Holiday Moments 2011

I had a lovely, special, enchanting, festive, warm, cuddly, magical Christmas this year. I really hope you did too!

Some favorite moments:

  • My friend Priscilla presented me with my Christmas present last Friday. Beautiful  Steven Madden shoes with about 343243 inch heels.  I was equal parts grateful and terrified. I don’t do high heels. I can’t walk in them without falling all over the place every five seconds. 343243 inch heels are especially frightening. Along with my gift and much to my amusement, Priscilla presented me with two conditions.

1. “You have to throw away those black strappy things.” I have these pair of wedges that aren’t the cutest but I wear out because they were super cheap and are comfortable. We came to the agreement that I didn’t have to throw them away, but could only wear them twice a year. Or when she wasn’t around.

2. “I have to teach you how to walk in them. We will have lessons later.”  Deal.

  • Seeing the above baby and her family. I nannied for them all last summer but hadn’t seen them in about four months. On Friday, I was finally reunited with three of my favorite little ladies. I was sort of afraid Poppy wouldn’t remember me.  Four months is so long in baby time. After her mom warned me that she had been especially clingy and wouldn’t even go to her mother-in-law, she actually reached for me to hold her. Gah. For someone who doesn’t want kids til she’s 85, I still sure do love the ones that don’t belong to me.

  • I must note a couple of the gifts I received within a 24 hour period. Husband put lottery tickets and wine in my stocking, and Gwen gifted me coffee and beverage mugs. Gambling, alcohol and caffeine for Christmas. People knowing me too well is really making me look like such a well-rounded individual,eh?!
  • Christmas text messages between the best dude friend and I.  See above. The way we address each other tickles me.
  • Spending Christmas day with my hubby and the in-laws. The whole day was perfect. It’s completely true that marrying someone means you marry their whole family too. And I am so thankful for that. I couldn’t have found better than my man and the Boudreaux clan that came along with him.
  • So. Much. Food.
  • Pretty lights.
  • Eating out with my lovely family. To make a great evening even better, my aunt and uncle paid for Robby and I as part of our Christmas present. Made my heart and tummy full.
  • Maybe I love this time of year because of all the bright and shiny things. Maybe it’s because it always reminds me how very loved I am, and how many special people I have in my life. Maybe it’s the cold weather and getting all warm snuggled up with my boy. Maybe it’s being surrounded by friends and family. Maybe it’s that everyone just seems just a little bit more cheerful. Maybe it’s tales of Santa Claus and watching cheesy made-for-tv Christmas movies. Maybe it’s being around little ones that stirs up and finds the magic my little kid self felt for this season. Maybe it’s all of the surprises and gifts and get-togethers and food. Maybe and probably it’s a mix of all of these things and so much more.But I won’t over-think it. I’m sitting next to my husband and he’s saying sweet things to me and I believe it’s time for some more cuddling now.
  • What makes this time of year special for you?

18 thoughts on “Holiday Moments 2011

  1. LOVE those shoes!

    it amuses me when I meet sexy women who didn’t grow up in high heels. i was wearing them, full-time, by 13 or 14. in high school, it was practically mandatory – and I’m talking 3-4″ stiletto tip heels (Candies were very popular). Tips: Walk slowly, with your boobs out. If you lose your balance, step to the side to land the shoe properly and strike a little “I meant to do that” hawt pose, maybe with a hip out. It looks a little drunk but VERY SEXY drunk.

    What makes this time of year special for me is: “In-office” holidays… showing up with nothing to do and still getting paid, without taking a vacation day.

      • – Hi Kasandra! Thanks for the comment. Aside from other btfinees of film the real joy is that there is very little that is done to them when they get back from the lab. I use Richard Photo Lab in LA. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve tried many other labs as well and years ago I used a great lab in San Francisco called New Lab that went out of business. Richard Photo Lab is above and beyond the best option out there (other than maybe in NY) that I have found. I ship them the film and about 7-10 business days later I get a link to download the files. I edit my selects using the rating system in Bridge and I open each file individually. Typically the most I’ll ever do is adjust the levels a tiny bit and I might dodge/burn here or there but I only spend a few seconds with each file. Then I re-size them in Bridge so they are web-ready and that’s it. It’s pretty wonderful to save hours and hours of processing and on top of that I think the results are better than when I shoot digitally. However, it’s a trade-off because it’s a slower process and it’s expensive to buy and develop film. I’m finding though that I’m moving more towards film this year than other years. It’s all relative so it might not work the same for you. The most important thing is to shoot film often or you won’t see the btfinees. I’d say that you need to shoot at least 30 rolls to get started. Hope this was helpful!

  2. Due to my lupus, I can’t wear heels anymore (not for over an hour) BUT goodness knows, being 5’2″, I wore heels from age 12 on (seriously–back in the 80s, it was normal daily middle school wear to at least have on pumps) til my feet gave out ::sigh::

    Love your Christmas post! I like the shiny stuff, too. I like this time of year because I like giving people things (especially if they will love it) and I like eating foods I shouldn’t (hello, tray of sausage and cheese!), boozing, singing and playing music with people.

  3. Meg says:

    L O V E the picture of you and the fam 🙂 who is the blonde girl on the far right (right if you’re looking at the picture). I also love your hair this length! Medium.

    I bet you you could walk in heels–it’s all mental. Mind over matter!! b-e-l-i-e-v-e!

    Family and the spirit of giving are my favorite things about this time of year! =]

    • Thanks lady 😀
      That’s Kristina! She’s James’ daughter.
      I like my hair this length too! Thanks 🙂
      Not mental! So physical! lol. ‘ll make a video of it sometime so you can see the horror that is me walking in heels.
      Yay family and giving!

      • Meg says:

        Lol well I never got the image of you walking in those denim wedges to my house when you were fourteen out of my head (i’m glad i didn’t though 😉 ) but i thought you might have improved since then!

        I think you’re more capable than you think you are. <3!!

  4. Wow look at those heels O_O I would love to be able to wear something like that! They’re just so flattering an adorable. But I just have terrible bunions on my feet so they are torture. I love lights too 😉

  5. 5 months?! Poor thing. I shuold really stop complaining about English winter.Right now it’s 23 C outside and I’m walking around in a thin dress and high heel mules and big sunglasses. :DLove your outfit, you look classy as always. ❤

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