My 2011+Accomplished Resolutions

I’ve been procrastinating on starting my 2011 review just because it’s been such an amazing, eventful year and my organizational skills are crap. I wasn’t sure how I’d put it all together. I did a lot of debating and decided to do a monthly review, whilst ending each month with the new years resolutions I accomplished in that time frame. As I had to do this mostly by going through old blogs, I ended up feeling overwhelmingly grateful. This year has been so great,and this is mostly due to the opportunities and wonderful people I’ve been blessed with. I can only hope 2012 lives up to what my 2011 has been. The way things are looking so far and as long as the world doesn’t end (Fingers crossed!) looks like it’ll be quite the competition. I’m thankful for this year and beyond excited for the next. Well. Without further ado, here is my 2011:


-Went to Louisiana for the first time. Gambled and had a romantic time with the hubby.

-Went kite-flying for the first time since childhood with a couple of my close girl-friends. Had a blast.

-Went to my first hockey game.

-Rode a mechanical bull

Resolutions accomplished:

Ride a mechanical bull,Travel,Try more outdoor activities, Discover/ Do at least 15 new things in Austin.


-Had a photo shoot with my on campus radio show, Un Poco De Todo

-Played in (Texas!) snow

-Auditioned online for a country radio show I’ve listened to since childhood. Had my radio audition played on air and was told the dj’s really liked me. Amusingly enough, I was only aware of all of this because other people heard me on the radio and informed me of it.

-Hubby, as usual, made my Valentines Day very special.

-A friend made a pasta meal for me at my house, and days later a dude coworker made me pasta and brought it to work. I felt the noodle love.

Resolutions accomplished:

-Maintain and better on campus radio show, Discover/Do at least 15 new places/things in Austin


-Friend Crystal brought Ferrero Roches to my work on the same night I came home to a giant Twix bar from the hubby. I felt the chocolate love.

-Wrote arguably my favorite personal blog. (Screw Ideals, Be Happy)

-Went kayaking.

-Met Gumby.

-Was completely and ridiculously spoiled by friends and hubby and coworkers for the entire week of my 22nd birthday. Mimosas, breakfast, chocolate-covered strawberries, flowers, clothes,cookies, cakes, birthday songs,etc….The works. Felt very loved. On birthday weekend, had reserved seating at a fabulous rooftop lounge in downtown Austin.

Resolutions accomplished:

Focus less on cultivating new relationships and more on maintaining the ones I already have.


-Went to hubby’s cousin’s wedding. My first wedding to go to in adulthood besides my own. Drank too much. Danced with the in-laws. Had an amazing night.

-Left my job at Starbucks (of two+ years) to become a nanny. Had mixed feelings about this. Excited to start a new chapter. Sad to leave behind  my beloved coworker buddies.

– Had a blast and made an A in my Martial Arts Class.

-Arguably took part in the most insanely amazing bowling league to ever exist.

Resolutions accomplished:

-Look into finding a better paying job, Improve skills in bowling league, Learn/Have fun in upcoming Martial Arts class.


-Traveled all over New Mexico with my friend Katie. Met Indians, saw the wonder that is White Sands, played with snow in May, ate a burger with an egg on top, and visited about 343242 other places I will never ever forget. Had the time of my life and barely had to pay anything for it at all. (Thanks to amazing Katie and her wonderful grandma!)

-Made this Youtube video on my trip to New Mexico, which is by far my favorite of any video I’ve ever made. Perfectly captured the magic of said trip.:

-Hosted a jewelry party.

-Went from dark brown to light blonde and shoulder length to chin length. Loved it.

Resolutions Accomplished:

Travel, Go on a road trip.


-Started nannying. Loved it even more than I thought I would.


-Made sushi for the first time. It looked horrible but tasted amazing.

-Went tubing with buddies.

-Met my blogging friend (now in real life friend!) Jenny.

-Changed my blog domain and had blog ‘business’ cards made.

-Participated in a charity bikini car wash.

Resolutions Accomplished:

Help the community in multiple and creative ways, Try more outdoor activities.


-Family reunioned it up in Colorado.

-Went horseback riding in the Rocky Mountains.

-Wore flip-flops while climbing up a mountain and played in the snow whilst wearing a dress. Fun? Yes. Recommended? No.

-Best friend Tessa bought me milk and cookies.

-Went and participated in my first ever nude lake. Felt brave and free and exhilarated.

-Went to Louisiana with my boy again.

Resolutions Accomplished:

Travel, Do something absolutely, spontaneously crazy.


-Bought cute, matching journals with my Little (of Big Brothers Big Sisters.) This could be considered a small celebration of our one year match.

-Friend Jennifer treated me to a free sushi date.

– Received a heart-melting scrapbook and letters at the end of my summer nannying job.

– During a stressful and grumpy week of mine, Husband surprised me with a flower-filled glass swan, a new computer mouse and a sweet card. He put all of this inside a brown paper bag which he drew a bat and poop on. Inside the card he wrote, “I love you,even if you’re bat-shit crazy!” 

-My best friend, who lives up north, came to visit me.

-My brother and two best girly friends took a mini-road trip and vacation to the beach.

-Rain-danced on a baseball field. It didn’t rain, but it was a pretty neat experience.

Resolutions Accomplished: 

Travel, Go to at least three events in Austin


-Best friend wrote,” 8 Reason I Love Christina Cirotto Boudreaux”

-Friend Kimber and I had a sleepover. She cooked me blueberry muffins and I found out she has a very comfy bed.

– The best dude friend and I went to our first deaf football game.

-Decided I needed to lose weight and started that journey. Three+ months later, I’ve lost almost 30 pounds.

-Partook in my first 5k. Loved it.

Resolutions Accomplished:

Help the community in multiple, creative ways; Focus less on cultivating new relationships and more on maintaining the ones I already have, Try more outdoor activities.


-Husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary.

-Bonded with my girlies at Chelsea’s awesome bachelorette party. Wore a very sparkly dress.

-Went on a field trip with my Intro to Counseling class and discovered the benefits of Equinox (horse) therapy.

-Road-tripped it to Little Rock,Arkansas with the husband. Stayed at my first Bed and Breakfast, and was pleasantly surprised at what an incredible,beautiful state Arkansas turned out to be.

-Attended Chelsea and Jake’s wedding, which was also my first ever open-bar wedding.  Had a wonderful night celebrating love and happiness and tipsiness with some of my closest friends.

-Discovered the joy and therapy of soup-making.

-The best girlfriend and I went to the Gypsy Picnic, a scrumptious food-trailer festival in downtown Austin. Ate and Hula-Hooped. Fun and Yum.

-Celebrated a great Halloween with some of the amigos.

Resolutions Accomplished:

Travel, Go to at least 3 Austin events (I’m pretty sure I ended up way surpassing this one),Discover/Do at least 15 new places/things in Austin.(and that one)


– With a couple of tech-savvy dude friends, started up a project for my first ever web show (Coming in 2012) & finished the video intro.

-Met my first celebrity, the twelve year old Chandler Riggs of The Walking Dead. Was completely starstruck and acted like a ten year old girl.

-Hung out with a monkey in my sign language class.

-My friend Samm spoiled me by bringing me cookies and Starbucks in the same week.

-Spent Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Wasn’t prepared for the all day drinking and had a little too much fun. (Puked in the in-laws toilet)

Resolutions Accomplished:

Meet a famous person,Discover/Do at least 15 new places/things in Austin.


-Met two of the members of the youtube sensation, Dude Perfect.

-Tried moonshine for the first time.

-Had a great semester at school. Four A’s, and one B, which brought my overall gpa to 3.55.

-Was video-taped while role-playing a counseling session in Intro to Counseling. Reviewing myself later kind of reaffirmed that I should really consider counseling as a future profession.

-Went on a train ride with the in-laws and Santa.

-Went to a fabulous Christmas party and had a small,cozy one of my own.

-Caught up with friends and family and felt spoiled with lots of gifts and love and giggles.

-Speaking of giggles. Yesterday my best guy friend came over and he started cracking me up with his dance moves. Between my fits of laughter, he informed me, “I don’t show anyone else this. That’s how comfortable I am around you.”  Awesome.

Resolutions Accomplished Overall:

19/24. I’m pretty proud of that.

Among the 5 that I didn’t accomplish, I’m probably most irked with the, “Be more financially responsible.” (Just a total fail on my part) and the “Make only A’s and B’s (I made one C . In Old Testament. A required course at my university that I really just didn’t care about. Grumble. Still, over a year period I’ve made 6 A’s, 3 B’s and one C. I suppose I’m still okay with that.) Among the 19 that I did accomplish, I’m probably most amazed that I didn’t break my phone. I never thought I’d accomplish that one. I break everything I touch. Of course, I still have a couple of days to go on this one….

More than anything, I am just blown away by what a near perfect year this has been. I knew it had been a great one, but upon review, it is still amazing all that’s been accomplished and how spoiled with love I am. At the end of 2011, I’m feeling grateful and proud and content. 2012 is already promising to be another wonderful year with so many projects, opportunities and adventures in the works. Not to mention the people who have helped make this year so splendid are following me over into the next one too. Still, 2012 has a hell of a lot to live up to.

2011, I love you. 2012….You’re looking good over there.

27 thoughts on “My 2011+Accomplished Resolutions

  1. Tessa says:

    Ok, you inspire me. I need to do my own blog. It’ll encourage me to do more shit and be more spontaneous.
    And Christina, you’re absolutely beautiful. I love that you’re my best friend. My mom said the other day, “you really found a rare one with Christina. She seems to be a really good friend”. Indeed!

  2. Congrats on completing so many of your resolutions! I know I’ve been away from WordPress land for awhile, and I realized how much I missed reading your blogs. I hope to be on here more (like the old days) now that the baby is on a more regular sleep schedule. Keep up the great work! :o)

  3. it’s nice to read someone pointing out the good of 2011. I keep reading all these “good riddance” posts and wondering what the heck I missed (my year wasn’t outstanding but neither was it horrible).

    as for Feb, it seems you were “touched by his noodley appendage” (google “church of the fsm” if you don’t know what I’m talking about)… congrats.

    love this post!

    • Yeah, I came across a quite a few facebook posts like that. Hopefully 2012 will be much better for them.
      I have NO idea what you’re talking about hahaha but now I am definitely very curious…..I’ll get back to you on

  4. This post made me smile and at the same time kinda want to cry (happy tears!)
    You’re such a lovely person and I’m so glad you had such a great year 🙂
    You deserve 2012 to be even better!
    Go you on doing so well with your resolutions, have you made any this year?

    • Aww. I could definitely say the same for you! So glad I found your blog this year…or…last year. Weird. lol.
      I’ve started making them! Hopefully I’ll be able finish/post them today sometime 😀
      Happy happy New Year!

  5. Well dang, you did so much and it all sounds amazing! I ended up on a mountain in Colorado in the snow while wearing flipflops and shorty-shorts (almost like a dress), haha, I think it just happens when there are such crazy elevation changes!

  6. Meg says:

    LOL you didn’t break your phone yayyyy!

    You accomplished so much!

    When is your 2012 list coming!?

    Happy new year so excited for our reunion this year! 🙂

  7. I’m jealous. I did NOT have the energy or brain power to do this kind of recap. I started a different kind, but never finished it. Oh, well!
    Yours was fun to read. And you always do a great job of including pictures. 🙂
    It was fun to remember the things you blogged about, and guessing which month they were before I read ’em. Hahaha. Yeah, I’m weird like that.
    Hope your 2012 is ROCKIN’!

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