haha ❤

    • Tessa says:

      Oh, and if meatballs were one of the easiest of recipes why the hell did they not turn out? Just goes to show you I am no cook and will never be one!

      • LOL i vaguely remember that quote. love you.
        ps:it’s only cuz you put to many eggs! didn’t everyone else love them though? so i’m sure you are underestimating your cooking skills.
        we shall make meatballs together next time 😛

  5. Aww this all looks like so much fun!
    Seeing friends a bit drunk is always funny 😛
    Sounds like you have some fantastic ‘frienbs’ 🙂
    Glad you’ve been having such a good time lovely, have a wonderful Christmas!!

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